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  1. Thanks – Heartlands Hospital trying to check on an appointment!

  2. My Father in Law got a phone call from this number but as he has Alzheimers he hasn’t got a clue what it is about.  I will phone 424 2000 on Monday morning to see what it was all about and make sure any further calls come to me, as his carer.

  3. i have suffered at the hands of heartlands too,
    ring heartlands direct on 0121 424 2000 explain situation
    and tell them they have choice of removing your number or be reported to offcom

    i spoke to a gent named ‘steve’ who is looking into this and getting my number removed from theyre system database

  4. I have been reciving calls from this number for weeks now its an old woman who keeps asking for different things ie;

    – She asks for people who dont live here
    – She rang asking if i was a shop and if i could deliver some stuff to her house

    Every time she rings i tell her that she has the wrong number and that she needs to stop ringin my number i have also had the beeping with no one on ther other end, she rings all times of the day from the morning till late at night one was even at half 2 in the morning!!!!!, She tried telling me that my number was her number and askin me if it was a joke? the cheek of the woman im not sure how many times someone wants telling how can she keep getting it wrong.

    She has also said that she was calling from a hospital once before i thought she ment patient though she didnt say anything about a appointment i have contacted my phone providers they cant stop the number i have only 1471’d this number once so am unsure if its the hospital number all the time but its always the same person when she rings again i will 1471 it again and if it is the same number how can she be getting access to this phone in the hospital at all hours of the day?

    I will contact the hospital as someone suggested after she rings again other than that is there anything else i can do? i dont want to change my number.

    I would appreciate if someone could get back to me on this issue.


  5. i got this call and it keeps happening and you can hear them put the phone down 😐

  6. I was just phoned asking for my parent. They wernt in. So when one came back i told them and they called the number. NOT RECOGNISED!. We thought it was a number from abroad or someone trying to sell us some rubbish. But now we’ve read the comments, we found out its heartlands hospital thx.

  7. We received a call this afternoon at approximately 5.25 but couldn’t intercept it in time. The answerphone switched in but nobody left a message. I punched in 1471 but the number was unobtainable. I dialled 424 2000 but the operator just said that the number was a “virtual” number and they couldn’t tell me who called. My husband has an appointment with a consultant in 2 weeks time and I had a biopsy performed on Tuesday afternoon. Did this call relate to either of these events? Why don’t people just leave a short message so that the recipient can put their minds at rest. Now I am worrying myself silly.

  8. Got 4 calls from 01214243333, 7.50am  7.58am 8.00am 8.06am. just going peep, peep, peep,  found out it was HEARTLANDS  HOSPITAL called at 8.37 and they said it was their appointment service, a number you could not call back on.  Since no one in our household has ever had anything to do with this hospital she could not help. And since trhe calls were made before 8.30 (when the department opens) I couldn’t have received the calls, HUH ??  Confused or what???  What should I do if it happens again.

  9. Received call and when I tried to return call, it was unobtainable.

  10. I phoned Heartlands switchboard (0121 424 2000) as my husband is waiting for a Scan appointment and after giving them this number they confirmed that Solihull Hosp had tried to contact my husband regarding an appointment.  0121 424 3333 is a part of Solihull Hospital. So please don’t ignore if waiting for appointment or treatment,

  11. Just missed the phone this number had called and left no message. Had a similar issue a few weeks back and phoned the 2000 number and nobody had a clue as to why i had received a call or who the call was from.

    Twice now and no message is ever left.

    Supposed to see a spec*****t at the heartlands later this month and will not be happy if i turn up and  they have changed or cancelled the appointment and not left a message on my machine.

  12. This is the switchboard at heart of england NHS trust, you will need to call 0121 424 2000 to trace the unit trying to call, the 3333 number is just a computer

  13. Ive been away on holiday & when i got back I had over 30 missed calls from 4243333! but no message left, theyve also just called me and I missed the phone, like you when I tried to call it back, it said number not recognised,

    Thanks for your reply I have called Heartlands hospital and apparently that number is for re-scheduling appointments, so if i were you Id call them back tomorrow, they’re open from 8.30am, it was driving me mad and I actually thought it was a scam number or someone trying to sell me something!

  14. I recieved a call from this number this morning and not recognizing it I checked on this web site and found a lot of negative comments. The call was indeed from the NHS @ Heartlands asking my wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday, could make an appointment tommorrow morning in order to speed up her treatment. Ignore calls from this number at your own risk.

  15. I got a call tonight (Sunday) at about 5.30pm but couldn’t get to phone on time. Dialled 1471 then Googled the number. When it said “Heartlands hospital” went into total panic. My daughter, son in law and grandaughter were on their way home from a weekend away and I thought something had happened to them. Phoned the proper Heartlans number and the person who answered said it could have been to do with an appointment !!! On a Sunday night ???? She also said it could have been Good Hope hospital as they use same number. Spoke to A & E and they were very helpful but I still don’t know who called, or why. (Family is back safe and sound)

  16. got call from abvoe number on 07 10 2009 from heartlands hostpital when called line dead.

  17. Just found out – its Heartlands Hospital!

  18. Didn’t get to the phone in time, checked the number, than rang it.  Says Number not recognised!  No idea who it is or what they want.

  19. Thanks everyone – I had several calls from 0121 424 3333 – wondered who it was. As you have all said, tried to call back but number not recognised.  Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Lorraine

  20. Wife got a call from that she must trying find out who number it is

  21. Received a call from this number today. Asked for an unknown name then relayed my phone number. Then said sorry for calling? I then see its a H in Bham? Bizarre.

  22. I leave my phone on permanent message announcement. If the call is genuine the caller will leave a message….no message…no reply. Problem solved !

  23. This number is constantly ringing my husband who is currently under Heartlands hospital. Won,t let you call it back. Is this a scam number?

  24. Exactly the same thing has just happened to me. They called my mobile for my daughter so I said she doesn’t live here anymore and can’t say where she is for confidentiality reasons. So I googled the number and saw these comments.

  25. Received 4 calls today from this number tried to call it back but it does not answer.
    I have now blocked this number know.

  26. It is Heathlands Hospital, I can confirm this as a patient. I believe it is out going calls only though, you will need to call back your respective department.

  27. Called. Rang twice then hung up. Awaiting hosp appt. So really annoying.

  28. Received call missed it thought it was heartlands hospital annoying.

  29. Is this a genuine phone number as didn’t get to phone on time

  30. Before I could answer the phone stopped ringing 3 times its happened just like the other people I tried too as I have an appointed the end of june

  31. Called me today. I answered and I was asked if I was me. I answered who’s calling and was told they could not tell me for confidentiality reasons so I replied that I could not tell them for the same reasons said goodbye and disconnected the call. They haven’t rang me back.

  32. I’ve had it today and last week asking me to call Julie they said, this is not a cold call, why not just say this is soandso Hospital could you call us back sounds dodgy

  33. Recieved phone call from 01214243333 twice.
    Tried ringing the number back would it wont allowe me to ring them back.
    My call his cut off.

  34. This number called asking for my husband by name. Said they wanted to make an appointment for him. When I asked what it was for they hung up and I was unable to call back because it cut off.

  35. I had 2 missed calles yesterday 01214243333.from the same number i tried to call it back does not allow call back also a missed call today same number cant call back . I was worried in case i missed an important call as i have appointments .

  36. called 0426 pain tryed two ring back engaged

  37. It’s hospital main switch boated for appointments omg !! Wats wrong with the world ?!! I get called all the time from it duh !! It’s either Birmingham Solihull , heartlands , or stupid pathetic queen Elizabeth the death hospital who killed my sister !! They did a pain cunsuktant thier didn’t acknowledge her having a stroke infringe of him wheeled her out left her to die u are looking at the biggest law suit ever Safoora alam was left disabled due to ure negligence !

  38. Missed call from this number. Will not allow me to call it back.

  39. Has so far called twice within 30minuets no message left can it be blocked ?

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Formato Nacional:012 14 24 33 33
National Format:012 14 24 33 33
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RFC3966 Format:tel:+012-14-24-33-33

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