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  1. Realise it’s a hospital number but keep calling back to get a fax machine very annoying

  2. i just recieved call from 01216874071 and when i called back got fax machine, then it rang again answered it and it was social services concerning home care. when i hung up i pressed 1471 and last call was above number!!!

  3. I had a call from this number today, they said they were from the British Red Cross regarding support for my father in law.

  4. same here tried to call it back it was a fax machine but they rang me back today i answered it and it turned out to be sandwell and birmingham hospital ringing me to confirm about my eye operation

  5. This is the anticoagulant clinic at sandwell hospital. They usually call the day before a warfrine home visit

  6. Had a call from this number today. Was away from phone returned call. Message said there was an error on the line. Reading the comments on here I think a scammer is using someone’s number (NHS Hospital???) for fraudulent purposes. Not sure how to prevent this.

  7. It is from hospital to remind of an appointment.

  8. Why would this number phone me I suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks on sunday and they called this morning I missed the call tryed to phone back but got nothing.

  9. I had a missed call so obviously i rang them back and got the fax machine

  10. This is a switchboard number for Birmingham City Hospital, they called me to arrange an appointment.

  11. 01216874071.who this can u help me?

  12. Its Birmingham pain clinic wanting to book you in for an appointment.  They will call you back!

  13. Called about an appointment I rescheduled

  14. Answered home phone said hello, no reply phone was put down , rang back was a fax

  15. This number is social services, care/occupational therapists division

  16. Not convenient to take call on my mobile at the time so stopped it with intention of ringing them back. Phoned back and got fax. Helped by previous comments. It was probably Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre as I was expecting a call but this number isn’t the same as any I have stored so looks like some are for staff to call out from only.

  17. Called my mobile then landline returned call and got fax machine!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  18. This is Birmingham City Hospital Maternity Ward M1.

  19. had telephone call from the same number
    dont know who they are as they spoke to my son
    would really like to know who they are
    called them back and was fax machine

  20. I received a call off this number and it was from someone who is a patient at sandwell and they were calling off a hospital line hence that is why you get a fax tone when returning the call so hopefully this info will put some peoples minds at rest.

  21. Had the same number call me. my number is blocked  called it back and it is a fax machine  wtf!

  22. It is Sandwell Hospital switchboard number you are given a direct number on your answering service

  23. Fax machine keeps ringing

  24. Jave received two missed calls from this number, but when i call back its a fax machine?? .. yet it says on my phone app city hospital orthopaedic and i suffer from hip with onset of osteoarthritis and two prolapsed discs middle to lower back.

  25. Recieved a call from 01216874071 person could not prounce my name properly assumed they were from a professional capacity when I rang the number it was a fax, didn’t take a name and so frustrating don’t know you it was

  26. Fax machine could at least leave a voice mail so u know if it’s inportant

  27. Repeated phone calls to my mobile – unsolicited

  28. Call me Regarding appointment at Sandwell hospital. Safe to answer.

  29. the number in question is in fact birmingham city hospital u cant ring it back as is a fake number the hosptial use   its just a fake so be no point ringing it back

  30. It’s nhs transport church Ln. .

  31. Received a missed calls from this number. When you try to call you get a Fax. However, do believe this is City Hospital Bham.

  32. Had amessage to ring this number but is a fax machine

  33. This number is from Birmingham City Hospital, probably just a switchboard number.

  34. this number has called a few times but when I try to ring back I keep getting a fax machine

  35. Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital. Safe number, hospital appointments.

  36. 01216874071 called me – I was on another call, called it back – fax machine.?

  37. Is this from city hospital .

  38. Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital.

  39. Yes got message today from 01216874071 City Hospital Maternity – I’m 60yrs old!

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-09-24
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Number of complaints:39
E164 Format:+01216874071
Formato Nacional:012 16 87 40 71
National Format:012 16 87 40 71
International Format:+012 16 87 40 71
RFC3966 Format:tel:+012-16-87-40-71

The number 01216874071 corresponds to a landline phone number located in -. To this day, we have received 39 complaints and the tel:+012-16-87-40-71 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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