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  1. Who is this company and what do they want?

  2. Have been getting calls trying to get in touch with the same named person ,even though i have told them not me & asked them to remove details from their records,this has been going on for some years even though we have moved house & had 2 phone numbers,i will have more words when they ring again.

  3. “so they’re not bad, as far as parasites go” these are the type of businesses that buy up debts for pennies on the pound and then try to collect the full amount, they are not just parasites they are vermin picking over the bones of peoples lives in the hope of some tasty bits.  Paying them anything makes things worse for everyone else who finds themselves being fed upon by this scum. Tell them nothing and tell them to f**k off, if they persist its harassment and a serious offense.

  4. Answered the call once. Silence. I blocked the number. Sounds straight forward, it wasn’t.
    I am on PAYG and my network provider sends me a message each time I’ve been charged for a call, giving me my balance. I start getting these PAYG messages when I’m at home browsing internet etc. which didn’t make sense. I check blocked messages and find these people have just rung me and attempted to charge me for the call, presumably the calls were received by voice mail. They’ve tried this multiple times but can’t take my money cause there’s barely sod all on my balance, I only put money on the day my bundle is due.
    Quick internet search reveals people on contracts can unwittingly run up bills of hundreds, or whatever their credit limit is.
    They’re harassing one of my kids also.
    Absolute scum.

  5. I have returned the call . Before it rings an automated system says….This number does not receive calls.  I have left my answer machine on. They won’t leave a message.
    Debt or no debt . I’m not paying silent companies with all this SCAMMING we are warned about.

  6. they have been calling non stop for 3 months now- I pressed option ‘2’ to say I am not the person they are looking for but they keep calling!

  7. They’re a debt collection company. They’re happy to take £5 a fortnight, so they’re not bad, as far as parasites go.

  8. Got call from this lot always suspicious if they don’t talk total scam

  9. As i blocked this number from my mobile i received a LETTER of them today ……says that they want to contact me regarding a “personal matter” ….is nowhere safe from these people? !

  10. They have been calling me and asking for a name that isn’t mine..

  11. This number has been ringing my fone for the past 4 days its starting to get annoying now is there any way to stop them calling you wish they would do 1

  12. Rang my mobile twice today from different mobile numbers. Very cagey about answering my questions as to who they were though I eventually got the answer they deal with “financial matters”!
    Wanted my mobile number (which of course they must already have).

  13. They are a bunch of filth chasing people for debts that aren’t theirs and all the stress this causes.  Blocked the phone number, though I’m sure they will try again

  14. The problem with many debt collection agencies including Resolve is that they have bought up a whole load of statute barred debts for pennies as Dave said but if you pay even a penny of a ‘Statute Barred’ debt then the debt becomes active again and they can take you to court and even get Bailiffs involved. So just threaten to report the agency to the Financial Conduct Board for harassment as it’s illegal to harass anybody for a Statute Barred Debt.

  15. They keep asking for a guy who has given them a fake number – MINE!!!! Arghhhhhh!

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Date of creation:2019-09-24
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Number of complaints:15
E164 Format:+01412128500
Formato Nacional:014 12 12 85 00
National Format:014 12 12 85 00
International Format:+014 12 12 85 00
RFC3966 Format:tel:+014-12-12-85-00

The number 01412128500 corresponds to a landline phone number located in -. To this day, we have received 15 complaints and the tel:+014-12-12-85-00 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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