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  1. they knew one of my first names x”stephen morrison . it is possilble thanks “

  2. Very annoying the person doesn’t live here and they won’t allow you to tell them this!

  3. Used my private mobile number!!

  4. phone scam and phoneoutside permitted hours.

  5. This number is really annoying, Call all hours from 8am till 8.30 pm if they are a real agency why do they not have someone you can speak to, instead of a recorded message, they don’t even explain who they are. if they where a really company surely they would sent a letter. I am just going to put the phone down as soon has I hear that annoying recorded message.

  6. This caller doesn’t speak then hangs up after a minute this happens a couple of times a days it’s harassment calls

  7. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. Keep ring 2to3 times daily

  9. They are calling me for over a week now. Any time of the day. There is no actual person to talk to, only a recorded voice. Today I received a message saying I have to call them urgently. It’s really annoying. I was worried at first when I saw it’s a debt collection company, but then I thought Wait a minute I don’t owe money to any company. And I checked online other people experiences and I think it’s just a scam. It’s really bad actually that companies like this exist.

  10. Keep phoning on land line every day for 4 days now. It’s a recording and asking for someone who has never lived at my address.

  11. Have stopped answering my landline phone because of scam callers. This particular number has called me several times this month.

  12. If you don’t know who the caller is then hang up and add to your list of blocked numbers.

  13. Very strange asking for someone with an Indian (?) name on my phone number.
    How did they get my number – don’t like it !

  14. i keep getting phone calls to my landline from this moorfield group their number is 0161 9687065.how do i stop them

  15. Every two days they phone my wife, an old lady, on her mobile (which few people know the number of) about a man who she has never heard of. She gets frightened and feels threatened.

    2 questions – a. what do they want and b. why can’t someone or some organisation sort the b*ggers out? Surely this is threatening behaviour?

    Wish I could get my hands on them!

  16. Calling every day for the last week on my landline and leaving a recorded message telling a person (not my name) to call them back urgently.

  17. On checking, this number is coming from Moorcroft Debt Recovery – I have caller display and did not answer, as I did not recognise the number and I’ve also blocked number as debt is nothing to do with me.

  18. pain in the arse calling at all times of the day an night

  19. I get these calls every 2 to 3 days a week they they are scanning people for money do not give them your phone number for your bank details

  20. Keep ringing p. Off time this all stopped

  21. I got a call today by 01619687065 saying they were Moorcroft group never head of them so I just hung up on them who are they

  22. For last two days been calling but do not leave message on Truecall machine. They might get the idea I will not answer them NOR as above comment state that since I don’t have any debts at all they should not get to me…. I hope they all due a very horrible death soon.

  23. This number has been plaguing us with automated calls for weeks.  Tonight at 19:10 they called again and instead of simply hanging up, I listeded to the whole recording (well, they’re paying for the call…)  In each of their calls the recording has asked me to confirm whether I am the person they’re supposed to be calling for (the recorded name is unintelligible, but it definitely does not belong to anyone at my address).

    This is a scam nusiance phonecall.

    For the benefit of anyone at Moorcroft who actually reads the criticisms of their methods: Firstly, as I say, the person the recording is programmed to ask for is not the person you’re calling.  Secondly, I have no debt of any kind with your company or with anyone you act for (or with anyone at all for that matter).  Thirdly I have registered our phone munber with the TPS to block unsolicited calls, and this call is unsolicited.  Therefore, Moorcroft are due a massive fine for breaching the TPS rules.

    Moorcroft (nor any of its associated companies) have ever been given permission to call our number and no one at this number has ever had any previous dealings with Moorcroft or its associated companies.  If the TPS are reading this: this is a clear case of a company breaching the rules and they need to be stopped.

    For anyone else receiving unsolicited nusiance calls: report the callers to the TPS.

  24. This number has rung a few times. Tonight they rang at 8.30pm. I got an automated message asking for someone I’ve never heard of. I’ve had this number a long time. So I hung up. Before I had chance to check the number they were ringing again!  So I went through the ‘press 2 if you’re not. ..’. Let’s see if they ring again.

  25. scum bag debt collection —

  26. ignore then a debt collector is not a bailiff they have no legal powers whatsoever

  27. Have just started getting calls from this number…didn’t answer phone as thought it might be a scam….like where you pay premium rate for just answering!!

  28. So today I get a automated voice call from these people! My number is being passed around like pass the parcel, probably to companies that are associates of Moorcroft! They rang me yesterday under a different number 01614752875, using the name MDR at this time, told them I had no idea who they where or what they wanted didn’t tell them who I was even though they repeated my name several times during the conversation! Another one to add to blocked list! Probably annoyed they couldn’t get through with the other number as I’ve blocked it!

  29. This number is calling me daily aswell as sending a txt msg! Moorcroft debt recovery agency…. Apparently I owe O2, who might I add, have been my network provider for almost 13 years now.
    I pay on a monthly basis direct to O2, surely if I owed them money they would have contacted me first…. Anyhow! I will never answer these call’s, and will never pay a 3rd party interloper which is exactly what Moorcroft are. They have absolutely no jurisdiction over me or my finances.
    If I did indeed owe O2, then as far as I am concerned Moorcroft “bought” the debt and therefore it is paid and stands at nil in void!!

  30. keep getting an automated phone call from these asking if I was someone named L***en such and such  I have hung up I have gone through the press such and such if you are not who they want and still I get these phone calls every flipping day its annoying

    Automated calls are supposed to be illegal and besides I am on TPS

    This is supposed to be Moorcroft group a debt collection agency apparently from what I have researched and found on line – they are supposed to be skip trace they should research who they are calling to find out if it is who its supposed to be

    if it was a real person calling instead of automated they would be told where to go that no such person lives here and neither my husband nor I know who the HECK this person is that they are calling for!

  31. Can confirm its Moorcroft group so called debt colletor’s ,there are any amount of bad reports on this company . My advice is to avoid at all cost they are a scam and won’t let go if you reply or speek to them.

  32. Left message and intrusive text asking me to call this number back re. a debt in someone’s name I can’t pronounce and with which I am totally unfamiliar.

  33. In one day I had 40 missed calls from this company! I made the mistake of answering to be told I needed to confirm my identity! They rang me so they should know. Added to blocked list.

  34. They just rang me who are they and are they a real agency

  35. It is the moorcroft group. They do not listen if you say you do not own the debt and call 10-15 times a day, easiest to block the number

  36. I think it’s moorcroft debt collections

  37. Everyday I am getting at least one call from this number , what is going on ???

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Date of creation:2019-09-21
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Number of complaints:37
E164 Format:+01619687065
Formato Nacional:016 19 68 70 65
National Format:016 19 68 70 65
International Format:+016 19 68 70 65
RFC3966 Format:tel:+016-19-68-70-65

The number 01619687065 corresponds to a landline phone number located in -. To this day, we have received 37 complaints and the tel:+016-19-68-70-65 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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