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Main evaluation:Negative
Category:Other options
Location:New Zealand
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Other options 100 %

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6 reports for the number 02036085243

  1. I am receiving texts saying £4.50 a month I never ordered this

  2. This bloody number have been taking my money since August. I tried to get in touch with them and just ended speak with the machine. Tomorrow am going to call my mobile provider to refund my money.

  3. hi i did njot anser any phone or text or ask for this its just arrived on my phone dont now were from not happy who gave them my number for one, they must of got it of some one but who!!!
    sick of firms passing your info arround for monies and not telling you they will do so. going to the bank tomorrow to make sure they get nothing have not opened the text or ansered them

  4. Like a number of others i received a text message requiring me to unsubscribe from a magazine I never ordered. The cost is £4.50, fortunately my phone limit is £2.50 so I ignored it. These scammers usually charge less than the usual default amount of £5, I suggest everyone reduces theirs to £2.50 so no one can make an automatic claim.

  5. I did not place any order but I received a text message saying I’m now subscribed

  6. This is not a helpful number just placed to confuse people

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-08-28
Mobile or landline phone?:Mobile
Location:New Zealand
Number of complaints:6
E164 Format:+6402036085243
Formato Nacional:020 36 08 52 43
National Format:020 36 08 52 43
International Format:+64020 36 08 52 43
RFC3966 Format:tel:+64020-36-08-52-43

The number 02036085243, we have received 6 complaints and 1 for the +64020 36 08 52 43. Below you can find some complaints by Faketel users or file your report.

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