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Location:Tokoroa, New Zealand

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  1. Call today. rang off when I answered. Seems dodgy.

  2. Called me and hung up as soon as i answered!

  3. They call frequently. I answered only first two times, some half year ago. Whoever was there, never said a word. Since then I usually just press ‘busy’. But, on the other hand, may they be Aliens wanting to tell me something, and it’s only my fault that I cannot hear it?

  4. The following number: 08000852652 called me, this morning (Saturday at 10.50 am) I could hear there was someone on the line but they did not reply to my “Hello”, so I hung up….

  5. Be very careful – I was called by this number today and gave some details, then wondered what was going on. Can’t believe I was so gullible – DON’T give any information over the phone, I’n convinced it’s not really Barclays, but someone else trying to get your personal details and account info – and will check this out.

  6. Have received about 3 calls a day for the past week from this number and several 10 min long voicemails of silence. Answered one of the calls but refused to give any further info after I was asked to run through a security check – first question DOB? When I asked how exactly I could confirm that this was Barclays the advice was to ring 1471 to check. Bare in mind I don’t even have an account with Barclays bank???

  7. Hi,

    I got a call from them on my mobile around lunchtime today.
    They asked for my DOB to confirm that it was me on the phone. After that they read out to me all my account details including names and latest balances, they were spot on, the figures were as of last night not last month.

    Then they tried to book me in for an appointment with one of their advisors. They suggested the branch closest to my house (without me quoting the address). If this was fraudulent then I have to say I’m already done in for because they had every detail of my account.

    I understand people’s concern here,I was too that’s why I googled the number.
    We need them to identify themselves and they want us to identify ourselves, else they could be giving our account details out to someone that might’ve snatched your phone of you in the train 5 minutes earlier.

  8. recieved call. hung up when I answered, could be barclays…

  9. “Barclays Welcome Team”, according to the Barclays website’s telephone fraud number. Of course, you should all confirm this for yourselves through independent channels… ideally at great expense for the cold-calling gits *grumble, grumble*

  10. They’ve made 2 attempts to call me in the last 48 hours; the first hubg up after 4 rings and the second was from a call centre (in the north, not India) but hung up when my 3-month daughter started to protest.  Having spent 25 minutes on the phone to Barclays yesterday waiting to complain about something I figure they can call me back!

  11. called from this number 08000852652 twice on 1st november and again today. very annoying!

  12. Called me and hung up as soon as I answered

  13. Periodic calls from this number. Claim be from Barclays, and to have ‘service developments’ they want to talk about. I don’t have a Barclays account.

  14. I have just received a call from this number. No message is left and they hung up just as I answered the phone.

  15. Had a call lastnite from that number, didnt last long tho, they hung up.

  16. I have missed 2 calls from this number, I called it back from my work phone & it is Barclays with updates & no need to worry so the message goes.

  17. They’ve been ringing me every morning this week. I’ve been plagued by calls from 0870 numbers who just ring off when i pick up the phone. Even though this is an 0800 number I figure, well, it’s not one of my friends, so what’s the point of me answering?

  18. Came through as ‘barclays transfer’ when I was called at work from this number.
    My compnay has a dealing with barclays additions account holders. Phone number seems to check, still… no person on the phone, just a muffled noise of many people talking the the background.

  19. I get countless calls from this number, it claims to be Barclays, but i’ve no idea if it is or not. If it is Barclays then when did they adopt a policy of harassing customers? It’s so frustrating to get endless calls you don’t want from people you don’t know.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-09-21
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Tokoroa, New Zealand
Number of complaints:19
E164 Format:+08000852652
Formato Nacional:080 00 85 26 52
National Format:080 00 85 26 52
International Format:+080 00 85 26 52
RFC3966 Format:tel:+080-00-85-26-52

The number 08000852652 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Tokoroa, New Zealand. To this day, we have received 19 complaints and the tel:+080-00-85-26-52 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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