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28 reports for the number 08451114234

  1. someone always calls from this number and asks for lorraine mcghee

  2. caller demanding to know who lives at my number

  3. it is indeed north lanarkshire

  4. We received a call to to all our extensions in the office from this number and also the directors mobile number – we called north  lanarkshire council and they couldnt trace the number and knew nothing about it. Bizarre.

  5. I got a missed call from this number – no idea who they are or what they want.  I’m now registered with TPS so in a few weeks these stupid calls will stop. Ha ha.

  6. this is the generic number from north lanarkshire council

  7. when my friend calls me from work that is the number that appears….shes woks for north lanarkshire council

  8. that number is North Lanarkshire Council

  9. Hi everyone, this number phoned me as I left my details on the web site routes to work!

    There are routes to work, they also partnership with north lanarkshire council so could potentially be both

  10. Must be generic number from NLC, the call I had was from Airdrie Social Work dept asking for someone I’ve never heard of

  11. This number just called and hung up as soon as I answered…FIVE TIMES IN A ROW….I called it back and it said ‘you have been called by north Lanarkshire council…we will call you back’…ive unplugged the phone now as ive put my little boy down for a nap

  12. It is North Lanarkshlire Council…returning a call I made to them (Environmental Services) yesterday.

  13. Never took the call, why would North Lanarkshlire Council call me this late, especially as I live in Liverpool?

  14. It’s a scam don’t answeae it it takes money from you

  15. I keep getting phone calls from the above number 08451114234.

  16. North Lanarkshire Council number called me quite late in the evening. Called the next day and they didn’t know about this number. Seems it is a number from one of their business partnerships called Routes to Work

  17. Can yous please contact me soon possible,my name is.;Nuno sousa

  18. malicious nlc again they do not find the need to inform you of what they are about to do to you . just that they are and you can be sure its not good news ; why they dont leave a message is to remind you who.s boss

  19. Who r they are north Lanarkshire council

  20. They phoned to arrange a time to service my gas appliances.

  21. message left advising it is north lanarkshire council

  22. It is Lanarkshire council..

  23. it states north Lanarkshire council but they no nothing about it

  24. I have received two calls from this number and luckily the guy left a message with a non 0845 number to call back so I did if you want to put a stop to this the number is 01698274657 and his name is Brian Anderton he got my number through something called Consumer Direct. On his message he was asking for a man and I told him this person does not have my number and I dont even know him and have asked him never to ring me again. He says its regarding a complaint made to trading standards I class this as a nuisance call

  25. someone called me todat at 1318 today, could not take the call. What was this regarding
    Chini Jandoo

  26. I had call from that number at 21:30, quite late like for a council;)

  27. This number called us and when you answer the phone is put down. Don’t know who they are. . Didn’t call them back as it’s a 0845 number.

  28. i just got a call from this number and it was the local north lanarshire library letting me know the books i have ordered are in

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-09-03
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Number of complaints:28
E164 Format:+08451114234
Formato Nacional:084 51 11 42 34
National Format:084 51 11 42 34
International Format:+084 51 11 42 34
RFC3966 Format:tel:+084-51-11-42-34

The number 08451114234 corresponds to a landline phone number located in -. To this day, we have received 28 complaints and the tel:+084-51-11-42-34 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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