123456789 Whose phone number is this?

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Category:Telephone salesman
Location:BEDFORD, United Kingdom
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42 reports for the number 123456789

  1. bank – description

  2. Psycho stalker hacker from hell and baby mama drama (aka (dangerous debbie) debra of Lewisville tx. She has been doing this kind of cr*p using a police stingray, (an imsi catcher) and also impersonating the authorities, (illegal) She is mentally ill, a real fatal attraction. Authorities should get her.

  3. This guy. Called me and said if I wanted to have sex with him

  4. This number is on the website as Wholehealthfactory.com but our computer tells us it’s not a safe site! Although they’ve got the product I’m wanting, there’s no way now I’m ordering from them. Check it out!

  5. constant callas all silent

  6. Phoning in the middle of the night.

  7. Recieved 9 calls from this number today between 10:59 AM and 2:30PM. Finally answered and was told they were calling from the Dept of Health and Human Services.
    Said I was the chosen recipiant of a Grant in the amount of $14,000+.
    She just needed to verify my mailing address in order to send the legal paperwork to me.
    Then she read my address to me!
    I asked for a call back number…she would not provide me with one…asked for a website..she would not give me one.
    She told me that the only thing she could do was take my info and transfer me to the Grand Master??
    What!?! I told her I would not provide any personal info to her and said I found it hard to believe that the US Govt. would call me 9 times in a day, not leave a message and not provide me with info in writing until I gave my personal info to them.
    She said she is the only person in her office who has authorization to call me, and she has only called me once. I told her again that this “office” called me 9 times today.
    She hung up on me.

  8. Called 4 times this morning and 4 times after 8pm last night …. says a garbled phone number and then ‘yo’ and hangs up. same call is also coming through on 02392386688 and 02087599577.

    how can i stop them???

  9. The caller … describe me a lot

  10. Please make them stop calling me!

  11. Nuisance cold caller. Should be barred immediately.

  12. no message/just on caller id

  13. Keeps calling without any answer

  14. this number has been calling daily

  15. Keep calling saying my identity is in jeopardy.

  16. this phone number called me 15 times today from a period between 1pm and 7pm. I blocked the number and then now I keep getting unknown calls, obviously same person trying to call from a different phone.

  17. Aggressive man ringing several times a day about an ID Microsoft account that’s causing problems with my non existent laptop ! Sick of them ringing

  18. Keeps on calling & when I call it back all it does is play music

  19. Address:
    kitlas cosmetics.
    92 holt drive
    co2 0dp
    united kingdom

  20. I keep getting calls from 123456 over and over and over today (at least 20 times). I’ve been at work and not able to answer. I stepped out for a moment and another rang through. I answered it and the person asked for my mother!

    I am nearly 30 and my mother lives 11 hours away! She never uses my name for anything and I never use hers!

    When I asked what it was in regards to she told me it was private (my mom has picture prefect credit so not a bill collector)and then tried to leave a message with me half laughing like she thought I was lying when I said they were calling the wrong person. When I told her I could not write down the message (I was at Starbucks) she then said she would call back!

  21. Yes, they have called me to
    The message urged me to call to lower my interest rate at once – offer expiring soon! Very stressful unpleasant voice !
    Beware ?!!!

  22. recieved call from 123456789 message left saying I told you, you were going to jail. HA HA HA

  23. i once got a phone call from 999-999-9999, then a few minutes later i got a call from a number that i dont remember the first 3 numbers but the other ones were 123-4567. it was wierd. also i keep getting a phone call from someone called 800 service but i figure if its important, they’ll leave a measege, also i looked up 800 service on google and found nothing.

  24. To better inform everyone the number 123 456 7890, it used to hid the actual caller….it’s called caller voice over internet protcol (IP) or caller ID spoofing. It’s like a call card, with a pin. Look it up and better inform yourself. If anyone is familiar with the phone company Vonage? this company made this device, it’s illegal but criminals now use to to hind where  they are actually calling from. A bill was passed in June 2007 Bill S. 704 named truth in caller ID Act. Law enforcement is expempted from this law. It original purpose was for business personal to make it look like there are calling from the office,which in return they were not. or the average person for privacy purposes. So fraudulent telemarketers use this device, they could be calling from anywhere, so be careful of calling any number back due to long distance charges.

  25. I got the calls 8 times today, 4 on each phone.  This is crazy and has to stop

  26. I have rec’d several calls from this number in the last month.  No msgs left.  It’s creepy.

  27. Hi,

    I got a call from the no : +123456789 for an interview. i’m afraid of it is original. I need to confirm this is not a fake one.

  28. I received a call at 6:15pm CST on 7/09 from 123456789, the phone rang 4-5 times but I did not pick it up.  They did not leave a message on the answering machine.  The Caller ID stated that it was an “unknown name” calling from 123456789.

  29. i have quite the opposite problem  my caller id only shows as that we use rocketvoip and before our number would show

  30. I see someone else already said it….
    I use Skype to call my family overseas, one day i had a problem with it and called my cell phone with skype to test, and when it rang..on my caller id it showed 123456789.

  31. This phone company  call Sep/12 (8:30PM)the nuber is 123456789 and a nother call from Telus 905-310-2255 Sep/12 (8:33PM).I said no the first the second call I was not to happy.This has gone on all most a year from TELUS I left them not happy with them.They keep call want my servus no thank.

  32. When I get calls from my phone company (telus) it always shows on my phone as 123 456 7890. When my friends call me through vonage, skype, different phones like that, same number shows up. I’ve never seen a telemarketer call from that number. Nobody has tried to steal my info, or my soul, or whatever else you paranoid freaks fear.  
    Why are people so afraid to answer their phones? I mean, really. Worst case, you hang it up. Stop being so paranoid and answer your damn phone when it rings! What’s the point of having one if you won’t pick it up!?

  33. I received a call from this number not too long ago, but instead of hitting “Talk” I hit “End.” I don’t know who the heck these people are, and I don’t want any part of this phone number again. It’s really creeping me out.

  34. keeps calling over and over again – does not respond when I say, “hello.” What’s the point of these calls if they don’t even TRY to scam me? very irritating!!!!!

  35. they call repeatedly …. this rings as long distance ….

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  37. Contact your service provider and change your number and don’t ever give out numbers on important documents, I know that sounds daft but say you applied for a bank loan and got refused the credit, all your details are stored on your credit file, how do you think these people get your number in the first place, I know it’s life that we have to exchange numbers but always opt out of marketing, they’re ringing you for THEIR gain, not yours although they speak to you like they’re your best friend and you find it hard to say no, they’re trained to be like that then feed off it. It’s a dog business

  38. left messagae on phone and called other family members. Cannot return a call the the number, says incoming calls restricted or unavaiable.

  39. There’s a reason why your various phones would get called by this number, and when you say other family members got the call, it’s for the same reason. As “INFOGIRL” stated above, this number – 12334567890 – appears because someone you most likely know is trying to call you by using a phone card. As an example, my mom’s phone rang twice with the number, then my phone rang shortly afterwards, and then I listened to the voice message. It was my sister calling from out of the country, complaining that none of us are picking up our phones, ha ha ha…

    Trust me, it is completely safe to answer this number, and it might benefit you to do so. Your identity will NOT be stolen, a voice will NOT tell you you will die in 7 days, etc etc. Just answer it, and if it IS spammyy, just hang up (but chances are, it is someone you know, trying to get ahold of you).

    Hope that helps!

  40. has called several times for several days when I ask if medicare will pay for it they hang up always is a man

  41. 123456789 is what shows up when someone calls using a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service like Skype.

    I use Skype for my long distance calls, and that’s what shows up on the caller ID of the people I call.

  42. I think their ploy is to steal my identity, let alone eat up my valuable airtime minutes.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:BEDFORD, United Kingdom
Number of complaints:41
E164 Format:+123456789
Formato Nacional:123 45 67 89
National Format:123 45 67 89
International Format:+123 45 67 89
RFC3966 Format:tel:+123-45-67-89

Negative Ratings, Bad Reputation?

123456789 has been given quite a bad rating due to it receiving seven negative ratings from recipients, and then only a single recipient giving it a positive score.

The actual source of the number has come from a financial services company which seems to be offering illegitimate college grant offers leading recipients to report it as a scam fairly. Other recipients have claimed to have got calls from this numbers claiming to be from a trading company explaining the losses people have experienced just recently in the stock market, and that for the recipient to be immune from said losses, and even future losses then they must send an email to this address right away.

In other words…

While it’s conclusive what the people on the other end of 123456789 want (money related products) the risk of them is not yet defined officially online, however, I would recommend that you exchange no information with this number whatsoever.

who is calling me 123456789

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