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Location:GLASGOW, United Kingdom

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31 reports for the number 1410200500

  1. They wrote
    “FRM:[email protected]
    MSG:Banking Notification Urgent DIal (917) 259-6896 [c i t i b a n k]”
    SCAM, of course

  2. Msg from this number told me i won 2 millon dollars and was atta?hed to an outlook account and just opening those account can infect phone

  3. Scamming India Call Center… The digital highway is a two way street… You **** aren’t anonymous. I bet this **** would stop… If somebody shot up the call center

  4. Just got the same text message as you.
    I’m not responding.

  5. Got the same, the text reads the same and it came from [email protected]

  6. Just a link to a scam website was attached as a text message.
    Block this number and don’t deal with it at all

  7. Received a text from this number stating possible fraud on my usaa acct, of which i do not, and have never, used. Obvious spam/scam.

  8. Got a message about my Chase ID being restricted, with a link to a random website to “restore” it. I’ve never used Chase bank in my life.

  9. got a text wanting me to put a sticker on my car to advertise an energy drink and paid for it…i texted back no

  10. I have gotten a text from 1(410)200500 on 01/07/2017, 1(410)200501, and 1(410)200502 on 01/09/2017, and I got one from 1(410)200503 today, 01/15/2017.
    1 of 2
    FRM:madelyn edward
    MSG:Put our ad on your car and earn 400 buck weekly.  If you’re interested in
    this offer, get back to me with your
    (Con’t) 2 of 2
    email address and I will send you more
    information about the program.(End)

  11. I am being stalked by Michael Cason. The text message read, FRM:Michal Cason MSG: Why did you block me..

  12. Mine is different. The text says
    MSG:you have a video mail
    And then it’s a URL I can click on. I didn’t because I’m sure it’s a scam

  13. the message was a false, they said they were from BofA and that my account was locked

    a complete lye

  14. It is a scam, don’t open/respond

  15. Sent an unsolicited text in poorly-worded English about a "money-earning opportunity".

  16. Received text at 11:18 pm which is a violation of Federal law because it appears to be from business. Email address was [email protected]. If I ever get another one from them I will sue.

  17. Received following scam message :”FRM:[email protected] MSG B B T Company Bank MESSAGE Urgent Call @ 4104796075″. Am reporting to FCC and Do Not Call

  18. I got a text message from 141-020-0500 at 2:45 am about a business venture. The return email is [email protected].  I don’t appreciate being woke up for BS!

  19. 1 of 2
    FRM:mariana gary
    MSG:If you’d allow us to put our ad on your vehicle, we will pay you $400
    weekly. For more info, send me with your
    (Con’t) 2 of 2
    email address amd I’ll email every
    details about the program.(End)

  20. I got the same text just now, says “you have a video message” and a hyperlink below it. I have not clicked on it as I know better.

  21. I received a text today with the following message:

    FRM:wellsfargo-security dept.
    SUBJ:Unanthorized DEBT-CARD use
    MSG: [{Scammer’s Website Link Was Here}]

    It was an obvious SCAM because that’s not the way Banks notify people of issues with their cards, and because I don’t even have an account with Wells Fargo. I continuously monitor all of my back accounts, so I already know that there is nothing wrong with any of them.

  22. Just got a text from “PayPal” telling me there was suspicious activity, and have me a website link. Good thing I looked into it before doing anything. Will report to PayPal

  23. Got the following (spam) message around 11 pm:

    1 of 2
    FRM:Balsley, Shelby R
    MSG:A generous donation has been made to you by a billionaire philanthropist. Reply via ( [email protected]
    (Con’t) 2 of 2
    ) using your email for more info.(End)

  24. scam, keeps sending messages from similar numbers

  25. Yea I just got this too. It’s a text from jeffsala at that number and it says I have a video message from him.. Wtf ? I remember a long time ago you could send it via computer as a video message like thru Sprint or something but yea, not going to open it.. So I googled it..lol. Like a normal person..

  26. Received text message today:

    FRM: Wells Fargo
    MSG: Check the activity urgently: ‘scam website’
    Due to suspicious activity, we have temporarily locked your account.

    -My Wells Fargo account was closed permanently 7 years ago, by me. Very obvious scam.

  27. Received a text with this info

    MSG: [inserted link]

    I did not trust the inserted link nor the number, so I checked my bank account to see if my card really was restricted. Nothing was wrong with my account. This is a very blatant scam.

  28. Got the same bofa message this morning.

  29. 141-020-0500 is a generic number shown when an AT&T customer uses their email to send texts. I personally text this way when I’m traveling internationally because my phone plan doesn’t have access to texting while overseas. I use the hotel’s wifi to send texts to friends and family using my email. However recipients don’t see my email address, they just see the generic AT&T number. So I can see how some unscrupulous people have abused this system by sending spam texts because they’re "hiding" behind a generic AT&T number.

  30. Trying to get my facebook account info

  31. I just received a text from this number, email address is [email protected],com. Subject: cort5; Message: This is just for you po.st/qQaJ1e, look here now, t9wcy

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:GLASGOW, United Kingdom
Number of complaints:31
E164 Format:+1410200500
Formato Nacional:141 02 00 50 0
National Format:141 02 00 50 0
International Format:+141 02 00 50 0
RFC3966 Format:tel:+141-02-00-50-0

The number 1410200500 corresponds to a landline phone number located in GLASGOW, United Kingdom. To this day, we have received 31 complaints and the tel:+141-02-00-50-0 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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