Who is 1618147559? Relevant information about this phone number

Main evaluation:Neutral
Category:Other options
Location:MANCHESTER, United Kingdom
Negative: 0%
Neutral: 100%
Positive: 0%


Category Times marked %
Other options 100 %

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More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:MANCHESTER, United Kingdom
Number of complaints:0
E164 Format:+1618147559
Formato Nacional:161 81 47 55 9
National Format:161 81 47 55 9
International Format:+161 81 47 55 9
RFC3966 Format:tel:+161-81-47-55-9

The number 1618147559 corresponds to a landline phone number located in MANCHESTER, United Kingdom. To this day, we have received 0 complaints and the tel:+161-81-47-55-9 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

How to block 1618147559 calls on Android?

1º Open the Phone phone application of the device.
2º Touch Recent Call History.
3º Tap a call from the number you want to block.
4º Touch Block/Report call as spam.

How do I block 1618147559 calls on iPhone?


Go to Settings > Phone > Block this Caller > Block Contact.


Go to Settings > FaceTime > Block this Caller > Block Contact.


Go to Settings > Messages > Block this Caller > Block Contact.

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