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  1. Called but no one said anything it was really weird.

  2. They called me and left no message and I’m still in school what’s that about

  3. This number keeps calling me, and every time I answer they hang up right away. I have no clue who these people are. Five months ago a person commented saying that this number belongs to Great Lakes Student Loans, if this is true then why don’t they leave a message or say anything when you say hello, instead they hang up. This sound mighty fishy to me.

  4. OMFG they call me @ 4 in the goddamn morning! i never understand why they spam calls to a 15 year old -_-. i just block the number. but i still get that notification. how do you get them to shut the hell up!?

  5. Great Lakes Educational Loan

  6. they keep calling and leave no message, who the hell are they!?

  7. they call me hangup the pone

  8. It’s A SCAM! These people have been bugging me for months! Stupid SCAMMERS!!!

  9. They call I answer and nobody ever says anything!

  10. Great Lakes Student Loan Provider. Not a scam

  11. Stop calling asap.  These folks just don’t give up.

  12. I’d called the number back and they said that all customer service reps, was helping other caller and what got me to the point that they maybe scammers because end of the year income taxes is coming up they asked you to enter your Social Seecuity number to look up information/account, and I’ve never got any student loans from this company or from any other companies, cause I had never ever apply for any loans or grants, nor have I ever co signed. So my advice to everyone and any one that’s receiving this phone number and they are still calling as a repeat offender, please, block their number and report it as harassment to BBB.

  13. I am a student, however my loans were through another company. I also called them back and was not able to talk to anyone unless I provide my ss#. I informed my school and they confirmed I have no loans through them.

  14. these people called my cellph. today. Guy said he was looking for Whitney. Don’t kno. WILL block if they call back. Too many people w/ too much time m

  15. my great lakes student loans

  16. the go to the house m to I’ll

  17. If they are calling a cellphone number, program your phone to block the number.

    My brother is the reason I get these calls from them, every other monday. My cellphone blocks them call and I get a reminder on my cellphone they’ve tried.

  18. I doubt that this is truly from Great Lakes and is a telemarketing scam.  Have been getting vm’s on my answering machine once a day about being from Great Lakes and they need a call back due to important information on an account.  I finally tried calling today and couldn’t get a human. It started out telling me I could win a vacation for filling out a quick 3 questions survey. I pushed # to get through it and get to a human but all it did was continue making offers for retailers and how I  could win this or that.  Extremely irritating.  I’m going to call Great Lakes and report it.

  19. these calls are from great lakes higher educational.  I co-signed a school loan 16 years ago and they call every month when my son makes a late payment.  You would figure after 16 years they would realize that the payment will be there……………..only late.

  20. i answered but sount

  21. This is Great Lakes Educational Loan Services. They called your mom because, on a student loan application or other document filled out by you, you listed your mom as a Personal Reference.  They are trying to locate you because they have an address and/or phone of yours that has recently gone bad.  They are trying to locate your most current mailing address and phone.

  22. keep harassing me. Do not answer!

  23. The 800 number on this post is listed on their website.

  24. Calls and leaves no message

  25. I don’t have any student loans but got 2 calls from them.  They never say anything just dead air.  If you have something to say then say it.

  26. Called them back. Recording stated that I should give them my SS#. Yeah,right. Definitely a scam seeing as I am 65 years old and didn’t finish High School and have no kids.

  27. I do not believe that this number belongs to Great Lakes, which is a legitimate student loan provider.
    They called my number even though my student loan payments are all up to date. They did not leave
    a message on my answering machine, which, if it were a legitimate call, they obviously would since they
    are trying to reach me. Finally, why in the world would Great Lakes call from an 1800 number that shows up as “UNAVAILABLE” on caller ID?

  28. The caller is My Great Lakes student loan debt collectors

  29. Great Lakes Borrowers service. In regards to any account you have with them… they’ll talk to you about payment plans, loan deferment, etc. They will probably call until you answer.

  30. a call for college loan collections.

  31. Call and doesn’t leave a message. I have no loans with them

  32. they just called at 8:36pm and didnt leave a message

  33. This is Great Lakes Student loan servicer. People on here saying it’s a scam are stupid. They’re calling because you’re delinquent on your loans. FYI, student loans don’t magically go away by ignoring them and not answering the phone. It’s a sure fire way to screw up your credit and let it go long enough and they’ll sue you, garnish your wages, and if it goes far enough garnish your social security. Better to answet the phone and deal with it.

  34. This is united recovery systems. A debt collector and they will call friend or family trying to locate you.

  35. Called at 8:35 pm on a Wed night however when I answerd no one said anything and they disconected the call. I also recieved a call from an unknown number 1 minute before with the same result said “Hello” twice and they disconected as well. Going to block the number.

  36. I picked up and nobody even answered me… After like 10-15 seconds they just hung up.

  37. student loan debt collector

  38. it is the great lakes loans for students

  39. they just called at 8:36pm and didnt leave a message my student loan isnt due till September thry been call and emailing since May

  40. Claims my daughter has a student loan with them. She has no student loans. They call every week, usually on a Wednesday evening.

  41. The company calls and doesn’t answer.  They claim its about some person who owes them from a loan. When you dial them they ask for a social security number. After multiple conversations to be removed I have filed a complaint with the bbb. I also emailed them asking to cease with the harassment.  Hard to believe they are affiliated with a higher education system.  I have had my cell for over 11 years.  So their excuse is hard to believe.  May be a scam.

  42. Just called, and left no message. 3:56 pm.

  43. Stop them they bogging folk and lying too

  44. I am on the national do not call list. I did not want this call, have no student loans nor children with student loans. They are now blocked.

  45. Great Lakes Higher Education calling looking for someone who does not live here who apparently used me for a reference (without my permission) and has defaulted on their student loan. I am furious that these calls will not stop. I get 2-4 a day, nearly everyday. This if effing bull-do do. How do I get them to stop? File a harrassment suit against them?

  46. Student Loan payment reminder. , Great Lakes Student Loans

  47. student loan people. they helped me lower payment

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:47
E164 Format:+18002364300
Formato Nacional:180 02 36 43 00
National Format:180 02 36 43 00
International Format:+180 02 36 43 00
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-02-36-43-00

The number 18002364300 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 47 complaints and the tel:+180-02-36-43-00 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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