18002662278 Whose phone number is this?

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72 reports for the number 18002662278

  1. Comcast or Comcrap, steal money and pretend to care about the "service" they "provide", It’s comcrap. they don’t help, they ruin your equipment and insult your intelligence. they think you’re a walking wallet

  2. Comcast Xfinity. keep s calling me.

  3. Comcast business returning call

  4. service not available in my area

  5. I’m not a Comcast customer so I don’t want them to be calling me

  6. comcast tech support, commercial is great

  7. Comcast Customer service Call Back.

  8. xfinity for internet and cell

  9. A company that pretends to care

  10. total scam. It is not Comcast

  11. returning my call as requested.

  12. Comcast cable Assistance Center. very nice and helpful

  13. very helpful and solved my tv issue.

  14. comcast xfinity, cable internet, sales re current internet

  15. Comcast support. Legitimate and expected.

  16. this company continues to call me asking for someone I don’t know. I’ve told them over and over they have the wrong number and they continue to call.

  17. this is a legitimate number for my service provider. It’s perfectly alright when you see it.

  18. Comcast reminder of installation

  19. Comcast Tech Service called me to resolve No Sound problem on cable tv

  20. comcast call to see if you want to switch mobile service

  21. Nobody there when I picked up

  22. Follow up call from Xfinity

  23. answer this call. positive call.

  24. This is Xfinity… so if you are current on your bill it is not a negative call

  25. return call from Comcast repair

  26. I believe this is Comcast calling to do a survey on my recent call for customer service. It’s a survey to see how the rep performed. I agreed to it. it is only around three questions I think if we get since the last time. Doesn’t take long.

  27. They are calling to my number several times, they have access in some way to Comcast because I requested the service 2 days ago.Can someone stop and investigate them ?

  28. Called 8 times, noone there. Annoying to say the least. Calls continued until after 10 pm!

  29. They call me about 5 times back to back!! Of course I didn’t answer… but that was ridiculous!!!

  30. this number has been calling at least twice a day!

  31. They call me everyday weekeneds included as early as 8am till 10pm. Sometimes dont speak when i answer. Harassment at this point they need to be investigated and shut down.

  32. Went to WalMart and an Infinity rep lied to me. Comcast came out to install cable, sent away. Box of equipment on my door. Took to UPS and returned. Called Comcast in India. No help. 1-800-266-2278 is crooked Comcast. Do not pay for their fraudulent practices.

  33. this is xfinity Tech support

  34. Unknown, maybe scam. Don’t answer, block it.

  35. comcast repair. service call

  36. so call free update totally unsolicited

  37. Comcast wanting me to sign up.

  38. comcast is being spoofed. This all started when I called pg&e to add service to an additional house. After taking care of those details, they transferred me to someone who offered a better deal with comcast because of my service with pg&e – The comcast service never came to fruition. And ever since I have been getting all kinds of spoofed calls. Multiple different numbers will, and sometimes using the number from comcast.

  39. multiple calls without leaving a message. I have never spoken to them.

  40. Xfinity "Customer Service"

  41. They are calling to my number several times, they have access in some way to Comcast because I requested the service 2 days ago.Can someone stop and investigate them ?

  42. Comcast, called me to let me know someone wanted to request account management.

  43. When I called 1 800 266 2278 on 2/25/2018 there was no ring and it went silent after pick up. This phone number is listed in the details of bills from credit card charges from Comcast that I did not authorize. The charges are for cable services. After searching this number online I read a link somewhere that this happened to someone who did business with PG&E and later had something similar happen. I know this is vague but I looked at so many links and read so many comments about this number that I can’t remember where I read it, however, the important thing for you to know is that I also did business with PG&E around the same time that these charges began to occur on my bill in June 2016. Not saying this is the cause but there is a correlation. Will look into this more and update here.

  44. Comcast.  Calls to check on status of icket

  45. Stop calling me waste my time waste my day irritated stop i don’t have an account with you or have ever had one and will never have one so why do you say i owe them money frustration irritation idiots thanks ….

  46. Comcast calling to check up on a new service order.

  47. I’ve been getting several calls a day from them for about a week, and I finally just called it back since they haven’t left voicemails to find out who it is.  And all it says is, “This is Shaquille ONeal (it sounds like Shaq’s voice), and This is Ben Stein (definitely Ben Stein’s voice), and Thank you for calling comcast.”  I don’t have nor have I ever had Comcast.  So that’s really really strange.  How do I get it to stop calling?

  48. They have called 3 times in less than 6 hours. How they got this number do not know.

  49. Such a nuisance. Constant calls with no one there, no messages, nothing. They might as well stop calling because I won’t answer or call back

  50. I have received about 8-10 call from this number. How do I delete them.

  51. My caller ID identified it as an unknown caller and since I didn’t recognize the number I didn’t answer it. Why can’t caller be made to identify themselves when they call?

  52. They call from 800-266-2278 and then hangup and call back immediately from 800-266-2277. They did that 3 times today. It all shows on my caller ID. It says Unknown on caller ID, just shows number. Why do they call back within 1 minute when no one is home? I checked Google and it shows COMCAST CABLE. I will switch to Verizon’s FIOS.

  53. This phone number claimed to be “Emmy” from Comcast. She called my house phone at 10:45 at night, and then called my cell phone and woke me up. Very strange to call that late!

  54. calls all the time and and remains silent constanly calling…

  55. they call me about 7 times a day no message and when i answer no one is there. when i look up the message it is comcast. I had a tech call me the other day saying that he had a cancel request for my service and i never put in a request. They call and say me payment is late when i payed it a week before it was due. the customer service doesnt listen. I have worked in the customer service field for my whole working life and never treated customers like they treat me. This is bs.

  56. This is one of the few calls from a business that I don’t find annoying.  In my case, we had a major phone and internet outage in this area, and the calls I received were likely autodialled calls to check to see if a number belonging to them is properly working.  (Yes, it’s annoying when they don’t leave a message; probably they’re waiting for the voicemail to kick in, which then indicates the call went to completion.)

  57. this number is actually comcast cable communications(comcast) the number is 1800comcast.  I can assure that this is comcast, as whenever I have a problem with my cable I call it and i get comcast costumer support.

  58. I got a call from them and the voicemail was all static.

  59. I called this number back since it called me twice and the response was this number has been disconnected, guess that took care of that!

  60. Got a call from this #.  I called back and it was indeed Comcast.

    I called back to find out WHY they are calling me.  Had to go through an elaborate prompt system to speak to a representative.  Shockingly … I AM ON HOLD FOREVER.  

    If I ever get through to these idiots I am going to ask they take my # off the account and NOT CALL ME.  I hate telemarketing!

  61. they call and hang up. keep trying, get a real job losers!!HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  62. there number is 1-800-266-2278

  63. Called about 6 times already asking for someone elses name. I’ve blocked the ring but they keep leaving messages asking for this other person. hope this app will stop the calls and messages.

  64. It’s just Comcast closing a service ticket. Don’t panic

  65. 1-800-266-2278
    its comcast they just called here

  66. i keep getin a call from 888 637 2967 and they never leave a message i need this to stop rigth now y keep callin if u dont get any 1 to pick up how dumb is that

  67. Multiple calls on 8/5 after I rcvd on-site repair service. Think it was automated follow up system, but silence, then hang up is annoying
    Googled # on Call ID, found this site, all the complaints and realized this has been going on a long time and didn’t want the calls to continue…so…I pre-empted them:

    Called the # and after a confusing phone tree, ended up at Tier Support with a newbie rep – “J”.
    Told “J” to get me a supervisor, he tried to talk me out of it.
    He kept coming back to the phone after talking to someone (supervisor coaching him???), telling me why supervisor wasn’t available: “supervisor’s not here”, then “supervisor’s not available”, then, “supervisor’s really busy”.
    Each time, I insisted I had all night (bluff) and I wouldn’t hang up on him.
    Finally I asked for his home #…he asked why…I said “so that I can call you at home, be silent, then hang up”…and do it multiple times…then you can know how it feels”. He laughed and finally told me he’d get a supervisor.

    10 mins later…
    “B”, the supervisor, came on, told me they’d have the problem fixed in 21 days.
    I told him 21 days was too many days of these annoying calls and I didn’t want to go through that.
    He said that’s the best he could do.
    I told him “no, you can do better…give me your home number”.
    Of course he asked why and I explained again.
    He didn’t think it was funny and told me he could call me back if I gave my number.
    I told him he already had me in the system, he didn’t need my number and besides I wouldn’t confirm it until he gave me a better response.
    He asked what I wanted, I said “the name of your supervisor”.
    He told me that wasn’t going to happen…that getting a supervisor was “irrelevant”.
    We went around and around for another 5 minutes until I told him “I’m not hanging up, so you’re just going to have to give me the supervisor’s name”.
    He kept insisting he couldn’t or wouldn’t and so I upped the ante and told him, “since I’m not hanging up, that leaves only you to hang up…but if you hang up, I’ve got your name, your department and I know our senior Comcast sales rep and two Comcast repair managers. I’ll be calling them AND customer service and before you know it, there’ll be 5 people working on this problem instead of just you. Is that really what you want? All you need to do to start this process is just hangup on me and that’ll do it! Would you like to go ahead?”
    He tried to assure me that he’d definitely call me if I just gave him a contact number.
    After several more go-rounds, he finally gave in and gave me his supervisors name and promised to call me by 8/9.
    I then gave my contact number and we parted ways.
    (Total time on phone – 25-30 minutes??? I was polite the whole time, but firm in everything I said. I didn’t use anger or yell at him.)

    No further silent/hangup calls after that point!

    He called back 8/9, assured me he had put our # on the Comcast Do-Not-Call list.
    Since he cooperated, I told him that HE could be the person to get credit for solving this at least 2 year old problem of silent-hangup auto calls.
    Encouraged him to just Google the number, read the complaints on this site and other sites and proceed within channels until the right department in Comcast understands how many people are getting annoyed by this problem.
    He thanked me and hung up!

    It IS possible to get these big conglomerates to listen to the little guy AND cooperate!!!

  68. what’s wrong with people at comcast?

    i cancelled their service because i am moving out and and would rather get it back when i get my moving situation squared away.

    i guess they got separation anxiety or some other weird policies going as they won’t stop calling every day, including Saturday at 8 am which woke me up.

    i’m not going to forget this the next time i sign up for tv service! kiddie games it’s really annoying!

  69. Comcast called me per my request regarding my internet service

  70. This number belongs to Comcast and is used to reach their actual and potential customers, to switch mobile providers, to provide service, to introduce new products and to sell additional offers or to make a comparison of rates. This number has been already described by many comments.

  71. It is indeed Comcast, what they want they call me like crazy also, when the have a service guy come out they call you and see how everything went, its an outmatied voice so just ignore it or answer it it will only take like 2 minutes, it actually benefits the service rep.

  72. Yes, this is Comcast Cable.
    They called here to verify our account so they can reset our email account password.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:72
E164 Format:+18002662278
Formato Nacional:180 02 66 22 78
National Format:180 02 66 22 78
International Format:+180 02 66 22 78
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-02-66-22-78

Comcast Caller or Clever Con?

You are not the only one. Several complaints have been lodged against calls from 18002662278. While some people have even alleged the number is in fact being “spoofed” using some bit of technological chicanery, the reality may be a lot less melodramatic. Analyzing 18002662278 suggests it is in fact one of the numbers used by Comcast for telemarketing campaigns. So the calls may be more nuisance than nefarious.

What are your options?

Fortunately, you are not without any options. To prevent further harassment from 18002662278, contact Comcast directly and have them add you to their list of customers that do not ever wish to be contacted unsolicitedly. You also would be wise to engage call-blocking features, or apps to shield yourself from further stress. It also goes without saying that accepting calls from this number would be an exercise in futility.

who is calling me 18002662278

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