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  1. att, offers communication product’s, nice

  2. AT&T Mobile service, Telecommunications

  3. at&t, cell phones, excellent

  4. AT&T wireless customer service

  5. ATT Customer Service..ALLOW THROUGH

  6. scam call according to others


  8. phising for personal information

  9. Stop calling me… You don’t even speak English u fool…

  10. Telemarketer saying service has been suspended

  11. They said my Verizon account had been suspended. I don’t have an account with Verizon.

  12. This number called me at 2am. Seriously ???

  13. would not leave a message.


  15. Say with direct TV, but not

  16. They call everyday how sickening. Leave me alone.

  17. Who uses this number

  18. Get this call every day. I want it stopped.

  19. Would like this number blocked permanently.

  20. My 16 yr old son’s phone has $145 in charges…now its the Personal Love Coach!  Heading to AT&T now. Feel it is like Sam Alai…..off of myspace are something! AT&T Just removed the charges……or issued a credit.  Due to the excess amount they had to do it manually.  But it was easily taken care of.  Thank you AT&T.  Now there is a “purchase blocker” it “substantially blocks purchases from a number.  A pin number is issued so that purchases can be made, and if the last 4 digits of the “Owners” SS are known, it can be over ridden……in my case I think this will work. But this means no more ring tones either.  But enough is enough for this mom!

  21. I just saw this bill on my statement as well after a few months that is   I’ve been to photobucket and posted pics there, but don’t remember any offerings and if there were I would have declined all of them.  I called the 1 800-331-0500 and it went to an ATT rep. who then cancelled the bid4prizes3 resulting in a 20.58 credit on my next statement.   Will have to check how many months they got me on for this forced continuity program from out of no-where.  I will also keep an eye out for the credit and any other charges.

  22. scamming my credit card as we speak total of 400 dollars now

  23. My cell phone bill just came with a $98.68 charge from this phone number. My daughter has been calling it but says she didn’t know there was a charge, especially because it’s an 800 number. I want the charges returned to us and the ads, targeted at kids, to require parent permission.

  24. they just called me on 12-29-2017 said that my at&t service was gonna be suspended press 1 to unsuspended or press 2 to talk to some one. I pressed 2 to I could give them a piece of my mind because I haven’t had at&t for 2 years. It said all Representatives are busy and then silence on the p

  25. came in as attorney, said my Verizon acct was suspended. asked to enter last 4 of so and then billing act number

  26. They charged my credit card for $27.02. I totally don’t know why?

  27. What a surprise, a hidden bill that I did not recognize for several months due to the billing format.  I still do not know if or when I subscribed to it but I have called and had it blocked.  An adjustment was also issued.  
    The moral of the story;  never trust or have confidence in any company that issues a bill, review them in detail every month.  Call them periodically to assure that you are not being overcharged.

  28. Yes; I got a charge in my cellular for $30.87 for a company  call Bid4Prizes3 that I don’t even know who they are, when I call to their phone 1-800-331-0500 they told me that they send a mobile messaging to my phone and the is the charge.
    First I did not received any message from this company, second I did not authorize any charge to my phone, and third my phone is register to the do not call program.
    Therefore, this company is really breaking the law.
    In addition, I was informing that this company is under the umbrella of AT&T, which also is my phone company.

  29. Back in December I had downloaded a ring tone to my phone the next month there was a charge for $9.99 I called ATT and they had told me that they would unsubscribe me.  Two months later I was still being charged.  Att credited my account.  I don’t even know who this company is.

  30. I just got my cell phone bill and had a charge for $19.99 from this number, with the company name m-Qube.  It was on my husband’s number, yet he doesn’t even know this company.

  31. This number is used by the company ATT that contacts you in order to get permission to some specific service.

  32. at&t customer service in India Pakistan or some place where you can’t understand them

  33. called telling me my Verizon account has been suspended. I hung up and redialed from a land line and they answered AT&T. Hmmmmm. Must be a scam. How annoying these fools are

  34. I got a text message from 657-371-9267 saying they wanted me to take a survey in regards to my Amazon shopping experience. Long story short, it’s a scam and when I tried to call them I was directed to dial 611 for customer service. When I did so, a guy from AT&T customer service answered and I told him what was going on. He assured me they had nothing to do with it and explained that whoever the scammers were had routed me to their number. The other number I was given to dial (from a landline the recording said) was 1-800-331-0500. Needless to say, I will not be calling that number!

  35. They called my home number but did not leave a message.

  36. Call AT&T and ask for a refund then ask for the free download blocker. They issue you a pin that you need to input before you can receive any of this bs again

    Happy Holidays

  37. rec’d my att cell phone bill 06/02/08 _ 07/01/08. had a charge for 19.99 from m-qube inc. I am always getting solistor leaving me mail mails. did not authorize any thing from my cell phone number. 979-743-0277. this phone is under my sister phone with my brothers. here name is elizabeth smith. when she gave it to me she told me that she had a charge also.

  38. Beware!!! My son went to the internet site “photobucket.com”.  It is a FREE site where you can upload/download photos & when he signed up there was a list of “special offers”.  He clicked “no” on every one & yet somehow we “subscribed” to this weird Bid4Prizes3/MStyle thing – to the tune of $24.98 on my Cingular (AT&T) wireless bill.  AT&T was nice enough to refund the amount on my next bill & I made sure to unsubscribe to this service by calling them at 800-861-7414

  39. OK, people this number is for att customer service, the charges are coming from 3rd party content.While that access to the internet can basically put in your number and be billed to wireless carrier. Its scam, right now there is a lawsuit over these third party company that made the media, att is the losing the money to the refund that customer request. the 3rd keeps the money. if you ever see charge under your att wireless bill, go to att.com/directbill and request a refund.

  40. AT&T Customer Service Line. I use to file complaint as they cannot get my acct straight.

  41. I received this call today. It sounded suspicious so I thought I’d do a reverse number look up. According to what I have found, this is a scam or phishing. However, they also told me to dial 611 which is a way to pay your bill. What’s up with all this?

  42. My mother and sister both received caiis from this number earlier today and we’re concerned as we have a family plan with att … If this is a known phishing scam why has it not been suggested down

  43. Just got a look at my bill and surprize there was a charge for 9.99 from bid4prizes3.  I also just called and spoke to an ATT customer representative at 800-331-0500, who immediately knew what I wanted when I asked if she was familiar with the charge, and stated she would send in the refund (I didn’t even get it out of my mouth that I wanted one) and stated it would take 1 billing cycle…we’ll see how it goes.  Good luck to the rest of you.

  44. Received a call saying my ATT account was going to be blocked. Then said press 1 to unblock and 2 to talk to a representative. Press put a stop to this scam. I hung up.

  45. I have been getting charges for bid4prizes3 and for ringtones and mobile messages these are all from 1-800-331-0500 which i never answer but was told even if you don’t answer they still chare you. i want a stop to this now

  46. I received a charge on my mobile phone for $9.99. When I called they said that I had received a pin number (texed) on my phone and I entered it on a website. This is what initiated a charge. I never heard of this company and would never approve any charges. I also unsubscribed, and demanded a credit. They said they will mail me a check to be received in 2-3 weeks.

  47. someone tried to call me through this # . They don’t talk. Shame on them because they should never call people for no good reason unless they are scam or harassing people

  48. It is AT&T / Cingular wireless business center.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-21
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:49
E164 Format:+18003310500
Formato Nacional:180 03 31 05 00
National Format:180 03 31 05 00
International Format:+180 03 31 05 00
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-03-31-05-00

This is the official hotline number of AT&T support.  If you receive calls from them, chances are you already have issues with your account.  However, you still need to be extremely careful about sharing your personal information with them because there are a lot of unscrupulous people who would want to spoof the number in use it to gain access to your account information.

If this happens to you, you should not hesitate to contact the AT&T website right away.  Report the issue and await their response. They will surely help you out with anything that you need as soon as possible so you don’t need to worry.

As for the number itself, just drop the call and make sure that you don’t respond to any of the follow ups that they will surely be doing in the coming weeks.  Just wait for the official statement from AT&T before you proceed.

who is calling me 18003310500

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