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  1. Discover card security dept. This call should be answered.

  2. this is discover calling, they left a VM with my name. I had tried to get money out of an atm earlier and it declined me and told me to call. I hadn’t yet, and this number called me. Then a notification from my discover app told me my account is frozen and to call due to suspicious activity aka me going to atm. I called the number on my app back instead of this number or whatever number they told me to reach back to them at as I didn’t want to be fooled in case it was a scam.

  3. Number was given in a voicemail “from Discover”. Called the number after I suspected the number was fake, and the receiver immediately asked for my 16 digit credit card number. Certainly not protocol from Discover, do not give them any information.

  4. Discover bank reporting credit card fraud

  5. Discover card customer protection services

  6. asked me if i did a purchase

  7. Legit call from Discover about activity on my card.

  8. A call from Discover Card, one of my credit cards. Recently have been changing passwords and emails on various accounts and then this happened. Transcript below. Male speaker, sounded almost bored while talking.

    “Hi, this is Discover card this message is for (my name). Please call us immediately you may reach us at 1 800-347-4996, 24 hours a day seven days a week and your prompt attention, this matter is appreciated, and this is not a sales call. Thank you.”

  9. I just now called discover and they did confirm that 800-347-0350 is indeed their phone number. I request discover company to take charge/control of these problems of all these complaints and do something about it. Or give up discover if discover cannot fix
    the problem of harassing people. The lady i spoke to was miranda, an account manager  from delaware. They should fix the problem. I kindly request discover to make sure that they either change their phone number or fix these problems. Then why dont other credit card companies have such similar problems. If they do not do it then the person who made each and every complaint please call bbb and your state senator and your state congressmen to handle such problems. Btw for us they are always
    asking about nicholas davis application being in the final stages of being processed with our address and our hm and cell phone numbers etc.,

  10. Discover Card Fraud Dept…. if you have have one, you should answer this

  11. A 3rd message was left, claiming – as usual – that they were looking for someone. Presumably someone who had my phone number a few years ago, since I’ve never used Discover Card.

  12. verification of an unusual purchase on my account

  13. Legitimate number. The caller left a message saying it was Discover. I called the Discover number on the back of my card (not the same as the caller) and they did see in their records that they left me a message because they wanted to verify some information.

  14. This number left me two voice mails saying they were conducting a fraudulent investigation and wanted me to confirm my credit card information. I immediately called the real Discover and there is no history of any of this. They even said that it is not their number and its been happening alot lately. They are trying steal credit card information. Block them.

  15. Discover does not call from this number! I first thought the number was Discover (I had gotten call from their fraudulent activity monitoring department several times in the past). The woman did not identify but asked for a name that I didn’t know. I made a mistake of asking if they were Discover and she said yes. I asked her to transfer me to their fraud prevention team and the phone was disconnected. So I called Discover and they told me this number doesn’t belong to them. Be aware!

  16. I received 3 calls on my cell phone for 2 days in a row from 800-347-0350. This is a legetimate Discover Card number. The first caller was a male and left a call back number 800-347-3139. The second caller was female and left a call back number 800-347-4996. Both said "my card" belonged to "Cathy ____" (and my surname). They said they were from the Fraud dept. I called Discover Card’s main number 800-347-2683 and told them I do not have a Discover card and explained the callers’ messages. I gave them my cell number. They said my number does NOT appear in their database and the calls were someone spoofing Discover’s real number. They suggested the caller was a SCAM and that I SHOULD NOT ANSWER THE CALL AND SHOULD NOT RETURN THEIR CALL. This was the official suggestion from the Discover Card Representative.

  17. look people, this is NOT a Discover phone number. I just gave Discover a call on their actual phone and they do not have thus number in their system…Beware! Do not call this number!

  18. We are furious about getting daily calls from Discover from 800-347-0350 looking for NICHOLAS DAVIS
    inspite of telling them that Nicholas Davis does not live here, and earlier also we have complained to Discover and they had stated they will put our phone number on the NO CALL list and now they started calling my cell phone. My sleep is interrupted. I have to sleep taking Ambien prescribed by my Psychiatrist plus take a bunch of other
    medications and my health is not good and these harassing calls bother me and interfere with my healing process.
    Please help. Anyone has any ideas. There was another 800 number that i had it blocked and now they are calling from second set of 800 numbers. PLUS WE DO NOT HAVE DISCOVER CARD LUCKILY. WE WANT POLICE OR SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY TO LOOK INTO THIS MATTER. AS THERE AS SO MANY COMPLAINTS LISTED HERE NOT JUST MINE ABOUT THIS PHONE NUMBER AND DISCOVER. AND FOR NICHOLAS DAVIS.

  19. Received two back to back phone calls as well as text messages claiming that they wanted to verify possible fraud purchases on my card. They requested to know what I had purchased last and the amount. I told them I did not recall the specific amounts but did state where I do use the card last. He then asked if I could use my card or another online website for a random amount. I told them no. He then requested to verify my credit card information as well as security information on the back of a credit card. He had all the numbers right except the security code on the back of the card. He then told me that he was now going to cancel my card and issue me a new card and that I would have it delivered to my house in 3-5 business days. He wanted me to verify my address (he had an old address of mine with my current addresses numeric) I did not correct him. With in 2 mins of getting off the phone with him I received a text requesting authorization for a $400 purchase at some website I’ve never even heard of. I immediately contacted Discover directly ‭1 (800) 347- 2683‬. Once on the phone with an actual Discover representative I was informed that they had not attempted to contact me and that there had been several attempts to use my card earlier that day but they had been denied. They also advised me that my online account had been accessed about an hour ago. I’m not sure how my card information was compromised. Nor how my online account was compromised. Discover was able to cancel my current card number and on my account. Discover has since mailed me a new card and I have set up a new account with new numbers. Scammers will go to great lengths to attempt to collect and use your personal information. Don’t be a victim! Call your credit card company directly. Never give out personal information about your account to somebody who calls you. If your unsure hang up. Then call your credit card company or bank directly.

  20. Someone calls me every from this number while I’m at work and it is not the discover number in my phone it comes up as unknown caller so I don’t answer unknown callers

  21. This was a legitimate call from the fraud department at Discover. They had frozen my account due to a suspicious charge. I also had an email and a note on their website for me to contact them. They has a record of calling me, and emailed me a satisfaction survey afterwards.

  22. Discover personal loans Phoenix az

  23. IT IS DISCOVERCARD!!! 800-347-0359.  NOT A SCAM.  Caller left message, “This is Discover Card calling for ” my name”.  Please call us back regarding account activity.”…So, I looked up the number on Google, and there was conflicting reports, mostly saying not really DiscoverCard…So, I called Discover, from a number on my old statement, asked if I could verify the callers number.  They asked me for my name, and the last 4 digits on the account, nothing else.  They said that there was a note on my account, confirmed the time the call was placed, and asked me to hold for the fraud department…. Well, I am glad I don’t believe everything on line, because as it turns out, on Friday, Thursday, March 30, someone called Discover, saying they were me, answered a few security questions, which they got correct, and proceeded to request to add 4 authorized users to the account.  And then on Friday, a request to add a 5th user… I believe having a zero balance, having no activity for almost 1 year, and their waiting period for adding users by phone, has saved me from what could have been catastrophic for me.  DiscoverCard told me I was a victim of Identify Theft, and that the caller had all of my information.  They gave me the names of the people that were requested to be added, closed my account, advised me on what to do…I am very greatful to DiscoverCard and will use this card before any others.  (This is not an ad or a joke.)

  24. credit card fraud department checking on updates made to our account!

  25. discover card fraud prevention

  26. Received a call from this number. They left a message on my voice mail stating that they were from “discover”. I called discovercard using the number on the back of my credit card. Discovercard said that their records indicated that they never tried to contact me.

  27. i received numerous calls from 800 347 2683 and 800 347 0350 they claim to be from discovercard but i do not respond because I do not have a discovercard.What should i be doing? I am age 80 and it is disturbing my sleep,.Please respond to me ..Thank you Phil C

  28. They just called and I Picked up. They said my first and last name and wanted to verify activity on  my account and gave me two transactions that occurred today. They didn’t ask for my account number.

  29. Discover Card saying they have a deal for me.

  30. I’m not sure why half of these calls say its fraud and the others dont! Im a bit confused. I called discover through a different number on their website and they confirmed that they did call me through that number to confirm whether or not i activated apple pay.

  31. Every Day we are getting 2-3 calls from 800-347-0350 and they leave messages stating,”this is a call for Nicholas Davis and we want him to
    return their phone call and that their company is DISCOVER,  and further states his application is in the final stages, We called back 2 times and told them there is no one by the name of NICHOLAS DAVIS at our phone number and we had our phone number from the last 18 plus years. Therefore please stop calling us. They stated they will put our phone number in their NO CALL LIST, but obviously we are still getting phone calls from Discover looking for Nicholas Davis. This area is AZ in USA. We need to report this to the higher authorities. This does not seem like a DISCOVER company to us.

  32. The police do not have jurisdiction over these people.  Do what I do, Answer the phone with your speaker on, and don’t say anything….they hang up and won’t bother you again

  33. This number belongs to Discover and is used to reach their actual and potential customers, to offer a complementary analysis of your debt collection needs, to provide service, to introduce new products and to sell additional offers.

  34. Harassing family member to try and find other family members.

  35. This is a call from Discover. I never answer an unknown number so this one went to my voice mail, and about a minute later I received an email saying my account was suspended. So it looks like Discover representatives will make random calls to customers to verify their identity. Since the name I used in the voice mail greeting was different from my legal name that they had on file, they found me suspicious lol.

  36. I received a call from this number stating they where Discover. I’m in the process of getting a loan from Discover. But this department is only open Monday through Friday. The message was left on Saturday.

  37. You may want to call Discover again..the imposter inquired about your account before calling you, so there would be a record regarding your account. WHEN CALLING Discover… ask for the fraud dept. Share with them to please investigate to verify. Quite confident
    you have been victimized. Best… Investigator

  38. *Please Read* This happened to me TODAY

    This call is NOT from Discover. It is a phishing agency that is looking for your private information. They are looking to ask YOU for information about YOUR account, so that they can access the funds.

    After hanging up on this caller, I immediately called 1800-DISCOVER, and their team mentioned that they had zero call logs from their fraud department to my phone number. They are aware of this (800) 347-0350 number, and are in the process of having it traced and shut down.

  39. I got a voicemail from this number saying they were Discover Card security and asked me to call them back at 1-800-203-4969. I called the Discover card main line and asked if they called me or if there was any suspicious activity on my account, and Discover assured me my account was fine and to delete the voicemail and not call them back.

  40. i have received over 30 voicemail’s. i blocked the number ,but they are still able to leave me voicemail’s about Discover Card. first was a female caller,now its a male caller. seems that they are getting frustrated and thinking that male voice will scare people and make them to return the calls. the thing is, that i do NOT own a Discover Card. Soooooooo …… keep leaving messages 1 800 347 0350 …… I don’t waist my time to listening them ….. i just DELETE them !!!!!


  42. A Company I do business with

  43. left message for me to call Discover.  I did not call back.  I will call Discover separately to see what the matter is.

  44. This was a security call from my Discover credit card. I generally only speak to them on my landline.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:44
E164 Format:+18003470350
Formato Nacional:180 03 47 03 50
National Format:180 03 47 03 50
International Format:+180 03 47 03 50
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-03-47-03-50

The number 18003470350 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 44 complaints and the tel:+180-03-47-03-50 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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