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  1. Late payment by 1 week, and they call every day starting at 6 am, 3-5 times a day. They ask for the card holder, then try asking for the secondary card holder who only has their name on the card to use it, but not make any changes to the account, nor is the person who opened the account. They demand to know if the person who answered the call is "hiding" the card holder, or if they live there, very aggressive to find the card holder, then begins to be rude and condescending to that person who is not the card holder. I don’t recommend getting a Canadian Tire MasterCard at all, closing account due to this, and I pay every month, double or triple or full amount of the card balance every month.

  2. they did bnot leave a message

  3. recouvrement Mastercard Canadian tire

  4. Calling me 6 six times and ask me to identifies my info from CT,  saying i got an important massage, i refuse to gave my imfor.

  5. They want to raise my credit card limit. They send a send, an email and they call Super annoying.

  6. Calls for a mastercard I never had!!!

  7. I wish these people would stop calling. Send me a letter . I pay them every month and every few months I get these annoying calls plus a letter that they want to up my credit limit which I don’t want. I will call if I want to up my credit limit.

  8. Got a call but no one spoke. Strange. If CT wants my business, someone from Customer Service, better speak on the line

  9. Received 3 calls from this # today telling me my cards with Can. Tire had been used for a purchase of $299.00 today so all my cards have been cancelled kind of weird as I haven’t been out of my house for 3 days?????

  10. Master Carf Canadian tire, Carte, (Ctfs)

  11. We have a Kents Store AND a Home Hardware.You cr*ppy Tire Pricks stop calling.I’ll take my business somewhere else.!!!

  12. This is someone from canadien tire please enter you 16 digit credit card number

  13. this stupid number has called me 13 times in the last month when they get transferred to my machine the person asks for my full name and than figures out it is a answer machine and hangs up I’m so fed up with this

  14. Appel de courtoisie de canadian tire

  15. This number calls me all the time and never leaves a message. I don’t answer since I don’t know who it is, but I would like them to stop calling.

  16. i am in cancun and my credit card does not work, can you help. tks

  17. they always try to help and accomadate you

  18. Have been getting one call every day for the past 5 days now.  No Messages.  Quite annoying.

  19. Canadian Tire credit cards.

  20. This is the Options MasterCard number listed on CanadianTire.ca under contact. They likely have your # (and mine) from a Canadian Tire account, such as electronic Canadian Tire money or an online shopping account.

  21. Received a letter asking to phone the number saying credit expired but I don’t even have one ending 3596? Totally scam letter.

  22. Had this number call me 5 times refuse to answer

  23. It’s been calling me for like a week and just recently this morning of January 18th 2018 at 8:30 and then again at 10:30 it’s like these people think that my number even though I just got it recently new within a year and I don’t know why these people have to keep calling like if there are telemarketers these people need to identify themselves or they are violating their own laws and yes it’s no such thing as privacy act when it comes to a telemarketer or our collection agency or any form of law enforcement should do the same cuz if a civilian how to have an ID name or some form of identification of themselves is it’s no different same as these other people who are using 1 800 numbers to getting access to somebody for harassment of any kind and breaking some sort of your laws so if I ever the love forsmann right now I would find ways to shutdown these telemarketers or anybody with a private number or hidden numbers to hide them and if the law enforcement even goes against the let’s say the FBI or the CIA or the Canadian Sis’s even though I spelling it wrong these are taking away the rights of our people human people just because we live in countries does not mean we can treat each other’s like if we’re bunch of gang thugs sorry we don’t live in the old days it seems some of you likes to live back in the old days or white premises days and yes I am tired of people finding ways to break their laws so yes I am venting I am sick and tired of people breaking laws and when people like me want to bend the laws we are doing jail time will the same s*** she applies to all these kind of people who think it’s okay to bend or break your laws if we are not allowed to so if I have a phone call from this number it should be Canadian Tire Financial Services not a private number or for a an example where I live when an RCMP it’s dealing with a suspect and he has to call the suspects parents for example is he calling to the people on a private number and an unknown name that he just broke their law because everybody knows that an unknown name an unknown number is someone that is scamming so of course I’m not going to answer that kind of a ID number like I said it is a beauty of having a caller ID on our phones to protect us from fraud and the one thing I don’t need a stupid credit card because it’s why are human race is so in debt we’re not even f****** teaching the other country that violence is not the answer but we have violence we even got law forcement non Mark law enforcement with their guns on them AKA pistols and walking around in public and wonder why the public is afraid of them like one time I was at a gas station and I was afraid that this officer in a K-9 truck non mark and he’s walking around with two pistols on him does he really feel threatened of the society just like how in Vancouver of Civilian a Poland getting killed at a Vancouver International Airport for a f****** staple so we need to teach our law enforcement and collection agency or anybody that uses these kind of f****** actions needs to be dealt with before somebody is going to get hurt because of their arrogant ways like would you carry your guns around in even in a hotel it’s all about the public eye how they react to seeing people’s actions it’s nice and dandy that you are trying to find ways to bring down your criminals how about do it without violating human rights because even a criminal has rights to because not all criminals are bad some criminals are out there are even helping their law enforcement to catch their bad guys so like I said every person should be in control of their actions not play stupid like if a 15 10 or 11 who wants their f****** mother dads to be in a situation when they should not be

  24. I received a call from this number 6am stating Windows and apple company shut down and will give a rebate for the support of this company

  25. When I called this number back it connected me with canadian Tire mastercard. The lady who calls me is Karrina from contact resources services. The number keeps showing as Canadian Tire mastercard, I even told her that. Also listed as 1 888 771 5308. Something is not right here.

  26. always good to deal with and helpfull .

  27. I recieve a phone call once a day and when I pick up they hang up right aways. Getting very annoyed. Gonna block it soon

  28. Called @ 5:30pm today.  I don’t recognize no., so I didn’t answer.

  29. It rings, I pick up, then the caller hangs up. It’s been like that for a week.

  30. Keep getting useless calls

  31. triangle Master card survey

  32. Can they PLEASE leave a message

  33. The number has called several times…no messages left and when I did answer, no one there…number is now BLOCKED!

  34. Called one time.. I Said stop calling me! not interested!

  35. I blocked that number on my phone. So they can call as much as they want, they will always get a busy signal…

  36. I answered and said hello four times but no one on the other end

  37. Received letter stating our mc was in default and was going to be cancelled. We have NEVER OWNED A CANADIAN TIRE MASTERCARD.

  38. Canadian Tire Financial Services

  39. Keeps calling at least once per day and does not leave any messages.

  40. It is very simple to all the people whining about these calls. I called the number back, I told her I didn’t have nor have I ever had a CT Madge card. She said it was likely marketing in regard to me reward card. She placed me on a DNC list and said it may take up to a week. Done.

  41. The law is that they can call you a million times as long as they do not leave a message or talk to you. They can only leave a message or talk to you or email you 2 x per week. But they do not follow protocol anyways because before they start bugging you they must send a written letter. When they bug you ask for their collection agency registration number in Ontario. If they dont have one they cant bug you and if they do, they will assume that you know your s#&% and stop the harassment

  42. tom I am not happy with you people you are charging me interest twice  in the total debit charges and then again so you people owe mee a lot of money for tomuch interest charged no a hppy person GOODBY

  43. Claims to be from Canadian Tire Bank… I dont apply for credit people calling me.

  44. Fake call, mentioned credit card ….

  45. Calls a couple of times a day, leaves no message.

  46. Keep getting calls from this number.  I do not have a credit card with CT, only a point card.  The point card app will not allow me to remove my own phone number.  I called an filed a complaint and they said this must have been a glitch, but with all the above complaints, yeah right.  It even says on the phone app that my number will only be called if there is a problem with my order.  So that’s a lie.  I hate when these companies start calling and bothering us for absolutely no reason.  I am removing my Point Card app, and never shopping at CANADIAN TIRE again.  What did they think, that this was a good idea?  They just lost more customers because of this kind of harassment.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:46
E164 Format:+18004596415
Formato Nacional:180 04 59 64 15
National Format:180 04 59 64 15
International Format:+180 04 59 64 15
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-04-59-64-15

The number 18004596415 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 46 complaints and the tel:+180-04-59-64-15 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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