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  1. This FedEx’s number. I got 3 calls this morning within 15 mins, but I didn’t pick, and then blocked the number (CallBlocker from unknownphone.com). Then I phoned that number and spoke to a FedEx rep. He said to listen to whomever calls, ask them for a tracking number, then hang up and phone that number (connecting to the =real= FedEx, and see if the tracking number is valid. He did say that FedEx will NOT ask for credit card info on a first call, so if someone does ask you, you can assume it’s a scam (spoofing FedEx’s number).

  2. I got a call this morning from this number but did not recognize it so I do not pick up. I do have a parcel from the us coming to Canada – not sure what to do?? Advice would be appreciated.

  3. FedEx calling me back about an undelivered package to reschedule the delivery and confirmed my buzz code ( didn’t ask anything ) just saying to have someone available between 12-5, its also the number that was left on the slip they left when I missed them that I called to reschedule it

  4. Chinese female….recording….

  5. Today I got a call from this number but they did not leave a message.

  6. This # CAN be fished. If the caller ID doesn’t say FED EX, it’s not FED EX. In my case it said Not Provided, and it was a robo/spam call.

  7. So I got a call the day AFTER I was in a fedex Kinko I didnt give my cell # when I was there but now I am wondering if with the new”hotspot” crap they have in there if they are fishing cell #’s of customers

  8. I do a lot of business through my job with Fedex.  I think it is rude of them to NOT leave me a message when they call.  I called them back and found that they were calling to let me know they were delivering a package Monday that would require a signature – again LEAVE A MESSAGE

  9. Ah they are calling again for no reason on my cell.   WOW Fed EX big surprise!

  10. pleasant. %÷from fed x. customer service.

  11. Just a heads up this can also be a call about a package being held for pickup, so you may want to answer

  12. FedEx robot notification of package status

  13. fedex looking for my lost pkg

  14. Says they are FedEx, but in Chinese, I think it is a solicitation of some sort

  15. Not a Fed Ex scam, is actually fedex when they called me. Knew my package, tracking number, and name. Calling to notify me of delivered package and duty payment required.

  16. calls then drops as you pick up

  17. Its FedEx Accounts Management -they ususally call to see if you are happy with their service…

  18. I got a call from this number on my cell phone and a lady left a message saying it was FEDEX and that they had a package for me but had the wrong address.  I called the number back and it was an advertisment for a dating texting service.

  19. If it is Fed Ex calling about a shipment delivery or delay they would leave a message.  These people are calling my house number 6 or more times back to back when I do not answer.  I picked up one time and did not say anything but heard two women talking about Diana Ross and some news about her.  Hung up and 30 seconds later my phone rings again from them. So I do not believe these callers have anything to do with Fed Ex.

  20. This number is “really” the number 1-800 used by Fedex for their automatic voice-based notification system in North America. Some might get called from a scammer who’s using a number hider so that they appear with this number so watch out. This number is not “single threaded”, meaning that more than 1 operator (or machine) can use it at a time which leaves this as an unsecure number that can be exploited by scammers.

    With that said, take great care in taking notes of what is spoken from this call. I suggest you leave it to record its message on your message box. If it doesn’t leave any messages, it’s a scam. The real call doesn’t ask you to press ANY key nor to say anything as it’s ONLY a reminder. If someone “real” is speaking on the other end of the call, it’s a scam.

    Still, there’s one really important part that makes this relatively bad even for Fedex. This system is automatic and even if the shipping and tax(es) was/were already paid as you got your package, you will STILL receive this message. I paid when the Fedex agent delivered my package and I even got the receipt in hand and I still got the call. There’s one really important part to the message that tells “If you have already paid, you can ignore this message.” spoken at the end of the message.

  21. I feel like this is legit because after I made the transaction, I went to check what happened to my credit card, and there it was. $22.38 spent. Here’s the message, in case a scammer actually called you. I think you can use this to see if it’s a scam.
    “Hello, this is FedEx express Canada, calling about a shipment that requires the payment of charges including duties and taxes. We have a shipment for *your name* from *company*. The tracking number for that shipment is *tracking number*. Payment should be made to FedEx for the total amount of $22.38. To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-go-FedEx. That’s 1-800-463-3339. When you call, follow the instructions to choose your language options and then say “make a payment” or “pay duties and taxes”. Please have your credit card and tracking number ready, and we will connect you with a customer service representative who can process your payment. If you’ve already paid FedEx for these duties and taxes, please disregard this message. if you would like additional information or have questions about your shipment, please visit FedEx.ca, or call 1-800-go-FedEx. that’s 1-800-463-3339. Thank you for choosing FedEx! Goodbye!” *repeats the message in French*

  22. A voice mail message was left for me from this number.  It was a woman laughing.

  23. This number just called my cell…I’ve never even shipped anything via FedEx, and if I had, wouldn’t have given my cell number…I’ve had this cell number for over a year.  No message left or anything though.

  24. it is fedex. an automated message was left with package info with tracking number that i’m expecting.

  25. “Hello this is FedEx express Canada calling about a shipment that requires the payment of charges including duties and taxes I miss _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ call _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ we have a shipment for *first and last name* from *brand* the tracking number for that shipment is *correct tracking number* payment should be made to FedEx for the total amount of $21.45 to speak with a customer service representative call one 800 go FedEx that’s 1-800-463-3339 when you call follow the instructions to choose your language options and then say make a payment or pay duties and taxes please have your credit card and tracking number ready and we will connect you with a representative who can process your payment if you’ve already paid FedEx for these duties and taxes please disregard this message if you would like additional information or have questions about your shipment please visit FedEx dot CA or call one 800 go FedEx that’s 1-800-463-3339 thank you for choosing FedEx goodbye *the computer-generated voice replays the message in french*

  26. I returned a missed call 18004633339, girl had Swedish accent, asked for my name and address to verity a delivery. I don not recall waiting on any delivery. So I told her you have my cell phone number look it up and she said no I need your name and address so I hung up.

  27. I got a call from this number and answered it.  Said she was from FedEx and was calling about my company’s shipping needs.  I told her this was a cell phone number and I had no “company” needs.  She said this was the number on file for *******.  Turns out it was a company I worked for over 4 years ago but never once gave FedEx my cell phone number.  I asked her how she would have associated that company with my cell phone and she had no idea.  She said she was going to remove my number which she obviously didn’t because I got a call a few months later from the same number.

  28. At work, this number called once, then again, then it lit up all four of our lines at once. It said Fedex but then the recording was in chinese. SCAM

  29. Got a call from this #. They left no message- I too was recently in a Kinkos to mail a package. Paid in cash & left an old # so I didn’t get calls like this- didn’t work!!!

  30. One more time this is intresting    thsnks fed ex for wasting my day

  31. Yes, it is FedEx. Just got a call regarding a package that had my wrong address. Even though their 800 number showed it was a local agent. So, you may want to answer their call.

  32. Kind of crazy, but these Chinese robocallers are now apparently able to spoof legitimate phone numbers. If you call the number back, you get FedEx, but it’s definitely not a call from FedEx. Very annoying and concerning, since you don’t want to block legitimate phone numbers.

  33. Actually FedEx calling because I never received a package that was delivered a few days ago

  34. Caller ID said FedEx so I answered it. Heard a recorded massage from a female voice saying something about FedEx in English then started speaking in a different language. I didn’t hang up so it started the message over again. Call ended when I dialed #9.

  35. This number is associated with FedEx, but the scammers are spoofing/pretending it’s their number when they call. Long story short — only pay attention if you actually have a package coming to you via Fedex, and the tracking number matches. Otherwise, it could be a scam.

  36. Calling from Fedex to find out about
    our printing needs.  We don’t do any
    printing, so that ended our conversation…

  37. This phone number showed up on my credit card transactions next to several fraudulent charges to FedEx CDO. I looked up the tracking numbers just to make sure, but all of them were shipped to several destinations in the US. When I called, I got someone named Mario who after I explained the situation, hung up on me. The number is listed on the FedEx website, but I’d still be careful.

  38. Simple solution, Call FEDEX using their customer service number and then make the payment.

  39. 6-24-19, @ 2 pm. “1-800-GO-FEDEX” from 1-800-463-3339. No message left on answering machine. Googled this phone number and looks like a fake, as others have said. Chagin

  40. This number is used by the company FedEx that contacts you in order to give information about the delivery.

  41. Funny enough, it wasn’t a phone call I received. It was a straight up delivery notice with back door circled.
    No one at my house was expecting a package, but I went to check fedex’s website to track the package with the # on the notice. It kept coming up empty, so I decided to google the number that was on the back of the notice.

  42. It really is FedEx, this number is listed on the website as the customer service number. They wanted to discuss our FedEx account.

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:42
E164 Format:+18004633339
Formato Nacional:180 04 63 33 39
National Format:180 04 63 33 39
International Format:+180 04 63 33 39
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The number 18004633339 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 42 complaints and the tel:+180-04-63-33-39 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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