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Location:Panipat, India

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  1. This number keeps calling me and just hangs up …wont stop calling me

  2. Directv Bills & Sales. I have no problems with them.

  3. Keep getting constant calls from DIRECTV I canceled my subscription in May and want a box to send back the receiver and each time I ask for prepaid box we get into a heated argument saying they turn my service on and want$$$$ for use of their service.I don’t want it and I’m not paying for a service that’s not hooked up or working.They are noyhing but a rip off to senior citizen who live in a RV Park.I paid for the receiver out of my pocket from a outside contractor.Give me back my $300.00 for the use of your equipment.If not stop calling.

  4. yea, i got a call from 1-800-531-5000, didnt answer, so left me a voice mail. i never had directv, but they said “thank you for using directv”… i wonder what’s that about!
    who are these idiots? and where did these a****s get my number?

  5. same story as everyone else. I haven’t called direct Tv yet, but i plan to let them know so they can do something about it.

  6. I have DirecTV. Answered call, nobody was there

  7. nuisance and repeated calls

  8. I answered and said hello. They said Goodbye and hung up

  9. I just recieved a call from this number.. no answer

  10. This number appeared on my start up screen when I turned on my TV telling me my storage device had a problem. It’s a scam trying to sell maintenance insurance.

  11. Dead air for a moment, and then a man said “See you later”.

  12. Just call at rang 5 times then I answered and no one there.

  13. I have received numerous calls for this phone number. I do not answer and never get a message. I would mark this as spam. Want this to stop.

  14. AT&T / DirecTV support

  15. this is the main phone number to direct tv. several offices located around north america.

  16. this is a scam. these people have no conscious and should be prosecuted. I will gladly press charges if someone could find them

  17. They call all hours even on weekends. I would like for the calls to stop!!!!

  18. Called me close to ten times today … i am sick of this …

  19. Just got a scamming call from someone pretending to be Direct TV.

  20. Caller hung up after I answered.

  21. Scam… Speak foreigner, ask me to buy a gift card from ebay and call a phone number to cut my bills in half. Called directv they told me was a scam. Beware

  22. Was told this was 3 month trial of HD Extra Pack channels 565-573. Said just needed to call back at above number to cancel before 1/20/19. Had foreign accent and seemed to keep repeating offer as if reading from script.

  23. This happened to me today. Exactly the same story. Pretending to be Directv with a special promotion for $59.99/month $100 Visa card and all possible by promoting eBay cards, $300 up front, gave me a promotional code and told me to call back to the billing dept by 9pm today. They even called again at exactly 7:33 and 7:35 and both times there wasn’t anyone on the line. I searched and thankfully I found this before calling back. The number is now blocked.

  24. This number calls often and never leaves a message but I know from looking it up to be a scammer. I knew something was fishy because of no Vm’s. Thank goodness for these lookups. I have now shared with all my friends and family just in case this number tries to reach out to any of them

  25. This DIRECT TV each time this number has come up, they wanted to confirm or reschedule an appointment. They called yesterday to advertise and tell me about the package I have.

  26. I need this number for DirecTV

  27. It is direcTV calling to make sure you are happy with everything and to give tips on how best to maximize your service (what ever the hell that means).  It is automated, and if you want a live person, you can call the number they provide in the message.

  28. On 5/10/18 at 1:40 p.m., someone identifying himself as Steven from Direct TV called my cell phone and said I qualified for a special promotion: when I asked him to send the information to my email so I could take a look st it , he sighed and abruptly hung up.

  29. just called didnt answer… wonder who this is??

  30. Direct TV! Recording to confirm install.  Only thing is i didn’t request an install

  31. I received 3 calls today from this number foreign accent they new my Direct TV information, they offered me a promotional package including all channels if I would get an E-Bay gift card for $300.00 and call this number before 9 pm tonite1-888-588-9921. I called direct TV and Century link and was told it was a scam. They called again around 730 pm stating they were looking for the money and knew I hadn’t sent it yet. I immediately hung up.
    Tim Punta Gorda Fl.

  32. I was called twice today.  Picked up both times.  It was an automated message from DirecTV confirming that they received my cancellation request and were sorry to lose me as a customer.  I never requested cancellation.  The first time they called, I called back to verify their system had not cancelled my account.  There was NO record of it.  I ignored the second automated message.  There’s probably a glitch in their system.

  33. I tried to call this number back and it says the number has a new over seas number  you can call them at 101015158000  well bull crap on that and it says we are trying to reach you and its important  but you dont get to talk to anyone unless you all out of the country imagine that……. Stop calling me!!!!!!!

  34. just called didnt answer just dead air

  35. Also got a phone and when I told the guy (a foreigner) that I looked the number up that it was a Direct SCAM he hung up

  36. I just got a call from 1 800 531 5000 about twenty minutes ago. I let it ring and then checked voice mail. There was not a message so I don’t know who it was from. Can’t be anything important because if they really needed to talk to us they would have left a message and a phone# to call them back. Must be a sales call.

  37. Not sure if it’s a scam. They had my directv acct number and what I pay a month. Then they found out I already have the lowest price, thanked me for being a customer and hung up. It was a foreigner but what large company nowadays doesnt outsource


  39. AT&T/DirecTV Call Center

  40. This number belongs to Direct TV call centre and is used to reach their actual and potential customers, as a return verification call, to provide service and customer support. This number has been already described by many positive comments.

  41. Yes as stated please beware this is a SCAM!! I called DTV to verify if this was a true promo and was told no. I do hope people will see these comments or call to confirm any offers like this that sound to good of an offer.

  42. This number came up on my Direct TV, saying my hard drive had crashed and I would have to call this no to get a replacement Genie. This must mean that they have hacked into Direct TV’s system in some way. I am going to try to reboot my Genie to see if I can get it unlocked.

  43. This is the customer service number for AT&T DirectTV.

  44. That number just called here.  When I answered, they hung up.  From what I see on the internet, it could be Direct TV trying to get us to upgrade our original equipment.

  45. I cancelled both ATT and DirecTV, they have called four days in a row claiming I owe back money. PS says have your Credit card ready when you call. A total scam.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:45
E164 Format:+18005315000
Formato Nacional:180 05 31 50 00
National Format:180 05 31 50 00
International Format:+180 05 31 50 00
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-05-31-50-00

The number 18005315000 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 45 complaints and the tel:+180-05-31-50-00 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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