18006722893 Whose phone number is this?

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45 reports for the number 18006722893

  1. some king of survey or telemarketing… I didn’t answer

  2. they call about 8 time since last two month.

  3. Windsor Ontario 14:30pm , 25-6-2018
    I reccomend everyone reporting here marks exact time and date to see if there is a chronological and geographical pattern, maybe we can predict where it will hit next

  4. This phone number called me on July 17, 2018 at 16:24 pm and didn’t leave a message. After reading the comments above, I blocked the number.

  5. I’ve been receiving a call from this number daily, getting annoyingly! Never leaves voicemail. I don’t answer numbers I don’t know, nor give a reason to call back!

  6. Called at 1:06 August 19, didn’t answer.

  7. Caller: ASDE Gatineau Survey Company

  8. **** you i will send you my lawyer ****

  9. I just got a same call and answered 1. I’m worried now that it might be used for wrong purpose. Is there any way you can prevent unwanted purchase of anything if you accidentally pressed 1??

  10. Just called and didn’t leave a message.

  11. I answered my cell. It said it’s a 30 sec survey, 1 question: “Do you have a wired phone in your house or are you a cell phone only household”. Claims not to be selling anything, and actually provides an street address in Gateneau Quebec. pressed 1. nothing happened. end of call. ADSE or ASDE or someting like that for company name.

  12. ASDE from gatineaux Quebec, spam call center.

  13. who is this caller. Never left a message and when I returned call on the same number – no not active or no number??? Scam

  14. Called twice on cell phone @ 8:30 pm. Did not answer

  15. No voicemail left. Called 2017/01/25

  16. Just called, I didn’t answer, no VM.

  17. survey asking if household has land line or cell phone only.asks to press 1 for land line or 2 for cell phone only. i responded but felt i should not have. it went against my better judgement.

  18. They called me twice. They called me once and I declined them called me again within seconds of me declining

  19. They asked me do you have a phone but not cell phone like home ohone

  20. did not answer based on comment. Search on internet shows the number as survey.

  21. It’s ISIS…don’t answer
    They may be looking for recruits as they are getting shot up pretty good

  22. Not from Isis. Was from Quebec survey asking yes or no do you have a landline or are you a cellphone only home. I deleted without pressing one for yes or 4 for no…..

  23. Got a call on mobile phone (yes, i still have a home line). no message as i did not pick up.

  24. When the hell are the jerks behind these calls going to be caught and jailed?

  25. Called and said they were recruiting for ISIS, and kept saying BOMB

  26. They called 2 times second time I answered and said stop I’m playjng fortnite

  27. I got a missed call and they left a message saying its from Canada Revenue Agency and how there is a case on me and if i dont call back there will be an arrest warrant!! Like what the hell is going on!? I freaked our for a second but did not call back as i knew this was a nuisance call! Please dont answer this number or call back!!!!!

  28. They are terrorists! Said you will be burned.
    I thought they were collection agency…creepy

  29. Just called me… not a number I hand out so must be a time waster of some type.

  30. Called at on mobile phone and didn’t leave a message

  31. I did not answer and they did not leave a message.

  32. Je reçois des appels des États unis c’est un enregistrement qui parle me demande de rester en ligne sauf qu’il n’y a personne.

  33. They called at 9:45 am on july 20, 2018
    i didn’t answer

  34. This number started a call by automated voice with press button request. It is used to make survey about quality of marketing products and satisfaction of the customers.

  35. Survey company based out of Gatineau, QC (ASDE Survey Sampler).

  36. Got called today. Asking whether I have a landline in my house. I live in my car.

  37. automated survey, robo call, left me a voice message, did not try to sell anything though

  38. Recorded message asking if your household has land line or only cell phones. Message asks to press (1) for land line; (2) for cell phone only. Deleted message without pressing any option. Annoyance call.

  39. I think they are trying to find out whether the number is active (they ask you to press ‘1’ if you have a cell phone etc.), and then scam you some way using that information.

  40. Picked up and waited to hear a voice. Just heard a click and they hung up.

  41. Did not answer as showed as an 800 number.

  42. I just received a call from this telephone number and I don’t know who it is .

  43. Telemarketing robo-call from a company in Quebec about land line phone service

  44. All 1 800 and 1 888 numbers should be banned. Nobody should answere these numbers it will automatically be stopped.

  45. ASDE SURVEY – Return their call – enter your phone #. It will be added to their internal DNC. Report and block via Samsung phones.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-14
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:45
E164 Format:+18006722893
Formato Nacional:180 06 72 28 93
National Format:180 06 72 28 93
International Format:+180 06 72 28 93
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-06-72-28-93

Who is 18006722893?

You probably received several calls from 18006722893 recently and would like to verify whether or not it is a legitimate number. Unfortunately, closer inspection shows the number is not good. Numerous complaints have been made against 18006722893. Moreover, most of the reports on it are not good, or positive. So the intentions of whoever is behind this number may not be completely altruistic.

Our Recommendation

18006722893 appears to be used by telemarketers, or even robocallers. This is not good, but also not necessarily proof positive that it is a scam. Nevertheless it does appear to be spam. Numerous people have reported it being used to take surveys, at times claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency when leaving voicemails. Best course of action is to avoid answering any calls from this number, and ignore any voice messages it may leave.

who is calling me 18006722893


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