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Location:Panipat, India
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  1. robot call wanting to sell a reduced rate credit card. it did not give me an option to be placed on the do not call list. these **** have called me multiple times today.

  2. What Happened after you gave your SS number? I did the same thing

  3. Called claiming to be Chase offering reduced credit card interest charge. I’m an 83 year old Senior Citizen with poor hearing. Did not realize call was a scam. Gave out three account numbers. Then called Chase and learned this was a scam. Tried to return call to shown number. Got message the number was no longer active. Duped again by those infernal scammers. Will call each of the other cards and notify them. Criminal that our telephone service we pay for as a convenience has become a burden. Cannot trust anyone these days. Congress ignores our complaints and does nothing to help. WRD in Florida

  4. Stop calling me not interested in buying what your selling

  5. They just did it to me too. He started asking me questions. I just hung up!

  6. Autoblocked! SPOOFERS. Could use your info against you. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

  7. please stop calling. I am not interested in  credit reduction help

  8. This number threatened me to call me everyday until I changed my number! Who can I call to report this to?

  9. After contacting chase i was informed that NO OUTGOING CALLS are made from this number and all calls received are from scams. Chase is aware of this.

  10. This number called and stated he could help me with my credit then I told him I was on the do not call list. He argued with me and cussed me out thought I was playing with him. He was a Indian guy. So my care giver got the phone and nicely told him to remove my number. She didn’t appreciate how he was talking to me and told him that I am blind. As soon as she told him I was blind and don’t have a credit card plus cussing me out he was apologetic. This was my house phone and I get these scamming companies calling all the time. It is sad how nothing can be done to fix these people that do these type of things. Shame on them.

  11. I registered my phone number 423-753-2644 at DoNotCall on May 05, 2011, yet I get calls from 800-945-2000 offering to lower my credit card rates.  The most recent call was today, December 3, 2015 at 10:24 AM.  I pressed number 9. When answered by a male voice, I asked if he had my phone number displayed? The connection was immediately terminated at 800-945-2000.

  12. Claiming g to be chase bank. Stated I had fraud on Amazon charge card, which h I do not have. Scam

  13. Don’t make remarks when you don’t really know the nationality of the person

  14. possing a chase bank. scammer. tries to get you to punch in your credit card number. do not do this!!! they will steel your idenity and hack your card. if not sure call chase direct. they will tell you the same thing. don’t give info to anyone possing as a credit card company. just hang up and call the company on there public phone number and you will see its a total scam!

  15. I did not answer, no message was left. I blocked the number

  16. Scam to get your credit card  no

  17. call to get interest reduced

  18. i started reciveing a ton of magazxines at the first of the year and had no idea why.  i received a call from that number and they stated i had an account that i opened.  i never opened a magazine account with them. they stated i was in a 5 yrs contract and i had to pay $49.94/month. they then proceded to tell me that they had alreay charged my acount this month. i did not see any charge on my statement from them.  they assured me they charged me an they would continue to do so.  they said if i wantted out of the contract early  i would have to say “yes” to the next question and they would reduce my payment and let me out of the contract early.  they stated “do we have your permission to charge your credit card $39.95 for the next 30 months”. i replied “you are leaving me no ohter choice but to say yes”.  they stat4ed they would go ahesd and reduce my payment. the man spoke so fast and rushed me i didn’t have any time to think.  after i got off the phone i canclled my credit card.  BEWARE

  19. This number called my phone and used a lot of very bad language to me. The original call came from 1-205-369-1124, Birmingham, AL. When I selected ‘1’ and asked to be removed from their call list the guy on the other side told me to hold. He then started singing followed by talking about a movie, Fifty Shades of Gray. I told him I would get a police officer on the line then laid my phone down. He started yelling so I hung up. He called back using the above number and started cursing me.

  20. apparently Auto dial number from unknown entity who refused to leave a call screening message. please block.

  21. They called. Something dont feel right.

  22. total scam from chase bank: but has to verify with your SS#: ha-ha, not to a robot: nice try!

  23. I received a call from 800-945-2000. They wanted to reduce my credit card rate. They could not tell my name or anything about my card. First he recommended me reading my cc number to him and when I told him I was not going to do that I hung up after. Immediately, I received 8 phone calls back to back that I declined from 727-555-4123 and 6 more calls from the 800 number. And that was going on while I was trying to block those particular phone numbers. Very frustrating.

  24. Claimed to be Alice, but didn’t even sound close to human. Claimed to be a promotion for 0% interest rate on current credit card. Clearly a scam.

  25. Called me and caller ID shows chase card services and I don’t know why they’re calling me because I do not have a credit card with them so I called back and it was some automated thing asking me to enter my 16 digit credit card number.

  26. Scam keep on calling they just want your information be careful

  27. This number called me offering a 0% credit card through some bank. Not sure what bank it was. The information was an automated machine that offered me the C.C. I just hung up after 15 seconds..

  28. automative call for debt consolidation.

  29. 8009452000 some fraud person called me and asked me are u Pakistani, i said no then he said i am calling from Card services and he would lower the interest rate also he asked for my card no….With in no time i realized this is a fake call and the person calling me is a cheat.

  30. This calling center is what they call them self from Antonio Texas. They even ask me for my credit card number course I don’t have one also my social security number they keep calling me constantly I had say please removed my phone number because is register and do not calling list they continue.

  31. I did not answer, did not know this number, I called the number back and a recording stated, “Welcome to Chase Card services, please enter your full 16 digit credit card account number…”

  32. A guy with a strong Indian accent claimed he could lower my credit card rate. I called him an a**hole and a thief and hung up.

  33. important message about credit card account and no credit cards

  34. This number keeps calling.  I stopped answering .  Stupid, foreigners .  If I need something, I’ll do the calling.

  35. keep calling and harassing me

  36. This phone # needs to be blocked !!

  37. NO MAME THEY ARE PHISHING THE CHASE PHONE NUMBER PLEASE REPORT THEM. I actually called chase and was told they would never call you and ask for your card number on the phone.

  38. DNC Violation – Credit Card Fix

  39. they trick me into giving up my social

  40. did not answer based on reviews

  41. I am sure this is the Chase credit card support center. I have this number on the back of my Chase MasterCard.

  42. chase bank does not call customers

  43. I wish like hell that the FCC could find out who this a**hole is. I continue to receive the same call and tired of just being told not to answer. With all the technology today and the FCC cannot stop this places very little faith in the commission.

  44. This is a call centre working for banks, mostly for J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. They are calling to provide some service connected with your credit card. It seems that the number is actually misused for scam telemarketing, be aware.

  45. This is a scammer.  Called about reducing my rate.  When I asked which card company they were calling from they said “all of them.”  I knew it was a scam and hung up.  They called back and started screaming profanities.  Did this several times and said they would cancel the cards.  I said go right ahead.  Called back several more times from different numbers. Block their number, people.

  46. harrassment. I get charged for every call that comes to my phone. STOP CALLING.

  47. tries to get your personal info.

  48. Credit card scam. Person spoke very inappropriately using sexual language.

  49. It is saying it is from Marriott. And I was selected. It gives you a press 2 for do not call back. Press it and it calls more often.

  50. go [***] yourself peewee!

  51. Scam did not leave message…

  52. This Indian-sounding individual called to tell me how he can reduce my credit card rate.  I’ve gotten these calls from them before, so I kept asking questions like I really wanted to get the service.  I teased out the 800 number, which sounds like either they made it up, or they really are fronting for Chase.  Any idea which?  He also gave me a partial address, “14061 Bursomething, Orlando FL”
    Finally I popped him with the “You are in violation of the Do Not Call Law, so put me on your do not call list”  He got rude and hung up.
    Whoever these goofs are, they are an Indian call center, they are very rude, and they need to be shut down.

  53. I pushed 1 during the Robo Call Computer Message to lower by interest rates on my credit cards. When the male with a thick accent answered I asked if I could receive a ‘0%’ rate and he said yes I could qualify.
    Then I said how would that be possible when I don’t have any credit cards… and that is when he went on to ask “Why the F*)$ did I press the button. I told him to remove my number from their list and his response was that I was a Mother F’n A$$hole C***sucker. My response was Wow just wow and he continued with his profanity, and we he stopped I told him to have a blessed day. Really wished I had a recording of that one to share on the internet on how NOT to talk on the phone of a telemarketing company. LOL

  54. sorry the # that called me was 615-535-0794

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Panipat, India
Number of complaints:54
E164 Format:+18009452000
Formato Nacional:180 09 45 20 00
National Format:180 09 45 20 00
International Format:+180 09 45 20 00
RFC3966 Format:tel:+180-09-45-20-00

The number 18009452000 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Panipat, India. To this day, we have received 54 complaints and the tel:+180-09-45-20-00 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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