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Location:Dublin, Ireland
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22 reports for the number 18555534015

  1. A person named dorcas omba keeps calling me and sending me text messages stating i must call 855-553-4015 and that this is not a solicitation!! how can i get them to stop calling me!!!

  2. always received text by another phone number , say something regarding 18555534015

  3. toujours à tous les heur

  4. Leaves text message with my full name and reference # scam do not respond gonna change my # as they dont stop

  5. I got a text from them the same text everyone else got. I called back, and when the man asked “may I help you?” I said “I just received a text from you” and they hung up on me

  6. toujours à tous les heur

  7. FREDERIC MALTAIS, Nous avons un sujet important à discuter avec vous. Appeler le numéro sans frais 18555534015 avec le numéro de référence 1121201150. Ne tardez pas. Ceci n’est pas de la sollicitation.

  8. It’s actually a real collection agency for long ago debt
    usually money you owed more than 15 years ago and forgot about it

  9. This person called here for my son who has moved away. He was threatening. He told me my son had to phone at this No. Immediately. But the person who called was from 418-622-9236.

  10. This for number has sent numerous text which I never respond back
    At first they started calling me as me personnel questions and like an idiot I answered them. They say they were collecting for a credit card I did not have. So what scared me is they started yelling at me you have no problem paying your other credit card and not this one
    How did they get that information about my personal files (scary)
    I do not answer their call from their numbers anymore so that changed it the private caller or no collar I’d. Each day they fill up all my voicemail so I cannot get receive any from important people like my doctor and hospital appointments.
    Someone needs to shut this place down and fast.

  11. Received this just now “Ce message est pour NICHOLAS blah blah. Veuillez appeler le numéro sans frais 18555534015 concernant un sujet important.” Lol yeah right not born yesterday try again!

  12. Scammers
    Don’t call them back
    This should be blocked by the government

  13. Strangest debt collectors ever. They call me and right away without saying hello wanting to confirm my personal information such as name and date of birth. I ask her wtf is going on? and she tells me that for security purposes they want to validate they are speaking with the right person and something about owing money to Telus (only dealt with them on a prepaid basis, never on a postpaid basis). I refuse to cooperate without more information and she says then im putting you down for refusing to cooperate and hangs up. A debt collector hanging up for non cooperation is like seeing a pig flying in the sky, it just doesnt happen. Surely it must be some identity scam. Beware! They still send me texts every month to call them. So now I call them every month with the reference number to tell them i never heard of the person and never deal with telus and feed to false information to mess with them a little. Might as well, they are like herpes, they just wont go away.

  14. je connais pas ce gars qui demande de l’argent pour roger.

  15. They keep texting me with my name saying it’s important to call them but a real agency does not text ! And they call and text at 3 am as to on Sundays and never leave a voice message

  16. They call everyday and harrase me for money.how do i make it stop.

  17. Scammers posing as a collection agency. Don’t answer anything. These spineless scamming rats make me so angry, i called them and told them to F-OFF. How can they be allowed to prey upon unsuspecting innocent people thousands of times ? Where is the law ? They need to be shut down NOW.

  18. Sends text and calls all the time. Feels like an identity scam.

  19. Anyone knows who calls from this phone number?

  20. Been getting text by someone claiming i must call a number back with a reference number. It also mentions my full name. I never called back or replied because it just smelled like a scam.
    You can block the number but they’ll text and call from a different one. Today i got a text from this number since all the others are blocked.
    I think its the same people that will call with a recording saying the government is filling a lawsuit and you must call back immediately. These are ALL SCAMS. Do not reply or call. Just replying is enought to get more info.
    If an entity like the government wants to speak to you they will never send a text.

  21. they hang up when i tell them i never used rodgers and it is against the law to ask for my date of birth.

  22. I just received the same text. However the site CBV Collection looks real.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:22
E164 Format:+18555534015
Formato Nacional:185 55 53 40 15
National Format:185 55 53 40 15
International Format:+185 55 53 40 15
RFC3966 Format:tel:+185-55-53-40-15

The number 18555534015 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 22 complaints and the tel:+185-55-53-40-15 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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