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  1. Telus is calling me repeatedly to switch my paycard to a plan and i’m paying for these calls over and over.

  2. they keep calling me and wont stop

  3. Told me he worked for Telus and wanted me to switch from prepaid to a monthly plan. When he asked for my personal info (license or cc#), I said to call back Monday. Will call Telus now and see if this number actually belongs to them. Will update when I find out

  4. This number has no listing with Canada 411, the voicemail I recieved was something to do with “Global” and it had something vague about it being important.

  5. I just receive a message from that phone number and i am pretty sure that their offers are pure bulls**t cause normally you shouldent have to give personal information like your social security number

    (sorry for my vocabulary…)

  6. Nuisance, calling me every day. STOP !!!

  7. don’t know why they keep calling

  8. The # 866-366-1448 attemted to reach me. I will refuse to accept all calls from unknow callers. If at any time they do get through I hold Telus directly responsable.

  9. This number is from Telus. I called the number back and it was Telus customer service.

  10. i do not answer 1800 nombers

  11. se font passer pour la compagnie de cellulaire Telus

  12. Scam, they asked from my SIN and banking details.

  13. said she want my sin number or driver licence

  14. Some woman with an Asian accent called and was trying to get personal information from me. She kept saying she was from Telus and had a good deal. I did not give any information and kept declining the offer since I smelled a scam from the get go. She kept being pushy so I just hung up. I do not give any personal information. If I wanted some good offer, I will go into a Telus store and do it face to face.

  15. This number is calling my so many, many times. I am already annoyed.

  16. These guys wont let me alone.  My cellphone has no blocking option.

  17. Calls multiple times to change pay and talk to a plan always hang up before then

  18. I’ve got 3 calls from this number in the past week. I’ve never answered since I don’t have a calling plan on my phone. It’s annoying as [***].

  19. Hope your being sarcastic? No one can use your voice saying “yes” for anything unless you set a safe to voice unlock or something like that. Maybe turn your lights off

  20. Gue kept xaying he’s from Telus and wanted to compare what I pay to a great deal he could give me.  He was still babblin while I was hanging up on him – great deal of confusion in background.

  21. Appel non sollicité


  23. There was a outbound calling campaign carried out by a company contracted in by TELUS to promote the migration of our ‘Prepaid’ clients to move to a contract.

    Your account shows they attempted to contact you to discuss this offer in October, November and December; however, the offer would only be available if the user of the device was considered of legal age to be under contract.

    I have modified our ‘Marketing’ options to discontinue contacting you by phone solicitation and regret any frustration this may have caused you.

    I hope you find this resolution to your satisfaction and appreciate your continued business with TELUS.

    Best Regards,


    e-care Spec*****t


  24. spam call! called many times !

  25. Try to pass themselves as Telus offering too good to be true services.

  26. only answer call after 7 & from contacts Monday–Friday

  27. Calls my cell four or five times a day.  I’ve never answered after reading these other comments.  Getting annoying though!

  28. Trying to get your credit card details. Scammers with Indian accent.

  29. The person at this number keeps calling me and as I never take calls on this cell phone I never answer yet they keep trying anyway. Please shut down or block this number as soon as possible!!

  30. numéro mentionné par plusieurs sites comme faux

  31. telus calling prepaid phones to switch to a plan. exempt from the canada do not call list because they are your service provider (hidden in the fine print when you signed up). next time answer or call back and demand a name and tell them to put you on thier internal do not call list. note time and date and name. should stop calls and texts for 36 months after 14 day waiting period. report to the CRTC if it doesn’t, they can be fined after that.

  32. this phone number wont stop calling my number to get me to switch my pay as you go plan to an actual plan and its getting harrasing like plz i know its not telus but its anoughing and very f***ing spaming

  33. Second call on my cell from that number – Who is it ?????????

  34. I haven’t received any calls from this number, but, somehow my phone called it! Probably a bum call, but I don’t have that number in my phone, Go figure!

  35. robo call from TELUS , so much for their harassment policy .

  36. Provient d’arnaqueurs qui se font passer pour Télus

  37. Called today, has called before. I never answer it, I only have a text plan on my phone. Annoying as heck.

  38. This is either a scam or Telus has finally fallen off their nut.

    Who in their right mind would give anyone but the police, their doctor or Canada Revenue their SIN number?

    Even if Telus claims to want SIN numbers to verify peoples ages, how the HELL did they get access to a database in order to check?

    Welcome to the impending new world order.

    Call me again asking for personal information, Telus – and I will drop you like a rock, then convince everyone I know to do the same.

  39. they wont stop calling at least 3 times a week.

  40. lol, i get 3-4 calls a day, its a pre pay phone i use for texting only, never give the number,
    i think tomorrow i will , emulate my office phone to id as “fraud unit” and call them a few times.  
    will update after interrogation .

  41. appel sans cesse et raccroche lorsque nous répondons

  42. Appel non sollicité

  43. Calls my Telus prepaid number, over and over again. Some kind of scam or horrible Telus marketing.

  44. I received a call today by this number – they hung up. Probably knowing they weren’t going to get anywhere when I asked: Who are you looking for? (more than once)
    Really glad to have found this service! It clearly reinforces my suspicion that this was a solicitation pure and simple.
    Definitely bookmark worthy and a great resource at that.

  45. I got a call from this number last night on my cell didn’t answer .

  46. Bullsh**, i already got a plan and they call me anyway. They just wanna have some money

  47. Fake Telus number–block it

  48. Had the call on my cell???  WTF!  No one has my cell # except for those who needs it for emergencies.  I never answer those numbers on my cell or home phone.  It I do, I just tell them to send me the information by mail and that’s it they don’t call back.

  49. Tres déplaisant. Appelle 2 a 3 fois semaines.

  50. this number calls my phone 2 freakin’ times a day … f o

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:50
E164 Format:+18663601448
Formato Nacional:186 63 60 14 48
National Format:186 63 60 14 48
International Format:+186 63 60 14 48
RFC3966 Format:tel:+186-63-60-14-48

The number 18663601448 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 50 complaints and the tel:+186-63-60-14-48 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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