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  1. Has phoned me twice now claiming to be from telus! Why would telus use a telemarketer type number to call my cellphone number asking for my wife?

  2. Called my cell phone today.. what’s up with this..

  3. They have called me 4 times today… and 3 times yesterday… When I pick it up the phone either hangs up on the other end, or is completely quiet

  4. I am pay as you go Telus mobility. Number calls frequently and I do not answer.

  5. Phone says its Telus. I picked someone tried to say they are Telus and then proceeded to say, “we are looking for…” conversation ends and they hung up. So to the block list this goes.

  6. unknown number calls constantly

  7. They keep calling me I have to block but they call anyway I want them to stop

  8. Long distance call, pretend that they are TELUS, they will call you buy name, they probably got your number and name from Internet or public index, then they will try to get more private info about you, like your current mobile operator, your address, and try to sell you face products and will probably try to steam money from you. Better to not provide any private info to them. They are scammer from Asia (Indian Accent).

  9. It’s Telus. Fine to answer if they’re your provider. if not, probably best to ignore it.

  10. call 2 or 3 times every week annoying as hell they let it ring 8-10 times when im home i dont engage the answer machine

  11. Called July 11 2007 5:54 pm…Missed the call,re-dialed. It was picked-up but there was no-one at the other end????

  12. Telus telemarketer. Said I could get a cellphone and keep my home landline (something I have been looking to do for quite a while). I refused to give ID over phone, so will physically go to store tomorrow & get a mobile account. Aditya will call back tomorrow afternoon. Said to not discuss the deal with store staff, so I will definitely be discussing the deal with store staff.

  13. Also.. I am not a telus customer

  14. this number has called my cell at least 3 times within the last month… so annoying.. i never pick up… not gonna waste my precious minutes/money on this stupid number… if it was important, they would’ve left a voicemail

  15. There is never a message left.

  16. I did receive a missed call from this number a few days back.

    Today I got the call again, and managed to get a live person on the other end. It is definitely a tele-marketing agency for Telus. I dont think that its a scam.

  17. when you call back, it claim as telus, but the voice is alternated

  18. 3rd party trying to sell Telus services

  19. Keeps calling my cell. Every other day and so annoying!

  20. It is Teles marketing call centre calling and theyve been calling several times a day lately. It is indeed Telus as they do have outbound sales but they call way too much. I’ve contacted them and asked them to refrain from calling and they said that they had submitted my request but it has not stopped

  21. Calling repeatedly without ID

  22. there was a delay before the caller spoke and there was a lot of static on the line. I couldn’t hear what was being said so hung up.

  23. called the number back after receiving two calls / discovered this is the TELUS trying to sell you MORE phone services / i saved the number into my phonebook so i will be prepared the next time they call / then i can ask WTF? at my convenience

  24. This number called my cell twice in the past two weeks. No idea who this would be

  25. 3rd party seller for Telus trying to upsell packages and devices

  26. its telus. i just had a nice long conversation with one of the guys
    lol soundedd cute..got their facebook haha <33 im a balla

  27. it does the same to me this number has been calling for a week now! but i’ve never answered it….so it’s Telus?

  28. hey you all,
    its July 10th today,2008
    8663699826 just called.
    im from Ottawa/Ont region.
    I called back its “TELUS” well….its not, i called REal telus from my mobile (*611) asked them if they have any Telus provider with the phone number of 18663699826. she did a quick search for me, couldnt find it.
    she said Sometimes Telus does call and sometimes they do hang up just to see if you cell phone works…which makes sense, but God…calling once a week is stupid. She said that you shouldnt tell them anything. At all. just hang up. or dont answer. i put it in my contact lest as “a*sholes pretend their telus” that way ill know next time they call just dont bother. hang up.

    everytime they call they ask for my dad(and they know his name) because my phone is under his name(im not old enough)
    i say hes not here and they say they will call back, they do…after a week or two.

    -If it was the Real Telus(i say real i mean your provider.)
    so they would email you if you have an online acount with them, or atleast send you a letter because they do know your adress.

    -if it was the real telus they would call back after a few days or atleast ask When your dad will be home.(when they ask for him)

    This is OBVIOUSLY a scam of some sort.
    not sure what they do, what they want, or who it is.

    But what i do know is that its not Telus, and they dont even know who or what it is.
    you can try call telus(*611 from your mobile) and ask them, but they dont know.

    i guess what we or one of us can all do is get a complain to your city?
    that there is some scam going on…because calling Telus and complaing wont work.

    The number that calls us all, is not even updated Telus.
    If you call (*611) they will tell you about the new plan going on about the texting that is 15 cent…
    but the fake telus thing wont even say it it goes straight to the menu.

    Seriously…its understandable, it is not telus.

  29. I’m not even with Telus so why are they calling me?! I’ve gotten 3 phone calls today in a span of 5 hours. They call me everyday, but I never answer and they never leave a message.

  30. They have tried incessantly and i dont answer cause they don’t leave a message. Is there any way to block them

  31. It’s Telus, and they call me 3 – 4 times a day trying – won’t answer!!

  32. Hangs up immediately, calls every day. Extremely annoying.

  33. Ils appellent et raccrochent aussitôt que e réponds. J’ai bloquer ce numéro.

  34. [***] have been calling my TELUS cell for about a week now, never a message, calling at odd times, including on the weekend. On another site man people stated it was Telus calling…

  35. January 30, 2018 – Telephone number above called me twice within three minutes.
    So annoying.

  36. i have no idea who it is so i don’t pick up

  37. Called my cell 3 times in the past three days! I picked it up the first time and no one was there, annoying…

  38. Calls everyday at various times. I never answer so sure wish they would stop.

  39. fake untrustworthyFake untrustworthy unreliable fishy and inconsistent… these are the words that I used to describe the representative on the other line when I called the phone number back from my caller ID there are a lot of details to my experience tonight however all I have to say is ask the rep questions of your own ask them the name of the company they work for their agent or employee ID if they themselves can call you back directly and or if you’re obligated 2 sign up for anything. if they refuse to give you any information do not give yours. and if they want to verify information test them out by you providing slightly incorrect information about yourself. This way you can see if they’re taking information or actually verifying

  40. Called and left no message

  41. Can’t understand a word she’s saying. I got so confused and told her if she’s on the wrong number. And she kept babbling about things I can’t understand… I blocked the number already.

  42. I was angry because yesterday I told the agent named Atibi that Telus is forbidden to call me for marketing purposes. I have had enough of it. I knew she wouldn’t take my number off their list and decided each time they call it would result in a very angry response, including profanity. It worked. They disconnected the call. I suspect it will take a few more of these responses to stop them once and for all.

  43. keeps phoneing never leave a message

  44. I get calls from this number several times a day. I have voicemail and they never leave a message. I don’t answer as I do not know this number.

  45. stop call ing me and have no one there it’s making me crazy

  46. called my cell phone at same time of day for 3 days in a row but did not leave a message. I am scared it is a scam and I am not going to answer or call it back.

  47. Telus trying to sell you whatever nonsense… They SMS me too all the time, it’s just automated sales. ignore them always.

  48. who is this and why are they callign my cell phone? last call: nov 30, 2007

  49. Constant calls, never any message, and Telus would show as the caller so spam caller

  50. Annoying as hell! Stop calling me!

  51. This number called my cell twice in the past two weeks. No idea who this would be

  52. I don’t want any of these calls claiming they are telus.

    got the following email also claiming they are telus on may 29/19 at 10:45 pm from

    you’re advise to switch to the new version to avoid disconnection.

    start now!

    please do not reply to this e-mail. mail sent to this address cannot be answered.
    for assistance, log in to your email! website and choose the “help” link on any page.

    customer service email id # 1009.
    c 2019!, inc. all rights reserved

  53. This number has called my cell phone three times in the past two days.
    Who is this?

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:53
E164 Format:+18663699826
Formato Nacional:186 63 69 98 26
National Format:186 63 69 98 26
International Format:+186 63 69 98 26
RFC3966 Format:tel:+186-63-69-98-26

The number 18663699826 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 53 complaints and the tel:+186-63-69-98-26 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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