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  1. They say I have an outstanding debt but I don’t. Won’t stop harassing me with at least 5 phone calls on my cell after I blocked them completely on my landline

  2. They have also been calling my daughter who has no outstanding debt.  they call claiming to be Alan, Doug or sabany from ext. 15005 or ext. 15006 or ext. 15007. I suggest you type in this number also, 1-866-344-6912. you will find more info when you google this number, it will raise the red-flag for you.  i’m so happy that i checked these numbers before my daughter called them back and gave them her info..

  3. I received a text from this number. Looks like a collection company.

  4. Pure scam. RCMP needs to do something.

  5. This is CBV Collection Agency in Canada, specifically related to Rogers. The text comes up on your phone as number 587-672-0803 with a note to call them.

  6. 18663878751 its a collection agency called cbv collection services ltd.

  7. This is a scammer. please report to rcmp. the message i received was texted out from +1(587)672-0803.

  8. Keep getting a call from this number stating I  have an account outstanding with them . I do not owe anyone anything.

  9. This is a collection agency using multiple tactics to get people to call them back. In my case they are looking for someone not at this address and keep saying they are calling from work and just need him to call them back.
    It’s not his work, but they are at their work…

  10. They have been texting me and calling me constantly , waking me up at 4 am . Im about to change my number this is driving me crazy

  11. this number keeps texting me. I want it to stop

  12. They have called 7am to 1030 pm this is harassment they call 6 to 7 times a day. I block them then they call from a different number 18663878751

  13. this one same as 1-866-333-4559

    this one is Collection Manager.

  14. Received a text message asking me to call with a file number and advise. My name was misspelled.

  15. They call me at work, cell phone leaving messages and texts but I do block them but they keep coming back.

  16. Is 1-866-387-8751, truly a collection services phone number? Victor, who is calling claims he is with CBV Collection Services Ltd. in BC, Canada.

  17. I have been getting calls from these guys at night, and they have the wrong number! I have never dealt with Telus, so it cant be me! They call every day and night, and they are always extremely rude! Last nught the guy even said “I can call this number whenever the *#ck I want, lady!” among other things after I asked why he was calling at 10 pm! And they always want a credit card number over the phone! I dont think so! I am so fed up with them that I want to get some kind of harrassment charge going… maybe that will shut them up! >:(

  18. Its a landline from Beloeil Quebec..scammers claiming to be from Telus

  19. same thing and there is another  out there this one claims in a text message  you won  a walmart contest gives web adrdess  ,  one should never give information over phone/ web to ,someone you dont know personally, / there are so many scammers outthere, sad

  20. i got a text from 647 494 8121 requesting a call back to 1 866 638 7851. i called 647 494 8121 and got some one who started to ask me personal questions. All i said was you sent a text to my number for some one that i don’t know. How you got my number?. The person at the 647 number started to sware at me. After about 5 minutes when he ran out of gas he stopped and hung up.

  21. Scammers keep texting with a name that isn’t even me… Jerks!

  22. They keep texting me and calling. Very annoying to the point I’m ready to change my number

  23. First I got a text from 16042459461 asking to confirm it is me by calling 18663878751 and to quote 1180407426. I don’t trust these types of messages and will not call it. I looked up all the information I could to confirm my first thoughts if these text. So if you receive a message for that number it is a money scam

  24. This company is harassing me. They call me from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. the phone will ring they wait for me to pick up just to hang up. I’ve had to block a different numbers in one day all from the same company it’s beyond harassment.

  25. this person is saying that i owe telus and said his name was greg McCray and said i had to pay it right away and didnt sound professional at all. so i looked up the number and this number 1-866-387-8751 ext. 11033 and seen alot of other people are saying its a scam and to report the number

  26. This has been going on with me since January of this year….I finally phone Telus and for 2.95 you can put them on a list ….Now the list is filled up with 12 different phone numbers from these people and I am starting all over again as of yesterday.   There needs to be something done about all of this scam that is going on.  I don’t know how they are getting my unlisted number but I am so fed up with it….If you want to launch a charge against this I am all for it… It is a scam and a for of terrorism I believe and they are harassing so many people it is not funny….At one time I had 4 different numbers phoning me everyday 3 or 4 times a day each…..I am fed up….Maybe its time to submit the number list to the RCMP!!!!!!

  27. I received 15 phone calls from these guys yesterday!! these guys are relentless. they need to be prosecuted.

  28. The call me every day. I black them. But the call me or the send me messages.
    I believe there are scams.

  29. for canadians , it’s CBV collections . They’ll do anything to get your attention , even text you if you have a cell number .

    Just remember this, Statue of Limitations.

  30. Don’t call these people back they just trying to scare people, they are trying to get a 15 year old debt from when I was a dumb kid

  31. I got a new number from my work, and from the first day they are calling!
    Aprox 3-4 times per week incl night time!

  32. This number has called me multiple times a day for the past 3 months. It calls no fewer than 12 times a day and when I blocked it they now text my # multiple times a day. It texts from the # 1-587-672-1631.

  33. He not only left a nasty message on my cell about a 20 year old debt I don’t remember, he also left an "urgent" message by text. Get a life buddy!

  34. They are caling me daily even though I insist they have the wrong person. Claim to be cbb collections or something.

  35. started yesterday morning, 8am calls, then 2 later in the day 5 minutes apart. I tried calling the number back, ” unable to reach this number at this time” Tried answering the call, dead silence for 2 minutes, nothing on the other end.

    Changing my number today.

  36. trying to solicate some company

  37. Who is calling me from this Number.


  39. This number calls me multiple times a day & called me 6 times in a row at 10am !

  40. Because I have been the victim of a previous scam when I fell prey to a “Secret Shopper” scam, I NEVER respond to any phone numbers, texts, etc., that I do not know. If you receive any type message from this number or any other that you do not know, PLEASE, do not respond. I fell victim to a scam when I was financially vulnerable and it took me a few years to replace the money they scammed from me. Even my banking institution fell for the cheque I deposited to my account that was issued by these scammers! I’ve always believed in the motto, “If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is”, just wish I would have heeded that nagging feeling I had while I was following their instructions for secret shopper. I did report the incident to the police, gave all the documentation…but the reality is they got clean away. Until law enforcement finds a way to effectively deal with these criminal thieves (and I firmly believe they can if they would put their minds and resources together), be very wary and alert to any scam. Do be diligent and research…you’ll be glad you did.

  41. CBV collection agency calls all the time. They think that I owe them money but have not served me with any paperwork. I don’t think that they have a legal leg to stand on due to the statute of Limitations in Ontario. I will never pay them. I just put the number in my smartphone’s contact manager and silence the ringer for that particular number. Now, I rarely notice when they call. Never answer a call that you don’t recognize, google the number first to investigate the number calling you. I have at least 40 phone numbers for CBV on my contact manager.

  42. They are in a breech of trust, they are extorsionist. They force u to pay $$ when that used to be just done by criminal’s. There also lying saying”we have message here for you”

    And “we have have a bussiness matter to disscuss with you”

    No one has has the right to verbally harrase you. Put it in writing for them not to have any contact with you!! It’s like a peace order!!  

    GOOGLE THE WORD “EXTORTION” it will help u protect yourself  from them.

  43. I keep getting these test messages – say i owe to genisis-zellers, well i have never had a zellers account and since that business went bankrupt – i would not owe them anyway. stupid losers

  44. Twice calls recieved now-refused to wait on line on my cell phone & incur phone charges-no idea why or who, just want it reported

  45. By the way…  This company calls my number every half-hour on the hour and the half-hour.  The calls start at 07:30 and cease at 20:00 Monday to Friday.

  46. CBV Collection. Multiple numbers. Don’t give up.

  47. Got multiple texts from different numbers that I always block, then they text me from a new number with the same message that they have a important message for someone that isn’t even me.

  48. Quit calling this number seriously get a life!!

  49. There is no law that states a person has to answer their door when someone comes to it.  Nor is there a law that states a person has to answer their telephone when it rings.  Neither is there a law that states that a person must return a telephone call if the calling party leaves a message!!!

    Collection agencies only exist because people fall prey to their bullying tactics.  If people would just stop paying them, the collection agencies would quickly go out of business.  Yes collection agencies threaten to take legal action, however these are only threats.  It costs the collection agency a lot of money to start litigation, and many collection agencies simply do not have the financial recourses to
    follow through with the threat.  Should the case ever get to the judge, the judge may or may not rule in favour of the collection agency, it is all dependant upon the ability of the defendant to pay.  And if the judge does rule in favour of the collection agency, then the collection agency will get a judgement summons in their favour, and everything simply goes back to square one.
    There is no debtor’s jail in Canada, however I would strongly suggest that if a collection agency does commence litigation proceedings, then by all means comply with the request and follow-through with the instructions on the summons.  Ignoring the summons will allow the collection agency to win by default, which is what the collection agency is hoping for, and the collection agency might get a Committal Order against the debtor which will allow the collection agency to have the debtor put in jail for 3 or 5 days, all at the expense of the collection agency I might add.
    Collection agencies are NOT in the Litigation Business, they are in the Debt Collection Business.  So if they threaten with “WE” might sue, “WE” will probably sue, then their threat is simply just a threat.
    People should only be concerned if they receive a Summons, and a Summons will cost the Collection Agency money up-front.

  50. They call us about 3 times a day but I ignore the call and let the machine pick up..they NEVER leave a message.
    I have no outstanding debts, and do not even own a credit card, not sure what its all about,

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:50
E164 Format:+18663878751
Formato Nacional:186 63 87 87 51
National Format:186 63 87 87 51
International Format:+186 63 87 87 51
RFC3966 Format:tel:+186-63-87-87-51

The number 18663878751 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 50 complaints and the tel:+186-63-87-87-51 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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