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44 reports for the number 18669074316

  1. Answered the call and got the message ” you have just dialled a number to which long distance charges apply”   WTF?

  2. says I have a computer security issue

  3. bell calling, no message and noone talking

  4. I keep receiving calls from this number every day since a week now.

  5. It’s bell mobility. They just let me know I am able to upgrade my device . No scam

  6. Like other valued reviews
    They called me several time these days.
    With out saying anything.and hang up after saying hello.
    They must be a scam

  7. These people called me everyday in September and I wouldn’t answer and once I answered they told me that I had money to pay towards my phone bill (that I had paid a week earlier) and eventually I hung up and they cut my service and wifi directly after the call, I phoned the actual bell people off a friends phone and they told me it was a scam and they gave me my service and wifi back… weird

  8. Calls all the time. Scam. Brand new phone, they only could have gotten this number from bell itself. Nobody else even has this number yet. Not impressed.

  9. Called me several times, I don’t recognize number so I don’t answer and no message is left. I have put this number on my call reject list

  10. Yeah same here called up and then hung up after 45 seconds

  11. Relax it’s only bell calling to see if everything is okay.

  12. I agree, multiple calls a day. It’s funny because I threatened to switch to Telus on Monday and this number hasn’t left me alone since. Time to block. Just another X for why I dislike Bell.

  13. Has called I do not answer ,. They call my cell phone. Will block this number..

  14. I just cancelled with bell and they are still are contacting me. I had to block their number.

  15. Strange when I answered they hung up.

  16. nuisance call fromm 800 number

  17. They claimed to be with Revenue Canada and that I would be prosecuted if I did not give them information. Called again today – I hung up on them last night. Ignore.

  18. Bell Mobility loyalty service

  19. bell Canada loyalty group.

  20. Unknown caller. Called yesterday, twice today. did not answer. fed up!!

  21. no one on the phone when I answered

  22. Bell trying to add services to my account

  23. They open your mind. And rip off your coonections and social circle. High tech gang

  24. 1 866 907 4316 Called from some company on behalf of Bell Mobility… third party marketers. Just hang up on them.

  25. Said he’s calling from Bell about customer service, asked my name then hung without any explaination. I’m scared of it’s some sort of scam. Blocking it !

  26. Even banks use 3rd party marketers it’s the norm. At least Bell is calling to offer you a deal. Don’t a

  27. Called twice today but I didn’t answer. If it was legit, they’d leave a message… Blocked

  28. I don’t want telemarketers

  29. calling 3 times a day dont answer

  30. Bell, shut this scam callers number down…

  31. This number has called me a total of 4 times so far. They called me once yesterday and 3 times today. I had blocked them after the initial call since they didn’t say a word and just hung up after I said “hello”. I was thinking it would be a scam number.

  32. official bell authorized people never give you call, so please don’t answer the call from this number. Be aware because these people try to trip you never get caught!!

  33. 866-907-4316 has called me every day for a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and has never left a message. Today I blocked the number. I am a Bell customer. It is poor customer service if it is Bell as others have reported.

  34. Phones every day, usually twice a day. It’s about time the government forbids theses scammers from outside the country from using our phone system. They are obviously paying the bill, so whoever is billing them knows who they are and should just pull the plug on these annoying scammers. ENOUGH ALREADY…..STOP THESE FOREIGN CALLERS.

  35. This number just called asking for “Cindy” but I’m not Cindy ?

  36. block it sdgfsgf sdg s sdfg sdfg sd sdgf

  37. Called last night and this afternoon. We don’t answer. comes in from the United States !!!!!!!!

  38. This number is masquerading at a Telus number

  39. No, I still have a year and they call me 5 times a day and its getting hella annoying

  40. Don’t complain about pricing if you hang up. See what ALL the offers are when they call you. Only that group is allowed to give “retention offers” so take advantage of those calls to you. All companies including banks use 3rd party marketers and it’s not going to change. Rogers does a lot more outsourcing than Bell and that’s a fact so unless you want crap mobility service, you should take marketing calls from Bell. At least they are calling their good paying customers to give you a deal.

  41. this number called me like at least twelve times in the past four years that i’ve had this phone and every time i wouldn’t say anything and i’d let them say the first hello but they ended up saying nothing. so then i say hi????? aND THEn tHEy HANG UP LKLE WHAT THE FUNK ???????? they hung up as soon as i said hi. i feel like they record your voice for things i don’t know :://

  42. did not answer since it say telemarketer

  43. they are looking for something. even bell can not help me.
    if you see the number just let it ring and ring

  44. Received a call today from this number I didn’t answer and they did not leave voice mail. I suspect this is a scam of some sort.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:44
E164 Format:+18669074316
Formato Nacional:186 69 07 43 16
National Format:186 69 07 43 16
International Format:+186 69 07 43 16
RFC3966 Format:tel:+186-69-07-43-16

The number 18669074316 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 44 complaints and the tel:+186-69-07-43-16 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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