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Location:Dublin, Ireland
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41 reports for the number 18669239072

  1. This number calls me about 7 times a day. One time I answered, and the guy said to me ” Hi this is so and so, how may I help you?” I LOST it. You called ME.

  2. I had the same experience, called, dead air, no response, then finally hang up.

  3. This number has called me 4 times today already. They never leave a message. Would like to know who it is…

  4. This number calls me at least 4-5 times per day and every time I try answering there is silence for 10 seconds, I say hello again and they hang up. Some say this is virgin mobile but it sure sounds like its not really them or someone trying to get your info, from what people say. This number must be blocked. You can block it in your own phone, too.

  5. I called Virgin to verify the number. They said it’s their telemarketing team calling people for sale survey!!!. God! This number been calling me 3-4 times a day! Everyday! And never leave a message. When I finally answer, they hung up on me!! It is terrible. Virgin should not do this to their customer and PLEASE CHANGE A COMPANY TO DO YOUR TELEMARKETING!!!

  6. I got 4 missed calls from this number today…

  7. It seemed to legitimately be virgin. I have them no info about me and they knew everything.

  8. Got this call at 10h50AM on a friday, said hi. No one answered, not even a robot. The call was ended by the caller a couple of seconds after I sad hi.

  9. phoned and lousy connection

  10. I received multiple calls throughout the week. I finally answered and the guy on the other end was talking to someone else about his ‘skin fetishes’. I said “hello” again and he hung up.

  11. I’ve been called a couple times by this number, also. From a bit of searching it looks like its an automated Virgin Mobile number.

  12. Same as above.  Calls but no message.  They call at odd hours and don’t show a name on call display.  If it was Virgin one would think that they would identify themselves.  I am calling  this a scam and blocking  them.

  13. It’s Virgin mobil- after ignoring this number about 5 times I finally picked up and a very nice lady there got me a great new price on my mobile phone contract. Was wishing I had picked up sooner!

  14. No response when I answer. Whoever it is, they need to get a life!!

  15. JF … I wish it was that easy to block the number. They have called four times in 2 days and never leave a message … and even called AFTER I blocked the number on my husband’s phone.  Frustrating!!

  16. This number keeps calling…..I have no idea who it is, and don’t want any more calls from them. A real nuisance!

  17. it has been calling me non-stop since last night. it is already the 4th time. I never pick up but this is getting ridiculous. please block this number

  18. Correction to my last post. It is Virgin Mobile. It’s their callback to make sure you were satisfied with something you contacted them about. Unfortunately when I called 611 to ask Virgin if 1 866 923-9072 is their number, the agent I spoke to told me it wasn’t. Which I now know is incorrect.

  19. They call far too often. Sent Virgin Mobile a chat message telling them to stop calling me. The agent said it was not Virgin and that they would never do that. But I called the number back, and indeed IT IS VIRGIN MOBILE. when I mentioned this to the agent, he said he had no record of that number, but would bring my complaint to management.

  20. Everyday 3 times a day. And even at night getting sick of it

  21. Keeps phoning me when I answer no one seems to be there. Just an absence of sound.

  22. Virgin Mobile. They called to make sure I was happy and upgraded my data package for free.

  23. Called 3 times today, and once last week. Don’t seem to leave message (plus I don’t have voicemail)

  24. Please stop call my number

  25. Virgin mobile. He called and asked how my service has been and if I was happy with it. Then asked “for security purposes” if I’m the account holder. As soon as I said yes he hung up… Had me a bit worried

  26. It “is” Virgin Mobile… 100%!

  27. Its Virgin mobile, there is no one on the other end; virgin mobile gotta get laid already!

  28. How can i block this number? It calls anytime and many times a day. It’s a major distraction!

  29. Virgin Mobile (Customer Loyalty) called in response to an inquiry I made to Virgin’s main phone number. Further discounted my plan for being a loyal customer.

  30. cane in as a negative number

  31. I’ve been with virgin mobile for 4 years . They call everytime when your contract is almost up just to keep you from going somewhere else once your contract is up .

  32. They will not stop calling me over and over and any time I answer it is dead silent.

  33. Virgin Mobile, harrassing me again with their so-called “great internet service”, which is SUPER EXPENSIVE…
    But since they use Bell’s network and infrastructure… they’re pushing their Internet services… Beware. False advertising.

  34. Got six calls in three days from this number when away from my phone. After reading these posts about this number, I called Virgin Mobile, my carrier, but they say it’s not them. They believe it may be some kind of a scam operation.

  35. I have already gotten 4 calls today !! And the night is still young I’m sure there will be more ! They need tobe stopped !!!

  36. I got a 2 phone calls toda and 1 yesterday.  I did blocked the #, hope it works.

  37. no message left unknown virgin mobile from what i have seen

  38. Just got a call from this number. They do not leave a voicemail message. I believe this is spam.

  39. virgin mobile. terrible customer service, they don’t even leave a message

  40. I got one this morning December 28 , no message not important

  41. This number call 3 time today Oct.10.2017 and never leave a message!  Who does that!

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:41
E164 Format:+18669239072
Formato Nacional:186 69 23 90 72
National Format:186 69 23 90 72
International Format:+186 69 23 90 72
RFC3966 Format:tel:+186-69-23-90-72

The number 18669239072 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 41 complaints and the tel:+186-69-23-90-72 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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