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  1. this number 877-214-5948 has been calling me continously for days.  I finally answered and it was an automated message from “RBC” asking if thiswas Kim to press 1 and then asks for personal information such as your date of birth or postal code.  I pressed “1” and onceasked about the personal information, I hung up.

    I don’t think Royal Bank would be calling and using an automated message about an important banking matter!!

  2. Its a scam. I contacted rbc and they say it is not a legit number. If they persist call the anti-fraud number.

  3. I called into RBC’s main number, and eventually got passed to their Credit card dept.  The number turns out to be legit after all, collections dept number for late payments.

  4. Bull….it’s legit.  I don’t have any payments that are late….never have, so legit, I don’t think so. Besides, no bank asks for any personal information over an automated phone service.

  5. rbc collection. I don’t bank with rbc. scam.

  6. It is a company called Integrated Bailiffs an offshoot of the scam collection agency called Federal Debt Recovery, (whom I hope have been sued out of existence). The Royal Bank has said that the only number that they use is 1-855-560-1406 when phoning out. I complained about this number misrepresenting that they were part of RBC. I talked to the security department and they said that they know about this and have a large file on these scums. Do not give any information to these people – this is straight from RBC.

  7. This number has called my phone a couple times in the last 24 hours. I have now added it to the “auto reject list” in my cell phone to ignore the calls.

  8. Wish these a**holes (18772145948) would f*** off and stop bothering me

  9. theycall constantly im sick of it I don’t answer they call right back all hours of the day everyday

  10. This number is NOT legit, people posting that it is are clearly involved in whatever scam they are running.
    Confirmed this through the actual number you’re supposed to call which is posted on RBC’s website, where they also explicitly state that they will not ask for ANY information!
    Hang up and report these scam artists!

  11. Royal bank visa collections. Like all collections company, you’d want to stay away from this.

  12. left a message that I needed to call back at a different number, about a "personal banking matter", from a bank branch in a city Ive never been to, from a bank that is never named (it’s an RBC number that has been spoofed).

  13. This is the same number keep calling me for months. I have talk the my RBC guys and check about my records. There is nothing wrong or any outstanding. They have no idea which department is that? Anyway, do not disclose any personal information over the phone! Don’t even answer “yes” or “no” over the phone! Take care everyone!

  14. call came from 877-216-5027- auto message says thatt RBC  calling about important banking matter  answer machine says  says
    to rather call this number back  877-214-5948
    then they want lots of information
    I hang up

  15. Just received a call from 877-214-5948, of course, stating it was from RBC.  It is not from RBC and interestingly, they have now added to the end that “this is not a telemarketing call”.  Didn’t even pick up but let them leave the number on my answering machine prior to deleting it.  

  16. all the time…. twice in a row for the most part….

  17. Ditto same as others. Will contact personally.

  18. It’s RBC.  Either you owe them a payment of some sorts, for visa, credit line, mortgage, banking fees… Or they want you to do a survey. You can ask when contacting you not to use the automated system.
    They are cutting their costs by no longer having actual people call u cause most people don’t answer now anyways. When u verify your information they connect you to an actual person who tells you why they are calling.

    They are making better use of our money. To some extent. They would be paying people with our banking fees to call us. Maybe banking fees will plateau?

  19. It appears to be fraudulent, and boy are they ever persistent.  The RBC website suggests their number is something else.

  20. I been getting phone calls from this phone number like 2 times a day. I think it a scam. The person say that they want to talk to me about an important business matter.

  21. I’ve been getting these calls too, and its because i had been into my local branch recently, that they want me to answer a survey in regards to my service at that particular branch……..very annoying!!

  22. the number is ligit….usually it is for late payment…

  23. SCAM – Why is Bell Canada giving these scams phone numbers. If it’s a 1-877 number it should be mandatory for caller ID to show the company, as RBC does when it calls. Another one to watch out for is Rev Canada – be very careful about giving out any info. And do not wait on hold. It can be racking up long distance charges.

  24. I received a call and they left a message that they are from RBC Montreal. I now know that they’re not from RBC. Blocked forever

  25. robo call wanted me to press a number, line went dead when I did.

  26. calls multiple times a day leaves no message

  27. This number keeps calling me non stop. So many scammers. I’m sick n tired of this.

  28. I got a call from a recording saying they are RBC. they wanted me to key in personal information in order to hear an important message. SCAM?

  29. Keep phoning my landline & leaving voice mails for my husband. Very annoying!

  30. I got this call as well. I have yet to call back but I do find it interesting that the message they left said it was for my husbands name and my name. How did they get both of our names? I am going to call RBC….

  31. Phones three times a day. Idiots. Claiming to be RBC looking into my sons account. Can’t Connect to anyone to tell them to screw offhand stop calling. They ask you to enter birth date to connect. These phone companies should be fined for every scam call that go s to the public. Maybe it would smarten them up and they would monitor this cr*p that they let go on.

  32. They call at least 2 times a day. We ignore the calls . Our phone company has promised to block these calls within 30 days.

  33. Calls have persisted for several weeks sometimes 2 – 3 a day.

    My usual response is to hang up.

    Tonight I dialed 18772145948 and responded as requested to:
    My telephone number which i supplied since I know that the one displayed is that for the Shannex Residence.
    My Birth date and my Postal Code. This I did not supply since it deviated from the correct sequence specified on the RBC automated assistance site. They should have given me the last four digits of my RBC Credit Card.
    Suspecting a scam I terminated the call.

  34. I am getting these calls three or four times a day. I contacted the Royal Bank and they confirmed that it is a PHISHING scam looking for your personal information. The bank suggested that I ignore the calls.

  35. RBC collections, will call you several times a day and yell at you over the phone for a missed payment. Even had a manager hangup on me. DO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE.

  36. Thank you very much! I received one of those scam calls and I phoned RB on a known RB number, they said it is not theirs and have already notified the security department

  37. Scam Scam Scam be aware they say they are from Royal Bank and calling about urgent personal banking matter Scam

  38. Been calling me twice daily for last 3 days

  39. looking for credit card information. scam.

  40. I received the same call and was unsure.  So I called the Royal Bank, 1-800-769-2555, told the lady about my phone call I had received and that I was to call 1-877-214-5948 back, and she told me the number was legit!  
    So why, when one person calls RBC are they told the numer is legit, the next person calls and they are told its a scam?  

  41. It’s just RBC Collections calling you with a reminder that you have missed a payment on an account (i.e. credit card account). I called the 1-800 RBC number to confirm it was a legit phone call before calling back the 1-877 number and also realized my last payment to my credit card had been paid to the wrong account (hence the lapsed payment to the correct credit card).

  42. they keep calling my number and leave voice mail was not sure if it was the scam till I checked it on line
    thanks for comments and warnings guys im going trough some rough times and I wasnt sure if the call was legit , people like this deserve to be behind bars for real and I hope they get there sooner then later

  43. Keep getting calls from 1877 214 5948, seems an automated message saying it’s an important call from RBC, please call us back and “this is not a telemarketing call.” They call every day, many times a day…. One time last week I picked up and the voice said “this is an important message from RBC” then it said “if you are _xyz_ name, please press 1 now” saying my name.. I didn’t press 1, just hung up. Sounded super sketchy… why would any bank try to get a hold of anyone like a damn stalker, calling sooo much, with an automated message asking what your name is? Total SCAM

  44. We are receiving at least 4 or more calls a day asking us to call this number. It is extremely annoying.

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:44
E164 Format:+18772145948
Formato Nacional:187 72 14 59 48
National Format:187 72 14 59 48
International Format:+187 72 14 59 48
RFC3966 Format:tel:+187-72-14-59-48

The number 18772145948 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 44 complaints and the tel:+187-72-14-59-48 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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