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Main evaluation:Negative
Category:Telephone salesman
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Negative: 100%
Neutral: 0%
Positive: 0%


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Telephone salesman 100 %

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49 reports for the number 18886880709

  1. J’ai reçu un appel provenant de ce numéro et sur l’afficheur cela indiquait Ekos Research. C’est en enregistrement qui demande d’appuyer sur le 1 ou si on reste en ligne de répondre à des questions avec la chance de gagner 500.00$.  J’ai raccroché.  Je ne comprends pas pourquoi mon numéro est encore sur des listes de télémarketing puisque je me suis inscrite sur la liste d’exclusions depuis plusieurs mois déjà !!

  2. Scamers who tell you you have a court doc

  3. When they called my number, their call machine was asking my answering machine questions. I wouldn’t want to hire them to do a survey for my company!

  4. i do have the right to be angry if they are calling my phone and I didn’t give them my number or give them permission to call me… its creepy.. they shouldn’t be calling randomly in a desperate attempt to get people to answer a survey.. I feel like my privacy is violated when someone I didn’t give my personal phone number to calls me

  5. just a survey company wanting to do a survey

  6. don’t answer this call to waste of time.

  7. Ils m’ont appelé sur mon cellulaire…j’étais FURAX!
    Les cellulaires, ça coûte déjà assez cher comme ça! Je trouve ça dégueulasse.

  8. damn number has called multiple times. caller ID says ekos.com/parent. noone ever answers so i hang up.

  9. Got a call from this number on July 24th at 5:54 PM

    I just called to see who it is.

    Ekos Research Associates.

  10. Called on a Sunday? how odd for telemarkers to call on Sundays…didn’t answer, figured a scam of some sort.

  11. An automated phone survey (i.e. a “robocall”) concerning the upcoming Canadian Federal Election (October 2008).

  12. Called my cell while I at work and left no message. After i research this # online i am very surprised that it’s going since 2013 with only negative reports and still running!

  13. Got called just now, 6:53 pm Feb 22/10. On my cell phone but I didn’t pick up just by seeing it’s an 1-888 number. Bloody losers just don’t give up, do they?

  14. Ya, 1-888-688-0709 called me 5 times, its getting quite anoying… i called them back and it said in a fake voice something like “hello, you have reached the reserch blablabla…”

  15. please take this phone number off the air

  16. Seriously? They are phoning multiple times. Its harrassment. Plain and simple.

  17. some sort of survey call don’t answer

  18. Let it go to voicemail. No message. Just block number.

  19. The main question who are these people? And why are they asking us our opinion on immigration?

  20. Don’t want to be bug by other I don’t know

  21. Didn’t answer, as the Called ID was enough to tell me not to bother

  22. annoying spam phone calls that hang up after you pick up

  23. Just got called.  Feb.9/10 @ 7:58PM
    om my cellphone. didn’t pick up, saved my minutes.

  24. Called my cell phone. I am not pleased

  25. Farts are freedom my friends

  26. Called my wifes’ cell phone, it’s an automated survey. [***] Holes calling ppls cell numbers going to send a nasty email to company email listing and file complaint with crtc.

  27. Trace the # and have them charged

  28. People calling with Indian accents asking for you to do a survey or asking for any info are always scam calls from indian call centres- they will sell your personal information.

  29. just ppl asking to do surveys, no need to be a**holes about it, just ask to be taken off their list and they will do it, no harm no foul. Get over it, it’s not a deal and takes 2 secs of ur time. Ppl get angry for no legit reasons these days.

  30. This number will not stop calling my phone. I don’t know the number and I can’t block it. Why can’t I block it.

  31. Not “stealing your data”. This is how public opinion polls are conducted. There is a button on the first menu to be placed in a no-call list.

  32. They called me on Remembrance Day (Veterans Day for USA) at 8:18pm.  Would have thought they’d have the day off!  I didn’t answer.

  33. got calls twice per day , every day in the last week!
    why the NO CALL LIST was invented ….for the goverment to can call us …now that have a list ??!!!!

  34. Caller ID: 888 688-0709 left me a message on Dec 3 2009 Re: … a servery on how the Canadian government is doing press 1… 2… (prerecorded voice talked over my message greeting)

    This type of call should NEVER be sent to a cell phone!  These guys should be hunted down and permanently put out of business/NEVER able to engage in phone/computer use ever again!

  35. unknown and of no interest

  36. sondage de compagnie inconnu

  37. Ecos survey about Canadian government

  38. unsolicited call, didn’t leave a message

  39. Dont no this number call cell three time to day they dont say any thing

  40. keep calling multiple times

  41. keeps calling me on weekends

  42. They called me twice yesterday and so far…… once today. I didn’t answer because usually if I don’t know who it is I won’t pick up the call (I have caller I.D. on my cell). I wish they will just get the hint and leave me alone!!


  44. Do not pick up , for sure it is a trap , stealing data from you , do not understand why these people do not give up

  45. Asking me who I’m gonna vote for in the next federal Canadian elections.
    It’s none of anybody’s business to ask who you’re going to vote for!
    It’s illegal to even ask.
    Why do you vote publicly?
    Nowhere, that’s where!
    Mind your own business!
    I hope you’re found and charged for doing so..

  46. survey dealing with budgets, and who you would vote for in next election  Called on the cell phone

  47. how do they get our number ,I don’t need annoying calls at all hours of the day ,can someone please do something to stop these calls ???????

  48. these idiots dont say anything when I answer

  49. the company is EKOS Research

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:49
E164 Format:+18886880709
Formato Nacional:188 86 88 07 09
National Format:188 86 88 07 09
International Format:+188 86 88 07 09
RFC3966 Format:tel:+188-86-88-07-09

The number 18886880709 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 49 complaints and the tel:+188-86-88-07-09 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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