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  1. I tried to write to Telus  and inform them about these phone calls. They ask so many questions that have nothing to do with these phone calls – so I gave up. I can only conclude that they are not interested in looking into this case.

  2. Legit call from telus

    right from their website

    telus internet, tv & home phone
    monday – friday
    7:30am – 9pm
    saturday & sunday
    8am – 8pm
    all times local

  3. I don’t even use Telus wtf

  4. Weird, A dude by the name of Abu called, heavy accent. It sounded like he was calling me from the roof of a train. I asked him why is he calling me from a train roof. Abu said thats how Telus saves money…I hung up.

  5. I am constantly getting phone calls from this. umber on my cell phone too. I switched to Telus from Bell about 8 months ago. I got a brand new phone number. Since then I have received endless calls on both my home phone and cell phone. I don’t answer any of them. I specifically put on my paperwork with Telus when I signed up with them and bought my iPhone 8 in cash that I did NOT want to be solicited. I also think Bell were upset when they lost a customer and they sell your details to other companies. I receive on average 3-4 calls a week from numbers in the US and overseas!! It is complete harassment. I have not given my cell number to any companies and only immediate family and friends have my new number!!!

  6. This number called several times, last night, April 1, at 8:01 pm.

  7. Answered my home phone to a sales pitch for service, and after kindly refusing to switch from my current provider, I was asked if they could call back at a later time. I refused once again and ended the call, and still receive a call every other day for the last 2 weeks!

  8. Called I did not answer,left no message.

  9. this number is always calling ,and i would like to block it….thanks

  10. Almost daily calls from this number. When have answered no one there – most of the time I do not answer it. Would like it to stop.

  11. they call regularily, leave no message-I never answer

  12. I answered some robo call garbage from Smellus..likely from Philippines or Guatemala as they have very few representatives in canada..Hung Up..blocked the number

  13. Just received a call from this number on my cell phone ( rogers service ) and call showed up as Telus
    Security , so I answered. No one there. I called number and got ùsual Telus greeting and asked my
    Account PIN number which I gave. Held on for approx 15 minutes then checked the number on
    Google. Looks like a scam, but the recordings and music on this number sound like Telus

    Anyway, I will not answer again . But if this is legit, call me my other phone number, which of
    Course, you will know !

  14. Hung after 10 seconds of dead air

  15. Non Stop Daily calls from 1-888-811-2323 listed as Telus – I am on the ‘No Call’ list and yet every day they keep calling – Thinking of cancelling all my Telus Bundle – phone/internet/tv if this doesn’t stop – I tried to call them to get them to stop – no answer…. ahhhhhh!!!!

  16. phones me 3 times a week Friday night at 8 o’clock ring twenty times these spys most be stopped I think they want my ass

  17. this is exactly the reason i ditched telus for a different phone provider

  18. Said it was Telus. Said there was an issue with my modem. Asked for my Telus PIN.

  19. This number calls here and all I hear is very loud static and then hang up

  20. It’s TELUS International in the Philippines. Selling TELUS services.

  21. recieved a call from this number and when i answered, call disconnected/hung up.

  22. Can police do something about 1 888 811 2323? this i harrasment!

  23. got a call from a guy named kyle, spoke English clearly, ask for man of the house. told him that he isn’t here at work then he ask when a good time to call back i said 7 sharp then he hung up…after the call I realized that this guy did not say why he called. so he called again i ask him whats the phone call about he hung up… uhm ok so how rude.

  24. Threat to suspend social security due to "suspicious activity".

  25. They called me but no response

  26. Said was TELUS with exclusive offer. Told them not interested. Call ended.

  27. It’s Telus trying to convince you to switch your services.

  28. Telus call center. long delay before the robot speaks, then puts me on hold or a waitlist for them to call me back. No idea why it calls every day. after an hour on hold the call center people didn’t know why it’s calling me either.

  29. it’s their home support service.

  30. If you contact Telus through “My Account” for online support, you had most likely entered your phone number. Once you’re 1st in queue, if you don’t answer they will give you a callback. This is a legit number.

  31. no answer telus stop these stupid marketing calls. buzz off and STOP CALLING .

  32. Just got a call from this number it was a very nice lady named Carla who called to make sure I knew what got changed on bill and was very polite 🙂

  33. No talking, just connection to dead air space. I’m worried it’s a phone hacking thing . Are there any references for this Telus telemerketing link?

  34. Calls twice in a row without leaving message. Already identified as a Telus number but know it is a scam artist because Telus does not make calls like this. Legitimate companies leave messages and don’t call twice in a row.

  35. Its Telus. yes, I owe them money, but who the f*** calls at 830pm?! f*** off and call me during reasonable hours.

  36. Didnt even answer when I said Hello.

  37. This is a scam call to extract PIN from you

  38. Whomever is calling me from this number does not say anything when I answer.

  39. I get the same thing . It’s so annoying! I am trying to block this number from calling my home 1 888 811 2323. It is Telus number .

  40. I get a call from this number twice a day. If I answer;No one there. If I let it go to voice mail; Never leaves a message. This has been going on for several months .

  41. Didnet say anything when I answered the phone. Seems Scam.

  42. They steal your identity. Don’t answer

  43. this was a callback from a very polite and effective telus service rep …he told me how to remedy a modem problem I had, and i asked him to phone back to confirm I had no further problems…so if I did I would not have to get back in queue for assistance.  He called as promised….most CERTAINLY NOT A MARKETING CALL.  I selected unknown b/c the dropdown does not have a “LEGIT” category  HELLO !

  44. Ah yes, Telus; the COMCAST of Canada…
    3rd party outbound telemarketing – definitely from out of country.  That’s the third time their predictive dialer was off by almost 10 SECONDS!  Nothing like dead air to promote brand confidence…

  45. My service provider is Bell, not Telus, and I got the same dead air-space response.

  46. Pain in the butt! Continual calls on my private cell #.

  47. Continuously calls my home phone, which is with Telus, and my cell phone, which is with Rogers. The calls come in simultaneously and while I try to answer my cell the home phone rings and stops after 2nd ring and no one answers the cell call. I now refuse to answer either phone when this number calls. It is very frustrating. If it is Telus leave a message and I will gladly return your call.

  48. They are calling in regards to the current email issues. Basically apologized for the inconvenience and offered bill credits

  49. 2 yr offer for $20 off bill with unlimited Internet data. Asking for PIN

  50. We answered after many bothersome (few times a day) and told them we are not interested. Next day called again and i told them "didn’t we talk to you yesterday" they said ok thanks and hang up. Later in the evening they called again few times. They kept calling few times a day for a week. I had enough so I just blocked their number. Let’s see what happens now.

  51. Have been getting calls daily around 7PM every time, no messages left.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Number of complaints:51
E164 Format:+18888112323
Formato Nacional:188 88 11 23 23
National Format:188 88 11 23 23
International Format:+188 88 11 23 23
RFC3966 Format:tel:+188-88-11-23-23

The number 18888112323 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Dublin, Ireland. To this day, we have received 51 complaints and the tel:+188-88-11-23-23 number has been searched on the website 1 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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