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33 reports for the number 2069220193

  1. Amazon delivery person confirming she was in correct location for our delivery.

  2. Amazon calling to say a package is outside

  3. Amazon calling to see where I would like my package dropped off

  4. Excellent Amazon delivery contractor!

  5. Wanted to know what credit card I carry the most debt on, etc. I told him none, he asked again, said none again. He said "ok, you’re good to go, have a good day." I called him a crook, and he called me the b-word. There was more. Clearly a scam.

  6. Amazon is here with your package!

  7. Amazon Delivery call about a package

  8. Caller did not leave a message.

  9. Amazon delivery driver.. delivering package

  10. Amazon Prime Delivery Truck with package

  11. Amazon delivery guy, actually legit

  12. Amazon Delivery, Amazon Package delivery , (Amazon.com), Asking about package delivery

  13. Amazon calling for help on delivery location

  14. AMAZON delivery drivers will call from this number when there’s a problem (or possible problem) with delivering your Amazon package(s), such as nobody answering the door to accept the package when they do arrive at your home, or if you live in a secured building that requires a security code be entered to gain access to your building and you failed to provide the security code to Amazon in your shipment instructions then the drive will be calling to enter the building and deliver your package, as well as several other reasons the Amazon driver may need to reach you regarding your scheduled Amazon delivery. They do text from this number occasionally too, but there is currently no option to respond to the text or to respond by calling the number.

  15. Got a call from this number and they hung up immediately upon answering. Seconds later, I got a call from the Amazon delivery call center with a phone number of 877 252-2701 telling me that my amazon delivery driver was outside of my residence and he didn’t want to leave a package outdoors.

  16. This number belongs to Amazon call centre and is used to reach their actual and potential customers, as a return verification call, to provide service and customer support. This number has been already described by many positive comments.

  17. Just calls, but doesn’t leave a message. Sounds like a scam based on other feedback from the site. +1 (206) 922-0193
    Seattle, WA

  18. Yes it was Amazon delivery that I ordered.  They will probably be  206 all the time.  That is Seattle.

  19. Hang up after ringing a few times. Didn’t call back since.

  20. The caller didn’t leave a message but at the same time the door bell rang six – seven times. When I asked who it was, he responded that it was an Amazon delivery. I opened the door to receive the package I knew I ordered on-line. The delivery man left in an amazon delivery truck.

  21. I did not answer. However, after Google ‘ing the number and reading the posts about Amazon, I opened my door to find my Amazon delivery at my door. Hats Off to Amazon!

  22. I answered the second time they called. Caller identified himself as with Amazon Delivery and said he didn’t have a secure place to leave the package. When asked he was able to confirm he was at my address.

  23. Calls, no message, quickly then got a call from 510-647-5254 with a person who stayed on long enough to let a message register and then hung up with an obese sounding breath.

  24. Amazon Delivery, Online Sales and Merchandising

  25. Called 3 times in a row, each time it rang once and then they hung up. Have no clue who it could be or what they’d want.

  26. just calls and hangs up 2 yesterday and 2 today so far. so much for DNC LIST

  27. It’s just an Amazon delivery driver. What some people don’t understand is someone could change their caller ID to be this number and they could be scammers so just because it’s listed as Amazon does not mean it is actually an Amazon worker, even I could change my number and call you with any number…

  28. It was my Amazon Prime Now delivery driver.  I’m in Dallas btw so of course it’s a non local number that made me suspicious. Glad to know now that I should answer and will save for future reference since I order from them constantly.

  29. It was an Amazon delivery driver who was having trouble finding my house, the call was legit.

  30. Amazon calling to be let in my building for a delivery.

  31. Amazon delivery.  Asked for access code to building so he could put it outside my door (I’m at work and can’t meet him).  Did not give access code, told him to leave it outside.

  32. It’s Amazon Prime Now letting me know my deliverer is in route

  33. Amazon Delivery – really messed up that Amazon leaves this as an unregistered # but I guess they don’t want it published for people to tie it up trying to call it.

    They usually only call when your delivery package is slightly larger, heavier, or marked as valuable as they do not want leave items like that outside your door  if nobody is home to keep them from getting stolen.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:LONDRES, United Kingdom
Number of complaints:33
E164 Format:+2069220193
Formato Nacional:206 92 20 19 3
National Format:206 92 20 19 3
International Format:+206 92 20 19 3
RFC3966 Format:tel:+206-92-20-19-3

Amazon Call Center Number

2069220193 belongs to an Amazon call center. Its primary purpose is to provide customer service/support to customers who require a return verification call. This number has been given 537 positive ratings, 43 neutral ratings, and then 72 negative ratings. So as you can see this number isn’t one to be too worried about as it is coming from a legitimate source. With that being said though, this number has received 25 ratings calling it ‘unsolicited,’ against it’s 371 ‘service’ related ratings and 185 ratings which were classed as ‘company’ related.

While this number appears to be legitimate on the outside from all of the positive reviews, there have been instances of recipients then calling Amazon regarding the conversation they had about the deliveries, and they were told that it was only an internal number meaning no outbound calls are allowed making the whole scenario a little stranger.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there has been some instances of this number not matching up to its purpose, but for the most part, this is a safe number to take calls from as long as you are a customer of Amazon and have a delivery scheduled.

who is calling me 2069220193

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