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Location:LONDRES, United Kingdom
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39 reports for the number 20878161232

  1. Got a call from this number and a Spanish recording played and then hung up.

  2. my phone said that number is from Egypt? Who would call from there? Next morning I got a call from My own phone number. I assume this number is checking to see if the number they call is legit and then spoofs that number to call your friends family and other parties you might know or have a relation to such as living in the same locality? DO NOT ANSWER this Number.

  3. I also received calls from this number and my phone showed area “Horseshoe Bend, ID” .
    Second time I picked up the call and just mute it no one responded few seconds and than hung up!
    According to google this number belongs to Egypt Most of the people I met from Egypt I found Crazy Not Follows any religion whatever they thought looks charming they just tries to follows.
    Stupid Egypt People.

  4. Got a call at 9:15pm. Did not answer.

  5. I guess they are hot tonight to judge by the number of recent comments. Got a call, they didn’t leave a msg.

  6. Just got a call. Did not take it.

  7. The caller I.D. on my phone showed up as “United States” but I also tried calling back and got the same message…

  8. Missed a call from this number, no voicemail or anything. Really weird.

  9. Did not answer this call due to unrecognized number. Extra digit was also perplexing. Whomever the moron was calling from this number, called me at 9:52 pm – I thought they weren’t supposed to call after either 8 or 9 pm???? WTF? Anyway, they left no message.

  10. Ugh??‍♀️ it’s frustrating when your phone ?rings so freakin’ loud&wake us up!!&its not even IMPORTANT???.We trying to sleep ?!! By reading ? all these comments got me upset knowing tht people are being scammers and waking up hard working people like us SMH!!My hubby has a hard time sleeping.I can’t wait to block your ass????????. #GOFckYourSelf??

  11. They just called me at 10:15PM – I didn’t answer.

  12. Didn’t answer, too many numbers

  13. My cell phone at the time of the call identified it as being from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. But the .01 second voicemail of the caller hanging up leaves a location identity stamp of being in Egypt. Hmm…Idaho, Egypt…I’m pretty sure those are nowhere NEAR each other.

  14. Just got call not English hung up

  15. their side hung up after a couple seconds of silence

  16. I got a call at 7:04 p.m.  I didn’t answer it because I don’t answer calls when I don’t recognize the number.  Weird how it has an extra number.  They didn’t leave a voicemail.

  17. Too many digits. Didn’t answer.

  18. This number called me at 10:17pm from an unknown number seems to be from out of the country. Didnt answer.. possible scam or who knows.. dumb people. Get a real job

  19. Just got a call from this number. Didn’t answer cuz it looked suspicious. Why is there an extra number at the end?

  20. just got one of these calls too. didnt answe

  21. Got a call from this number, didn’t answer…just gonna try to add it to my block list.

  22. Got this call last night, did not answer because I do nkt pick up unrecognized calls. Probably scam. But if this number is investigated, curious to who or what this idiot is doing.

  23. i did not answer, to many scam, for me, did not know the number.

  24. I got a call 15 minutes ago (10:00 PM) from this number but didn’t realize until now. I have no idea who this is, but clearly it is from outside of the country

  25. The number showed up +1 20878161232. I have gotten this call before and both times when I first answer I hear a “beep” and then after I say “Hello?” the call ends… Very weird almost like if I’m being recorded. @18:30

  26. Answered Spanish caller..hung up immediately

  27. Just got a call, didn’t answer didn’t recognize the number so…

  28. Got a call just now did not answer comes up unknown and to many numbers who is this

  29. Just got a call from this number didn’t answer.

  30. The phone recognize this call from “Horseshoe Band, Idaho”. Just block the number and don’t call back!

  31. I received a call from ‭20878161232‬ at about 9:45pm, but I didn’t answer it. The caller I.D. said that the call was coming from  Horseshoe Bend Idaho. I tried calling the number back but a recording said that “the call couldn’t be completed as dialed”……hmmm!!

  32. Even tho on the DNC list got a call from this #. Didnt answer – not even sure of the origin

  33. Just called both of my phone’s not sure how they have both of my number’s..didn’t answer one phone but answered the other it was silent then hung up..

  34. Received incoming call (17 October 2017 @ 8:20 pm EST) with this # showing. I knew it was from outside the U.S., so I just let it ring and of course no message was left and my phone deemed it a “missed call.” Just another probable scam cold-calling. Don’t answer or call back. It just makes these idiots think you are interested, and they will continue to call. By ignoring, they will just move on to the next person.

  35. I received a call from this number last night about 8:35 p.m. Obviously and out of the country number. Did not answer they did not leave a voicemail. Looks like from what I’m reading though it’s some sort of set up for a scam

  36. I literally just got a call from this number right now. Didnt answer

  37. Got a call at 10:16 pm. Didn’t answer says Horseshoe Bend, ID. Weird it has an extra number suggesting out of country

  38. Received this call at 7:30 PST. Didn’t answer due to inline number and extra digit

  39. Alguien me llamo dije si y me colgo creo que es una estafa.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:LONDRES, United Kingdom
Number of complaints:39
E164 Format:+20878161232
Formato Nacional:208 78 16 12 32
National Format:208 78 16 12 32
International Format:+208 78 16 12 32
RFC3966 Format:tel:+208-78-16-12-32

The number 20878161232 corresponds to a landline phone number located in LONDRES, United Kingdom. To this day, we have received 39 complaints and the tel:+208-78-16-12-32 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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