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  1. This number is used by the company Comcast to make survey about quality of products and satisfaction of the customers.

  2. I received a call from this number at 10:45 central time .  Last night I got a call from a marketer claiming to be representing Comcast.  They had my account info and wanted me to switch my account around.  I reported a number 515 -309-0527. I hope this helps

    It is very scary someone has all your account info and comcast had no clue then tonight I get this late call
    Please let me know –
    This is my number that they have called on 847-905-0341

  3. I received this call apparently from Comcast “thanking me for my request for . . .”  I hung up since I do not have their service and did not call them.

  4. Yes I agreed to take a survey. Why, because I wanted to complain. I guess it’s not that kind of survey, Comcast blows dead goats!

  5. I received an automated call from this number claiming to be from Comcast regarding a recent communication. I do not have Comcast and there is no reason for them to be calling. Don’t respond to it.

  6. Should have said who it was. Wouldn’t answer if it doesn’t identify themselves

  7. Don’t need any more surveys

  8. For sure comcast survey reps….you must of called Comcast an hour prior.

  9. They called us at 11:27 pm. We didn’t answer and I looked it up on internet and several folks said it was for automated survey. Because if you call for tech support, if you say you do not want the survey they send you to rep and the line is busy so you are disconnected. If you say you want the survey, you are connected with Peggy in India. Not a big Comcast fan.

  10. They really ought to use Caller ID on these calls.  They use a lot of different numbers like this and it’s ignorant to think people answer unknown callers any more.

  11. Comcast calling back with survey

  12. This is comcast. How was I to know when it just said Philadelphia. For the love of hot fudge can comcast get nothing right? I blocked them on their own network. Why don’t they just lable it comcast?!

  13. Thank you for your info.i did call Cmast on 1-20-13,i opt-out to their survey,that did not stop them ,this is the 3rd call &hung up from Greedy Cmast.
    All calls come from different states ,they used to be a good company.

  14. Its passed 6 p.m. on sunday and this phone number 267-388-1837 constantly called like seconds apart.
    please reach me at 415-678-5055. heck yea, im making a complaint.
    enough is enough!

  15. Comcast always keeps you on the phone 5 minutes past the time they call for the survey for obvious reasons. I must admit today I spoke to one comcast person I would have given high marks, but still 1 out of 15

  16. comcast customer service survey

  17. Fortunately, I received calls on my cell phone. They called 4 times (at least twice while I was on the phone with a Comcast tech expert). I had tried Chat with Comcast earlier and that person was an unctuous idiot. After the Chat, which I cut off, I was asked to rate my experience. Worst possible marks on all accounts. When I say I was fortunate it was my cell phone, I mean that I have now blocked that number. Yeah. My cell phone does not limit me on the number of blocks, unlike my home VOIP phone.

  18. Received 2 calls about 10 mins apart.  I requested a callback from Comcast & if that’s them, they need to quit hanging up when I answer.

  19. Its just a survey. When u call Comcast tech support opt out of the survey. Personally I like a company that provides surveys,so I can voice my opinion. Who knows …it might be “undercover boss” behind that survey! 😉

  20. Got this call twice tonight, just a few minutes apart. I don’t know why if it is Comcast, I haven’t had them as a provider in close to 10 years!

  21. It was not Comcast. It was a phishing call designed to get information from you.

  22. unknown number-no message-very aggravating.  And I did NOT authorize call back by this number.

  23. callback number from Comcast Xfinity surveys

  24. Received a call from this number 2673881837 ,I didn’t answer the call it is not on my list.
    if they call me again definitely will be block.

  25. When calling Comcast, you are asked if you’d like to participate in a survey to rate the particular phone call.  If you elect to participate, you are then asked for a return number.  In an hour or so, Comcast (or a third party that they contract with) phones back to administer the survey.

  26. I receive calls from this number quite a few times and since there is silence on the line I assume it is spam or seller things. How do I get this to stop???

  27. Opted for the survey as I have found that the call gets routed to a customer service rep quicker than not opting for the survey.  Thing is, they call for the survey while I’m still on the phone with Comcast.  Wish I could have taken this survey – I would have liked to tell them to take their equipment and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  They are scammers!  They sold a “new” package to me and told me it would be $30 less than what I’m paying now.  All of the sudden, one month later, the audit department decided to look at my account and hit me for $10 for each additional outlet.  Now, I either return the HD Digital box or pay extra every month.  

  28. please stop three or five times a day

  29. Called twice within 15 minutes.  Didn’t answer – left no message.  Know no one in Philadelphia, Pa.  When are these calls going to stop?

  30. Comcast customer service survey line

  31. Will not answer these calls.  I do not know nobody in Philadelphia, PA.  I AM ON DO NOT CALL REGISTRY STOP CALLING ME.

  32. Just the automated comcast customer service satisfaction survey.  I’m betting you called comcast about an hour before.

  33. No need to keep calling. It all started when SOME channels on Comcast/XFinity produced a picture
    that were garbled. This party just asked Comcast if they had received other inquiries about this situation.
    Just asked Comcast if a Tech could look into it. If this partly in Philly is not a Comcast Tech; there is no
    need to keep calling. Thanks Comcast (Now will see if calls cease)

  34. Yes, this is Comcast.  they really should use caller ID on this call, I get so many phony calls from all over the country and never answer.  I was super happy with the service rep and wanted to give her a great review, so I was glad that I checked here and read the comments so that I could answer the call when they called back a half hour later.

  35. Xfinity mobile service call satisfaction survey

  36. The caller does not identify themselves, therefore I do not respond to the ring. I am assuming it is Comcast with their post service survey. If it is, they should identify themselves as such.

  37. Satisfaction survey from Comcast

  38. Called twice while I was sleeping about 15 minutes apart. No message if it is comcast i have no idea why they would call i cant even get comcast where i live!

  39. Glad I checked – they called me while I was STILL ON HOLD with Comcast which resulted in being disconnected AGAIN
    No wonder people are trying to cancel

  40. Comcast customer service survey follow up call.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Number of complaints:40
E164 Format:+2673881837
Formato Nacional:267 38 81 83 7
National Format:267 38 81 83 7
International Format:+267 38 81 83 7
RFC3966 Format:tel:+267-38-81-83-7

The number 2673881837 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Pennsylvania, United States. To this day, we have received 40 complaints and the tel:+267-38-81-83-7 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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