3125787022 Whose phone number is this?

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Location:Illinois, United States
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28 reports for the number 3125787022

  1. calling me way too many, times

  2. center for disease control?

  3. something about vaccinations

  4. do you want to earn more money?

  5. health Care ins recorded message

  6. Have called me several days in a row, have not answered and they have not left any messages

  7. CDC survey on vaccinations for children 18 and under

  8. Several calls in the last few days, did not answer since they never leave any message , probably spam o

  9. I received a call from this number a few days ago and then a again a few minutes ago. When i answered a few days ago they said something about the cdc and i hung up.  This time i heard a lady say something about 2 cans of mushroom soup. Then she hung up. Weirdos.

  10. Didn’t answer, left a 5 second voicemail with muffled noises in the background. Blocked it

  11. They had the nerve to call at the beginning of the State of the Union address .   I also do not answer phone numbers I do not recognize but will return calls if a message is left .   Now that I know who it is I will block the number.

  12. Called me yesterday and i don’t answer phone calls if i don’t recognize the number.  this guy left a voicemail and leaves kind of a threatening message,. like on friday there is supposed to be someone at my door serving a summons for something.  my cell phone is only a year old and this number used to be someone elses number before i got it and i got phone off ebay brand new last summer.  i think they are after the ones who used to have my number.  my cell is private, only family friends and drs. have it.

  13. CDC Survey on Immunizations and childhood illnesses.

  14. (312) 578-7022 is calling 4 or 5 times a day, every day for the past week. The cell phone they are calling is a text-only phone, belonging to a mute Autistic. Only the Autistic’s parents, doctors, and caretakers have this number. It is private and unlisted. There is no way to answer the call as it is a text only phone. Immediately after the call, the phone pops up a message that says “new voice mail”. However, this phone does not have a voice mail service, again, as it is a text only phone for a mute autistic child. So we have no way of finding out what the voice messages are. This phone number is new. We have only had bot the number and the phone about a month. The phone is new, but was bought off eBay, so perhaps it was not new like we were told?

  15. Two rings and a hangup — my single-best clue that it’s spam is that a legit caller will at least give me three rings.  Hang-ups are working on how many calls they can hook in an hour.

  16. They called me everyday in a row for a week straight I answered twice on accident both times they hung up as soon as I answered weird

  17. What idiot calls during a Patriots game in New England? Oh this idiot.

    No voicemail but call marked urgent. Idiot.

  18. This number has called me a few times. I have my phone number since June (5 months), not sure what this call is about.

  19. this number called me once a few days ago, and just called me now. i have not picked up because it says its from chicago and i dont know anyone from there. someone above said they were from the fcc? strange, i texted my state senate about net neutrality a while back… guessing thats where they got my number.

  20. I do not talk to the CDC. I do not answer surveys concerning personal information about myself or my family. Anything you say will be recorded somewhere forever. Phishing is illegal.

  21. Maybe she was on shrooms? The only disease are these  iruses trying to suck the public dry!!

  22. This is a survey on vaccination for the CDC, which is actually an important thing.

  23. Automated message says “please reactivate your service” but no indication who it’s from

  24. I just got a call from this number. They said they were doing a survey for the Center for Disease Control. I just told them that I was at work and had to place a call on hold just to answer it and I didn’t have time for a survey.

  25. Received two calls around 5PM Central time. No message.

  26. I received two calls From this phone number Probably 6 months apart. The caller claimed to be doing a survey for the CDC and asked how many kids were in my household. Both times I told them that there were no kids in my household. This last call was on a Sunday evening.

  27. Yes it government related but they have no business calling a cell phone as per the FCC.  They get your phone number of voters registries which is also illegal.  If the US Government has made it illegal to call cell numbers with marketing the they should do the same for all these so call legitimate government survey and such.  More of the do as I say not do as I do.   I don’t need the CDC or anyone with a government affiliation utilizing my private cell number.

  28. Call came up as from Chicago, Il.  Left no message. I know no one from Chicago so I blocked it.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Illinois, United States
Number of complaints:28
E164 Format:+3125787022
Formato Nacional:312 57 87 02 2
National Format:312 57 87 02 2
International Format:+312 57 87 02 2
RFC3966 Format:tel:+312-57-87-02-2

CDC Calling?

People have reported calls from 3125787022, and many were incredulously alleging that these so-called “CDC” calls were in fact being made by tech-savvy grifters. Going over the available data with a bit more scrutiny suggests the calls are in fact being made by third-parties on behalf of the CDC. These are being done for the purposes of data collecting but for academic reasons. Some people have reported that they were asked questions about childhood immunization. As such, 3125787022 calls are more bothersome than outright criminal.

Engage Robocall Blocking

What is probably most vexing about getting calls from 3125787022 is that they are mostly being made by robocallers rather than live agents. Nevertheless, you always have the option of employing call-blocking functions on your phone to avoid future calls. The CDC may not have a “Do NOT Call” list per se, but it never hurts to try contacting them directly to inquire about adding to any such list.

who is calling me 3125787022

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