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43 reports for the number 5164536886

  1. calling – no reply –
    i dont need you – stay at you home dont call European countries

  2. Calling me 3-4 times a day not leaving a message.  Very irritating.

  3. called this morning and left no message.

  4. shes some kind of [***] – likes phone sex

  5. They need to be shut down. Straight from hell. Garbage mouth, arrogant, disrespectful, definitely not American values. Perry

  6. Called this a.m.  Didn’t recognize the “JGV” on the caller ID so I let my fax machine pick up the call.

  7. what is needed is to triangulate where this and other SOB’S location. UBER and the local police have the ability to do so not only within 5 minutes but also within 10 feet of origin of calls. the next step, well, is up to one’s preferences

  8. Got the call from a man with a very heavy Indian accent,  saying someone was hacking my computer and they where from Microsoft.  It is a scam, there is no way they would have my cell number connected to my computer.  

  9. They keep calling my phone non-stop!

  10. A phone call that claims this company could pretend your computer from an actual virus. Many people referred it rather as scam stealing the information from your PC than legitimate service. If your phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry, you should not get such calls unless you have specifically agreed to accept them.

  11. this number called and said they were offering federal funding to pay off bills; or to futher my education.
    I believe this is a scam.

  12. Pretended to be a Windows rep who wanted to help me fix my computer issues – said I’d been hacked. I hung up

  13. number just called me and asked if I have laptop. I tell them no I don’t she asked a second time after saying no the second time she hung up. I had this number call before and ask different things.

  14. call me to left no message

  15. yes i bought a 30 min refill caed then this number was calling every 4 days since a month ago when I got the card from a wal-matr site

  16. computer scam..I’ve also had drug dealers from India use this number to call me.

  17. got a call from this number, ID said JGV, it was a woman in spanish saying they were from the cable company and wanted to check my bill… funny that i don’t have cable so i hang up. The called again and left no message later.

  18. something about a virus on my computer

  19. Woman keeps calling me every 2 minutes saying nothing more. When I say that I’m my daughter she keeps hanging up. Getting annoying

  20. called 2x @ 1039 & 1040 this morning. Didn’t leave a msg

  21. number listed to Online Pharmacy but also indication of computer scam bs

  22. threats about knowing where I live

  23. jvg called 6:20 pm and left no message

  24. calling about virus on computer.

  25. ‘virus alert/tech services’ scammer

  26. Warning!  This is one of many callers (who all sound to be from India) claiming to be from the IT department and wanting access to your computer to ostensibly fix a security threat.  Hang up and do NOT give them access to your computer!

  27. Sounds like its routed through NY from off shore as a scam. Bet they end up wanting your IP address for the “free system check”. Then its all over, your scammed. Thats of course if you can understand them. Had the call today. Its so obvious its funny as they just open up with “your computer has a problem”. Really? How do you know? How do you know I have a computer? This kind of thing is designed to scam old folks and those that open the junk mail that has labels saying deliver immediately and that its illegal to tamper with the US mail.

  28. Called 3 times in a row. I answered on the third call and a male with a REALLY thick Indian accent started rambling on about what, I have no clue because I couldn’t understand a damn thing he was saying!!!

  29. The old scam about we can reduce your prescription pharmacy costs.

  30. Called claiming to be from Microsoft to repair my computer.  Tried to get me to purchase service on-line.  Claims that someone is after him now, because I refused to pay.  SCAM ARTISTS

  31. They call my house at least 15 times a day. They know my grandma has diabetes somehow and clam to be giving a free tester and all we have to do is verify we are us. 🙂 (I know Im dyslexic) anyways, they had all kinds of info previous address, who lived in the home at the time, that I was in the hospital shortly before, and a lot more. Finally we stopped asking nicely and started demanding they stopped. To my wife they would call her a Bi^$h, and hang up on my 86 years old grandma, and I was the funniest. Once I realized it was them (which isn’t hard cause they all sound like Hobey) I told him I was a officer of the law and that I was recording this conversation and they stop with complete silence. Then when i asked for a supervisor they gave the phone who said his name was Peter but sounded a lot like Abdul lol. I asked him how he got all this info and he went even further into details of my life knowing who i was and asking when my brother was and more. Then I got really made and demanded he told me then he started yelling to and said that his genie tells him. That I should come and rub his lamp and have his genie come out and tell him more…….. I don’t think it gets much more horrible than that.

  32. They keep calling. I know its a scam! they will not leave you alone!

  33. Number just called me, JVC talking about a computer virus downloaded from facebook. Haven’t touched my computer in months since I only use my iPad. Could barely understand him.

  34. Much negative info. from Should I Answer.

  35. Called my phone left no message…Did anyone sign up for Virizon Rewards program?  Funny how we signed up a few hours ago and now this..Just curious.

  36. called me , did not talk so i hung up

  37. Got a call from Jgv saying that there was a fraud alert on my computer my computer had been left open our something, said he could help me fix it you have Windows 7 this was all in sound like east Indian accent, I said yes but I didn’t call for any help he said No no no won’t cost you anything you we will just walk you through it. I said no thank you and hung up

  38. did not leave a voice mail so I blocked

  39. Calls but I do not answer-unknown to me

  40. Calls and asks for different persons. When told they have a wrong number the proceed to tel me.. “oh sorry about that, but while I have you on your phone, I am from (some pharmacutical company, we’d like to tell you about our products but first I need some info from you and Identification proof. What is your social and cc number?” Sorry not quite that stupid. If you call the number back it goes to a voice answering machine. Just hang up is your best bet. It has SCAM all over it.

  41. just keeps calling ……… can you stop these people from calling ?????

  42. trash garbage **** scum of the earth

  43. Received 2 calls within 2 hours. Offering long distance plans to the Philippines.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:New York, United States
Number of complaints:43
E164 Format:+5164536886
Formato Nacional:516 45 36 88 6
National Format:516 45 36 88 6
International Format:+516 45 36 88 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+516-45-36-88-6

The number 5164536886 corresponds to a landline phone number located in New York, United States. To this day, we have received 43 complaints and the tel:+516-45-36-88-6 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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