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33 reports for the number 6054756972

  1. It was a prank from. One of my friends

  2. I got charged for long distance for 3 calls I never made. What the hec is this.

  3. I answered and it started talking about masterbation. I hung up.

  4. The message said, "I need to ask u a question real quick call me, 6054756972 my work number."

  5. It was on my facebook messenger as my brother..did not call. It said to call ,I have a question for you. Glad I read these….

  6. Depends if you have a "dirty mind" & need a good laugh. A friend asked me to call the number because she knows ever since my son’s death I can always use a good laugh. I couldn’t understand what the name of the company is & I listened twice. It’s sponsored by a website that you can make predictions on sports & other things. If you’re not interested in finding out what they are selling hang up when the prediction website information is mentioned. I thought the recording was funny, but I had no interest in finding out what the company actually offered.

  7. My friend, who’s account was hacked apparantly, just sent my family this # through Facebook messenger asking them to call her asap. Call it and you get a joke hotline and they charge you for the call. It’s a scam, guys don’t call!

  8. They don’t call you, you call the number and get a recording. Great practical joke.

  9. I received a similar test message.

  10. Got a text from my friend yesterday saying “Hey can you call me @ this # I need to ask u something 605-475-6972” He is in NJ.

  11. I got the exact same message…

  12. Just recievied these from from the same number on my FB messager call me I have to ask you about a friend we have in common 605-475-6972

  13. sex addiction hot line prank

  14. This person called my friend and said that if they don’t call back they are going to send someone to beat his ass

  15. No, that’s called a scam. Just that quick they have ALL of your info and you have been added to the identity theft victims.

  16. Same!!!! Some random guy on my FB messenger said “Hey man, when you get a chance, can you call me on my other phone at 605-475-6972 gotta ask you something” and it turned out to be some stupid prank. LOL

  17. A message was sent out on my husband’s messenger to call that number and then someone made a fake Facebook pretending to be him, his birthday and everything. They friend requested me, the wife as if it wouldn’t get reported.

  18. its called a sense of humour.

  19. Its a prank phone number not a scam calm down people your friends are just trying to have a good laugh !

  20. i got the same message and i am in NC. obviously a hack

  21. I received two twxts from my friend it said: hey call me asap it’s an emergency 605-475-6972
    but when i did it was busy. wack

  22. My nephew  asked me call him and this the number that showed on my phone

  23. Got a a DM from one of my close friends saying to call them on this number real quick they had to ask me something – I’m no dummy and know my friend better than that smdh

  24. This number called me with a freinds name from Redfield SD. Can you find out who this phone number belongs to.

  25. I have received a text from this number asking me to call this number back asap for some urgent topic. I wonder who is this and what do they want?

  26. Obviously my friends messenger was hacked…it said “I have to ask u a question real quick, call my at 6054756972″…i told him his messenger was hacked…

  27. I just got a text from my best friend saying “Hey can you call me @ this # I need to ask u something 605-475-6972” She is in Minnesota, so NO CLUE what is going on!

  28. I don’t want you calling my phone please they call but say call me back and when I do it isn’t connected

  29. Just got messenger message from a friend to call his work number to ask me something….friend doesn’t live in that area code and would not be at work.

  30. yes becky my brother sent me the same thing ( Give me a call on my work cell if you can, I got a question for you. 605-475-6972)

  31. I received a text through Messenger saying, ‘Hey can you call me please’. I didn’t since I know the area code of that individual, hence why I went on this site.

  32. scam call charges you a toll call fee.

  33. Apparently it’s a prank number

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:South Dakota, United States
Number of complaints:33
E164 Format:+6054756972
Formato Nacional:605 47 56 97 2
National Format:605 47 56 97 2
International Format:+605 47 56 97 2
RFC3966 Format:tel:+605-47-56-97-2

The number 6054756972 corresponds to a landline phone number located in South Dakota, United States. To this day, we have received 33 complaints and the tel:+605-47-56-97-2 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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