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40 reports for the number 6364109139

  1. Robocall app says High Risk Scam. Some people are reported online when they try to contact this phone number doesn’t accept calls from block numbers too. Even a 15 year old said keep calling him/her they don’t even have a credit cards, etc.

  2. calling me constant everyday

  3. Calls daily, never leaves message

  4. Caller left a voicemail message on my cell phone claiming to be the IRS, asking for remittance of money. I knew it was a scammer because I have received no legitimate correspondence from the IRS. I’ve never owed the IRS!

  5. Have received calls from this number twice a day daily for the last two weeks…i have blocked it but continue to call… seems sketchy to me

  6. Fake Caller ID Spoofing pretending to be Client Services, Inc . Warning consumers don’t give out any financial information over the phone. If you aren’t really sure if it’s legitimate please To always research the official company phone numbers and never call return this suspicious phone numbers.

  7. Calls from this number every other day for last few weeks. No message is left – rings one number, stops and rings the other. ID reads “Client Services.”

  8. Same here. It’s weird because I got a few calls and have no affiliation with capital one.

  9. (636) 410-9139 is a robocaller do not answer.

  10. Capital One credit card collection

  11. That’s weird because I got a call and have no affiliation with capital one.

  12. baiting for more information on fake debt collection

  13. Its a debt collection agency. I’m sure they deal with more companies than just capital one.


  15. based on internet check this is apparent scammer fake irs

  16. This number has called me every day for the past two weeks. Weekends included. They’ve called early morning and in the evenings as well.  I’ve never picked up because I don’t know anyone in Missouri. They keep calling but have never left a voicemail.

  17. Called 4 times today. Didn’t leave a message. Tried to call back but this number is not set up to receive calls. Thanks for the earlier comments

  18. Bill collector and records calls,, don’t even answer

  19. No CID since it came to my cell phone. I don’t owe any debts so it’s probably a scam.

  20. I have an app that blocks perceived ‘scams’ – the app won’t even allow my phone to ring. I love it! It will announce or alert me to the perceived threat if I would like it to. Best thing I ever downloaded!!

  21. I didn’t answer and they didn’t leave a message.

  22. on hold from the beginning nobody’s on the line when I answer

  23. Client Services Incorporated. I assume a bill collector of some kind.

  24. no calls accepted at this number

  25. Not sure if scammer or collection agency. They don’t accept calls back with hidden caller ID

  26. As much as I don’t want to admit it. This is a bill collector for Captial One. I had a CC closed and they are calling to get it paid off before it gets put on my credit report. I confirmed with Captial One to be sure.
    I hate scammers as much as anyone, but this company is unfortunately legit.

  27. What is the name of the app you downloaded?

  28. annoying annoying annoying

  29. This number has called me every day for the past two weeks. Weekends included. They’ve called early morning and in the evenings as well.  I’ve never picked up because I don’t know anyone in Missouri. They keep calling but have never left a voicemail.

  30. This number 636-410-9139 called 7 times today and stated that I had a lawsuit filed against me. Total scam! How do I get them to stop? Very bad indeed.

  31. In a month and a half this number has called 24 times and have no affiliations with this number or Capital One .   Any # that’s not in my contact list goes to voicemail AND I don’t have voicemail set up.  Guess it’s time to permanently block through my carrier.

  32. yeah huh rare to reached will

  33. Thanks for confirming what I thought. So easy to block calls on the iPhone!

  34. These idiots all and tell you that they are collecting an overdue bill. They try to get your info. They have called me twice and I finally turned them over to the Texas State Attorney Generals Office. I don’t owe anyone ANYTHING and I am sick of these scamming jerks!

  35. They have called constantly, never leave a message.  Finally I answered and the guy insisted on talking to my Mother who died over a year ago refused to tell me what it was about other than it was a business matter. Then asked me if I knew when she died, um yeah as she was my Mother I think so. Asked how he got my cell phone number he refused to answer. I told him don’t call me again. He hung up. Rude!

  36. NOT legit!!!  They’re called me and i NEVER had a Capital One account… The company itself may be legit, but the SCAM is done from “inner” beast as well not just outsiders… Scamming is approved from the highest levels now until they get busted so keep REPORTING them…

  37. They call about 7 times a day, they don’t leave any messages, I’ve even called back once and it just rang, they didn’t pick up.

  38. I have this number (636-410-9139) blocked, knowing it is a scam.  Nevertheless, I have received eleven calls from them over the last month since I blocked it.  Don’t they know when to give up trying to get through?  I have never had a debt unpaid or overdue, so why call me?

  39. After reading above post, gotta be a scammer. I never answer as only family has my number and I don’t use voice mail so have no clue why they keep calling. Real pests, though. I agree with Mike 100%!

  40. Calls alot – leaves no message. CallerID says Potential Scam – Beware!

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Missouri, United States
Number of complaints:40
E164 Format:+6364109139
Formato Nacional:636 41 09 13 9
National Format:636 41 09 13 9
International Format:+636 41 09 13 9
RFC3966 Format:tel:+636-41-09-13-9

The number 6364109139 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Missouri, United States. To this day, we have received 40 complaints and the tel:+636-41-09-13-9 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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