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  1. ATTENTION ANYONE getting calls from (763) 274-3899 / 763-274-3899

    Hello all you good people!

    I am a Registered Nurse at Secure Horizon’s AARP or what you may refer to as your Medicare Advantage Plan provided to you by our parent company United Healthcare.  My division is called OptumHealth which means GoodHealth.  

    I call and speak with many members of our healthplan on daily basis helping them live healthier lives.  We help YOU by assisting in understanding your health conditions, recognize and respond to symptoms, make changes for the better in regards to health and lifestyle, ask your physicians intelligent questions and know/use your healthcare benefits wisely and efficiently.  

    Our programs are voluntary!  Thank goodness it is still a free country in good ol’ USA.  But please don’t try to call us back at the 763-274-3899 because your call will not go back to anyone who was really trying to reach you.  

    If you call the number on your back of your ID card our good folks in member services don’t know what all we do.  We are likely care management/case management/disease management/wellness/maybe even prescription solutions (pharmacy benefit management).  

    The last thing we want is to bug you.  We want you to feel comfortable with who we are and what we do -if you are not then kindly tell us.  We understand skepticism, being safe on the phone with personal information. If you read your benefit booklets you’ll see this is part of your insurance though us.

    —Keep in mind our calls route though the Midwest for phone savings at the 763-274-3899.  In order for us to reach out to ALL of you part of our process is automated.  If we leave you a message, listen to it to obtain our direct number and call us if you’d like – you may be surprised.
    —I always leave my name and my call back phone number as do the other great nurses I work with.  I just thought you ought to know we are real people.

  2. This is a real call they cll me daily as i have alifeline afater havbing heart suregery to check on me . It is a outbound call so you may not be able to get thru calling that number . But is is a real call from UHC

  3. received call from 7632743899 but did not answer; no msg left by caller.

  4. selling something to due with Medicare

  5. United health care prescription

  6. Embrel pharmacy about subscription

  7. This number called me asking for my date of birth. Seem suspect to me.

  8. Police Officer in Kansas.  Had a resident report that someone called from 763-274-3899 claiming to be her prescription company (Prescription Solutions) and needed her credit card # to process her medications.  She called Prescription Solutions and it was a scam.  Beware of this phone number.

  9. A call came from 763-274-3899 with a message to call the 866- number extension 64251. said they need me to call back right away about my insurance with (Employer name).  I have been on COBRA after being laid off from that company for 9 months; the COBRA is administered through a third party company. I have had no unusual activity on my account, so it was weird that they would call me.  I called back just to see what they said and left messages but 2 days later nobody has called again.    UHC can’t verify that that is NOT their number but they confirmed that nobody there tried to contact me.  
    I also looked up 763-274-3899, and saw lots of people who got scam calls from that #.

  10. I just got a call from 7632743899 but did not answer; no msg left by caller

  11. UHC wondering if I had another health insurance that should be added to my claims

  12. I receive a call yesterday it was from prescriptions salutions – UHC uses for mail order prescription. they were verifying the order. They had info on the prescription so all you parinoide indviduals that didint get your paxail that is why.

  13. no, it isn’t necessarily them.  UHC told me flat out that they can’t confirm or deny because of the extent of their network.  and don’t be stupid enough to give them information they already have, or to ever give info to someone who calls you out of the blue. ALWAYS call back to the number on your card regardless of the company or caller ID

  14. They started calling a few months ago. Call many times in row and then may leave a message but I could not understand.  Now I read were they say they are from  the same company I have prescription form but I just check that number and it is not them.

  15. Optum rx- prescription insurance company

  16. two calls from this number.  No message left.

  17. Briova Rx call back. Las Vegas based.

  18. Woman asked for my birthday to verify my pharmacy I said no because I have local pharmacy she said ok and said my pharmacy is in West Virginia I said huh? Your pharmacy is in West Virginia I said that’s 450 miles from where I do my prescription she hung up


    They are trying to get enough information to open charge accounts.

    DON’T give out your personal information: date of birth, Social Security Number, Drivers License Number, bank account numbers etc.

    Reverse phone lookup said the number is unpublished.

    I called United Health Care at their 800 number and they had no record of the call.

    Tried to call (763) 274-3899 but there is no answer or busy.

  20. Received a telephone call last night from someone claiming to work for UHC and they wanted to verify my wife’s birth date to provide us with Health Wellness benefits.  They had the month and year of her birth and were wanting the day.  We suspected they were fraudulent as if they were UHC they should have her birth date already in their files.  After hanging up, we called the telephone number back and it did not answer.  It appears to be a land line unlisted in Minnesota.  I did find someone else has reported this number in the same scam through Google.

    The telephone number was (763) 274-3899.

  21. I received a call yesterday.  Caller said was calling from UHC care management.  Verified birthdate and address so she was talking to the correct person.  She had the year I was born and the name of the street I live on.  She asked if I had surgery within the last 2 weeks about my medication and so on.  I told her I was no longer with UHC but through another insurance which is part of UHC United Healthcare and she said I probably wouldn’t need her and gave me an 866 area code number with extension which I stupidly did not write down.  That was it but afterwards I just didn’t have a good feeling.  Not sure if scam or not.  Don’t know what they are trying to do if it is a scam.  Hope someone else got a call too and that could help me.  Thanks

  22. I received a call today (11/30/09) at 9:03am CST from 763-274-3899. Because I was on a call and didn’t recognize the number, I decided to allow the caller to go into voicemail. When the caller didn’t leave a message, I googled the area-code and noticed it was from Minnesota. Since I only know what person and they didn’t call from their number, I decided to google the entire number and came up with multiple hits from people with similar comments. I have called the number back several times but no answer or message.

  23. UHC has multiple systems and they do not communicate. It is UHC.

  24. Could barely understand the caller, Asian accent. Said they were with United Healthcare and telling me a bill was denied. They wanted to know my date of birth. The main thing that alerted me to the issue was that they called on my cell phone. All of my health records only have my work phone or home phone. Not sure who they are or how they got my cell number. If it is really United Healthcare, they will send an email through a secure site. All claims are posted to their website where I can see if they are accepted or denied and how much i owe. I wouldn’t trust the call and told my husband not to give them any info if he gets a call like it at home.

  25. First Line Medical comes with United Healthcare as a managed medicare perk. Free drug store stuff!

  26. The call is a SCAM!!!  They are full of s**t.  
    Just tell them when they call that your name is spelled:  F-U-C-K  Y-O-U.  They hang up.
    What stupid and useless people.  They can’t get REAL jobs so they opt for LOSER jobs.  Pathetic.

  27. Thanks for the heads up I just got a call from them I will take your words to mind and not forget. These pepole need to get a real job not try and take from others.

  28. I just got a call from this number I am tierd of owning a phone and being troubled all day and night because of it. Please find out who it is and stop the calls.

  29. Rx salesperson, probably legit.

  30. I’m on the no-call list. Ho hum..I hope Smith and Wesson returns their call!

  31. Optum Rx, prescription mail order service of United Health Care. Only complaint I have is they tend to call me too often.

  32. United Healthcare IT department calling me back about a system outage.

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Minnesota, United States
Number of complaints:32
E164 Format:+7632743899
Formato Nacional:763 27 43 89 9
National Format:763 27 43 89 9
International Format:+763 27 43 89 9
RFC3966 Format:tel:+763-27-43-89-9

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