8001836416 Whose phone number is this?

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34 reports for the number 8001836416

  1. please block as this is really annoying and I can’t get them to stop thanks ?

  2. Same number calls me every day. I picked up for the first  time and after 30seconds of them not responding they hung up. Blocked the number and a similar number with different digit ending called again.

  3. If they phone again i’m going to reach down the line and rip there f***ing throat out.. take a f***ing hint…

  4. It’s Virgin Media but a terrible call centre.

    After hanging up for months when they tried the security check thing I gave in and gave her my post code. Ha! She said it was wrong….! Quick disconnect by me..

    I’ve gone online and surprise, my Virgin account says I’ll accept marketing calls. I don’t remember setting that to Yes. It’s now back to No but I wouldn’t be shocked if VM change it.

    Pain in the a***

  5. I’ve had this number a few times recently and the lady said it was Virgin Mobile.

  6. This number has been phoning me for 3 weeks

  7. it’s virgin media don’t worry but they called me and hung up quickly but it’s definitely them even if they’re not good at having a phone call

  8. I got a call from this number and they were claiming to be from Virgin Media.
    I dont get calls from my mobile service, I opted for just texts so this was definitely a scam.

  9. Keep calling me every day but doesn’t speak

  10. Just had a call few seconds ago saying that they are from virgin media and they seen I’ve got some broadband issues over the weekend which was right, I said it’s like that for over a months so the guy said to don’t worry they can fix it and hang up in same second… No idea what’s going on

  11. Sameeee someone called me with that number but different digits at the end

  12. +8001836416

    same thing i don’t answer but it goes through to voicemail and leaves a message.

    give that this was reported 6 months ago, how come you guys haven’t done anything about it?

  13. Rang me but never spoke just stayed on the line then cut the line after 30 seconds

  14. Tired of this number calling all day everyday this number has a + before the 8 SCAM AND PURE IGNORANCE BLOCKED

  15. This number keeps ringing, I have tried blocking it but Iget the message”this number is invalid” so NOT blocked, don’t understand!!

  16. This number called me many times and before that another similar number +8001836411 called me, I answered but no one talk then I bloked. I’m gonna blok this one too !!

  17. I was rang by this number claiming to be virgin media who I had just joined and was waiting for a reply and they told me that the credit score was disapproved and that I could pay £10 a month for it to be accepted. In the end I put the phone down as I failed to understand the person on the other side of the phone, I will be in touch with Virgin tomorrow to see what’s happened and if this was a scam as the person knew a lot of info!!!

  18. this is a scam number keep calling but no answer, blocked!

  19. I need getting this – interesting thing they also ask for my mum not me

  20. Have blocked this number but it still keeps ringing, it’s a nuisance!

  21. Keep call 6-7 times daily cannot block because they have a string of other number the call from; ‭+800 1836416‬ ‭+800 1836411‬ ‭+800 1836408‬

  22. Said they was from virgin media

  23. Same type of call here. Silent call and when called back disconnected. Maybe an automated machine to know if the line is “alive”?

  24. Missed call from unknown caller – beware

  25. Always calling but never answer. Almost everyday.

  26. they called twice today but i did not answer as I was at work. Checked your database so will not be answering if they all again.

  27. The line went dead when I answered.
    But will I get charged for receiving it?

  28. Said they were from virgin wanted my details .didnt give them .

  29. Said they were from Virginmedia in a very difficult accent to understand. They wanted details of my account as,they said,to give me a better deal. I said can I have the info in text and cut them off.

  30. Keep having phone calls from this number 3-4 times a day. I am waiting for important call from the hospital. It is very stressful. Thank you. ?

  31. Calling multiple times a day sometimes every hour for the past 2 weeks with last 3 digits changed. Claim to be from virgin media. Hang up when they ask for address and security questions.

  32. This number has phoned me six times in two days!
    After reading these comments, I don’t answer the phone.

  33. Claimed to be Virgin Media but first thing they do is start asking for password details. Potential phishing scam.

  34. Didn’t answer and then it just rang off

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-19
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:34
E164 Format:+8001836416
Formato Nacional:800 18 36 41 6
National Format:800 18 36 41 6
International Format:+800 18 36 41 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-18-36-41-6

Virgin Media Nuisance Calls?

You can relax. Based the available information from other people that have reported 8001836416, the number seems to be used by Virgin Media. Assuming you are a customer of the company, then 8001836416 is likely trying to contact you to upsell, or make you aware of some upgrade to your current service package. Regardless of the reason, there seems insufficient data to point to outright malfeasance.


With that said, you no doubt prefer that 8001836416 stop bothering you. One of the best ways to ensure that is to contact Virgin Media and opt-out of any notifications, and the like outlined in your terms of service agreement. In addition, you also have the option of using call-blocking apps to prevent further intrusion into your private time. Whatever course of action you decide, getting better acquainted with your rights as a subscriber will help you determine the best course of action to take.

who is calling me 8001836416

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