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  1. I called Apple they do not call you about account hacks. Techs told me scam calls going through their number, but not them!!! Be careful don’t give them any of your info.Apple does not call you. Do not call 516.344.1156. number, it is not Apple.

  2. tele mark ter Apple support

  3. recording about my Apple computer

  4. call saying to use an Apple device for something

  5. Caller said my iphone had an attempted hack from Mexico and Texas.  Wanted me to purchase and iTunes card and Apple would reimburse the cost.  Is this possible?

  6. This phone number is a scam. Just spoke with Apple and Paypal (this phone number showed up on a bogus Paypal statement via email).  My ITunes account was hacked.

  7. If you make an appointment with Apple tech support this is the number they call from. These are not the same people at the Apple.com phone number. The 275 people are not in the United States.

  8. Its Apple Tech Support, the number spells out apl-care, its not a collection agency

  9. This is scam call from a caller pretending to be from Apple.  I don’t have an Apple acct/

  10. I don’t answer unidentified calls.

  11. They are hackers do not answer

  12. Was called by this number reporting they were from Apple and to not use my Apple devices for banking

  13. I told them I traced the call and the police are coming to arrest your [***]!

  14. SCAM – called me 7 times in 2 hours until I blocked them. FCC please do your job and do something about these robocalls!

  15. they claim that there is a problem in your ipod account.

  16. The call is coming from 800-275-2273

  17. A scam having to do with service on my Apple iPhone. And I don’t have an Apple iPhone. It was blocked and they left me a voice mail message which was the last part of the robocall giving me a number to call.

  18. Apple account is compromised

  19. Scammers tried calling 7 times in a 2 hour period, but their number is blocked from past dealings, yet recorded. They even tried to get credit card info from a small child, by sending him thru a purse!

  20. DONT EVER ENGAGE WITH AUTOMATED VOICE CALLS!  I had this happen 2 days ago and ended up giving out info that could royally damage my identity.  I caught it soon enough (1 minute) and called the real AT&T back, to make changes and halt the hackers attempts.  What makes this particular caller number unique —   they appear as the REAL AT&T, have the same caller ID as AT&T and are wanting your passcode for cell service & lasy 4 of your SS # (enough to do damage to you!).  The phone # the call came thru as is the same as AT&T!  I didn’t realize this until I called AT&T/the same number back (same # the hacksters allegedly called me from…).
    Bottom line:  don’t give your info out on ANY incoming call from those you don’t know.

  21. I’ve received several calls from this number. The caller ID says “Apple Computer Support” but the VM just says “we’ve missed you, we’ll call back in 10 minutes” without saying who they are. I have no apple products, never had.

  22. Same message from various numbers

  23. report hack from apple.com

  24. “This is Apple support – sorry we missed u and we’ll call again in about 10 min” There’s no reason Apple Support would be calling me out of the blue – gotta be a scam, spoofing the number – it IS the Apple Support number.

  25. This number called me having a caller ID which displayed AT&T’s name and number.  It was a phishing attempt (which unfortunately was successful, even to a fairly technically savvy person).  NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSCODE OR LAST 4 OF YOUR SOCIAL TO A ROBO-CALL/automated caller!
    APRIL 4, 2018

  26. 3 calls from Apple number, no message. No way they would have my direct office line.

  27. unknown just wanted to listen to message and call back a different #!

  28. “This is Apple support – sorry we missed u and we’ll call again in about 10 min”  and they did twice more.  I don’t own any Apple technology.  Can’t imagine what they want.

  29. i get frequent calls from this number but the callback number is different. i have yet to answer or call them back but they are pretty persistent.

  30. Caller claimed to be from Apple Customer Support and wanted my computer serial number so they could correct a problem. If don’t have an Apple computer. Definitely scammers.

  31. As soon as a live person came on they ask for my email address (I love messing with scammers) GET THIS I told them it was  ,, A TOTAL L O L, I had to repeat it 5 times to the guy (trying so hard not to lauff) Anyway he told me that someone had hacked my I cloud account (ya OK) acted like I was pissed. Then I was told that there would be a fee to correct this problem. Again Ya right! Now I asked him how much more it would be if his girlfriend came over to service me! (Now the worm turns) he gets pissed! He we go,,Oh yaa!! I told him since your trying to jurk me off I figured your old lady can com over and swallow the one eyed monster… I do not know why he hung up on me???

  32. No this is a scam and they are hackers!!!!!!! DO NOT TALK TO THEM

  33. Was this spam or and accurate call

  34. This is a scam of some sort. Reverse phone directory says it’s California Pizza Kitchen in Texas. Caller ID says its “APPLECARE”.

  35. calls every 10-15 minutes leaves robot message

  36. Second time attempted call.  After not recognizing a first call I blocked that #.

  37. call all the time. IRS scam etc…

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:37
E164 Format:+8002752273
Formato Nacional:800 27 52 27 3
National Format:800 27 52 27 3
International Format:+800 27 52 27 3
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-27-52-27-3

The number 8002752273 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Bangalore, India. To this day, we have received 37 complaints and the tel:+800-27-52-27-3 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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