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  1. I was getting calls from some weird service in Spanish last week and now today from these people. It says they are calling from some detention center (jail basically) and left a voice mail saying to call 800-483-8314 for more information. Of course I won’t call.

    I wonder if they randomly call any cellphone or how they get people’s details. It is annoying.

    How do I report them?

  2. I want to know who is calling me from this number. I have gotten aaobut 10 call or more today. I do not do business with this company.

  3. I got a call from 601-825-9513 yesterday and said it was a collect call from rankin county jail and it hung up before the name was said and then this morning i got a call and it said unknown and they left a vm and it said it was a call from rankin county jail and no name was given and to please call 800-483-8314 to set up talk time. i dont know anyone in jail and i wish they would quit calling me…

  4. a number DOC keep calling from 7135741101. Nobdy say anything the first time but this time it said global tel n hung up.

  5. accept a call from someone in prison.

  6. I have received three calls from this number while I was out today. Only one message was left on my machine. Male caller asking me to call back this number to arrange to collect. I have called every single person I know of and none of them are incarcerated, and they don’t have anyone in jail either. It all seems rather fraudulent and there is absolutely no way I have, or will, return a call to these people. If what previous posters have said is true, then they will ignore my number from now on in the belief that it is no longer an active line. If not, well I will be reporting it because I am on the DNC list.

  7. As far as I’m concerned, if some third party calls on behalf of a ‘prison inmate’, the latters VOICE should be pre-recorded to verify the request.

  8. this is how they make outbound calls. Don’t assume it is fake. If this is from an inmate you know, don’t mark this as fake or scam. Just cause you don’t like the person calling doesn’t mean this phone number is bad.

  9. Recording said this is the Dekalb County Jail.  Someone is trying to call me collect.

  10. esta compania de global  es una estafa te roban el dinero se aprobechan  de todas las personas como nosotros k queremos comunicarnos con nuestros seres queridos

  11. I do not ever take collect calls, specially from strangers behind bars.

  12. prison call, probably fake

  13. Spam call with some person recording.

  14. If you answer the phone when they call there is an option for if you don’t want to receive those type of calls anymore. press the number and the calls will stop.

  15. I don’t know who is calling me from this number, but they are calling my cell phone, constantly all day. I would like it stop immediately!

  16. I have been receiving the same calls. It seems wrong… I’ve received 4 now and am researching on filing a complaint and getting off the list or something.

    RIght when we finish telemarketers, now we have to deal with prisons. *sigh*

  17. I have received two phone calls from an anonymous number on my cell phone.  It is a recording for global tel* link they left a message saying that I could call 800-483-8314 to set up an advanced payment system for an inmate at the Camden County Correctional Facility.  No one I know is in there.  I am also on the do not call list and I am going to file a complaint against these people.  What cracked me up was that the number on the caller id said “Anonymous”  I got the first call at 8:30 am, and the second one at 1:30 pm.  As I read above, I should be getting another call from them at 6:00 pm.  I do not have a cell phone for scams like this. They will be reported.

  18. something about the cost of accepting calls from a correctional facility.

  19. Im getting calls on my CELL from a so called Pitches Detention Center Inmate…i am not expecting a call from any facility and if i was i would expect the inmate to be identified.  This seems very deceiving.  Who’s to say that someone will not attach some type of phone charges if i were to accept and further use my line as a calling card of sorts…how do i get it to stop!!!!  not cool

  20. My husband is in prison he calls me every night but that number is not the one that will show up but if a prisoner has tried to call you collect through global tel link then global tel link will call you from the 1-800 number to try and get you to set up an account with them.  You can call 1-877-650-4249 to put a stop to it all.

  21. Connect network automated phone call calls when your account is low. Just a reminder to put money on books so you can speak to your loved one incarcerated.

  22. If you get a call from this number, this simply means that someone who is incarcerated is attempting to call your phone.

  23. Got a call today from Birmingham City Jail asking me to accept/and or set up a pre-pay account to let the caller place a call to me.  I searched (on-line) the Birmingham City jail records and recognized no names (fortunately).  What I find more distubing… when I got home there was a message on my machine… the same scam was attempted to my home phone.

  24. Most users referred this number as a collect-call that prisoners do. This may be a legit service.

  25. I have been gettng collect calls on my cell phone (310)xxx-xxxx whch is registered in the do not call list from a prison in the east.  This has been happening in an odd hours and very annoying.  I have no answered to any of the calls. But these annoying calls should be stopped permanently.

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:25
E164 Format:+8004838314
Formato Nacional:800 48 38 31 4
National Format:800 48 38 31 4
International Format:+800 48 38 31 4
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-48-38-31-4

The number 8004838314 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Bangalore, India. To this day, we have received 25 complaints and the tel:+800-48-38-31-4 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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