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  1. I replied to another response to this, but my experience was a lady that had a heavy Indian accent, to which I could understand every third word. She said something (obviously reading from a script) my computer was putting out infectious material and it affects only Microsoft products. She asked me what kind of computer I have, I did not answers, so she started her “spiel” again. She asked if I knew my computer was doing this, I answered “No I don’t.” She asked me “why?”, to which I replied something probably not very intelligent as this phone call aggravated me, but I told her “I didn’t know because nobody told me.” At that point I pretty much decided when she asked me if I wanted to schedule a “tech” to come and fix it? I have been playing with fixing computers for quite awhile, with different certifications, I told her “I’ll just run my antivirus on the computer.” Her immediate reply was “Oh no you can’t do that, only Microsoft tech can fix that.” I told her I don’t think that is the case.

  2. Baised om other reviews, Scam Call. And if infact Microsoft, I do not have any products or bought any.

  3. Total scam-should be in jail for taking peoples’ money!

  4. not Microsoft it is a scam

  5. Just got a call from “Microsoft”, too.  they wanted me to do a Cntrol, then R key on my keyboard, for some reason.  This must connect them to me to hack my info.  LOL.   I hung up on ’em.

  6. I got called by this number and when I asked if they could take me off there call list because I had no idea why they would be calling me, I immediately get cussed out saying no I won’t remove your number and so on and so forth. And then to call back and figure out who these people really are I finally get someone to answer and I sat on the phone listening to people talk for 5 minutes before I get a response. I said I wanted to complain of the service and the people just sounded very uneducated and I told them that and hung up because obviously I was wasting my time.

  7. 6463985884

    This people are impersonating the Federal Reserves and the Federal Grants Departments, offering $9000 in a form of a electronic transfer, direct deposit, and or money gram. when a government issues money as a result of a refund they will issue a check, if in any way the government choses Direct Deposit, they know all your information since is THE GOVERNMENT and preferred to send this news in a form of letters. This impostors should be persecuted to all extent of the law.

  8. Called my parents saying that a virus is being sent out from their address…they don’t even have the internet! He was extremely rude too.

  9. I have had all my email addresses hacked and am unable to get into any of my emails and this is the no I found on site to contact MSN as all other options fail

  10. Automated message says they are recieving havking warnings from my computer.

  11. Just got a phone call from this #800-642-7676.  The guy sounded indian and was babbling about my computer sending them 3000 error messages and that someone from Nigeria must be trying to hack my computer.  When I told him I did not have access to my computer he said he would call back.  I immediately blocked the phone # from my cell……hopefully I reacted quickly enough.

  12. they called 4 times in less than an hour. I get 6 or more different calls a day from strange long dist. or toll free numbers a day. this kind of mess shouldn’t be happening.  There should be a way to stop it!!!!!

  13. Getting calls everyday about same time (11:15am) never leave message and when picked up you just get dead air

  14. You are absolutely correct. I would think it is VERY difficult to trace down a computer that is allegedly putting out infectious material can be detected via IP #. To the best of my knowledge the IP # will not tell exactly where the computer is. Better yet, In my case I was asked why I did not know my computer is putting out such information, I replied “I don’t know, but I’ll run an Anti Virus when I get home. Immediately she replied in an indignant (I think it was, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, obviously Indian) “Oh no you can’t do that, it has to be a Microsoft technician.” I told her “I don’t believe that at all.”

  15. A ‘cold call’ from someone claiming to be a Microsoft Technician and offer what……support! MS doesn’t make cold calls, it’s some person from India or a similar area ‘offering’ service for PC problems that probably do not exist.

  16. In general, this will NOT be Microsoft Support

  17. These people claim that they are working for Microsoft and advise your computer has a virus and then offer to fix it for $199 00. Its a scam.

  18. Called and asked 4 Catherine. Sounded Indian. Hung up and sounded like it was still connected.    Do not answer and block right away!

  19. Posted charges to my debit card in the amount of $52.99 three times on August 27th, and $63.59 on August 27th. I reported these charges as fraud to my Credit Union.

  20. Microsoft-unsolicited call

  21. Same as all other reports, Indian, Microsoft, errors….funny.” I only use a iOS and I’m in Japan right now, so not sure why my computer would be sending errors when no one is home”…she hung up.

  22. told their was a problem with my security and that they were calling from Microsoft. After hours of trying to get me to give them control of my computer I hung up.

  23. Suspicious phone call, claiming ” they own me some money” asking to info …
    i hang up … however this must be something like scum !!

  24. My phone showed “Unknown.”

  25. Fake # displays as Microsoft. Claiming to remove harmful hidden programs with cost. If you question you got something unwanted in your computer take it to Best Buy or some reliable business.

  26. dont like to get marketing calls

  27. this is a Microsoft phone #.  I suspect you had an XBox 360 repair recently??  Not sure – I get them too.

  28. This number called. An automated voice said they were receiving errors from my computer. Also said they were from Microsoft. I was not using my computer. I hung up.

  29. Just had a call from someone calling himself “John”.  Usual spiel about them noticing infections on my computer over the last couple of days.  I asked for a phone number and he gave me this one, which I see from Googling is mentioned as a USA phone number for Microsoft support.  However, it’s obviously a scam as these things always are (there’s no way someone sitting somewhere else sees an infection being sent from your computer!).  When I did a 1471, it was the usual “You were called…” message.

  30. Another international number I am getting charged for. Extremely annoyed about this.

  31. This man stating he was calling about my computer. He said he received information stating my computer was being hacked by different poeple and performing illegal stuff. So to fix the problem he wanted to go over some things in my computer with me . Then I asked why the police weren’t making this phone call and he started to stammer his words as he answered , “because we are the poeple in charge of that not the police.” So I played along and asked him if he could call back because I didn’t know anything about computers and my cousin who is a computer tech would be able to assist him better . He seemed a little annoyed. Then I asked if he wanted to leave a number or if he wanted to call back in 20 minutes? He said he would call back . It’s been 1hour and 16 minutes . Guess I was right to be suspicious . Thanks to the other testimonials . I was able to confirm it is a scam.

  32. Calls and the message is all static

  33. computerized voice claiming Microsoft license compromised

  34. Called then just hung up. Called back and call did not go through, just disconnected.

  35. Robocall fishing for suckers to scam. ID came up as Microsoft, but it’s a recorded robotic voice message.

  36. Told me there’s a problem with my computer, which I have not turned on in weeks, while recovering from an illness. Number probably spoofed. Blocked until they pick the next number to slip through my blocks.

  37. take money out of my checking acount

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Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:37
E164 Format:+8006427676
Formato Nacional:800 64 27 67 6
National Format:800 64 27 67 6
International Format:+800 64 27 67 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-64-27-67-6

The number 8006427676 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Bangalore, India. To this day, we have received 37 complaints and the tel:+800-64-27-67-6 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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