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39 reports for the number 8006722893

  1. Just called and didn’t leave a message.

  2. said it was survey and I punched no. 1

  3. Just called, I didn’t answer, no VM.

  4. Caller: ASDE Gatineau Survey Company

  5. Block this number next time.

  6. they called me from this number but just recording message

  7. No voicemail left. Called 2017/01/25

  8. Calling and calling . It is scammer and fraud

  9. **** you i will send you my lawyer ****

  10. Your a scammer mr. trudeau and all your low life ( syrian ) that no f***ing job but have new car’s and no g-1 or a g-2.
    they get free gas and free ( g.p.s ) too. so they can blow up bus car store’s shop’s. and kill are pet’s too like are cow’s pig’s dog’s cat’s.
    your a scammer trudeau and your syrian too.
    get out of canada

  11. automated survey, robo call, left me a voice message, did not try to sell anything though

  12. Not from Isis. Was from Quebec survey asking yes or no do you have a landline or are you a cellphone only home. I deleted without pressing one for yes or 4 for no…..

  13. Je reçois des appels des États unis c’est un enregistrement qui parle me demande de rester en ligne sauf qu’il n’y a personne.

  14. All 1 800 and 1 888 numbers should be banned. Nobody should answere these numbers it will automatically be stopped.

  15. They called, I accidentally accepted….lasted 9 seconds no one said anything and then just hung up

  16. Why don’t you do something about this? It is obvious it is an ongoing problem yet nothing is done to stop this.

  17. Telemarketing robo-call from a company in Quebec about land line phone service

  18. it is coming out of gatineau que was trying to see if we had another phone in our household or were we using just cells phones i just hung up and put a block on him it was a man callingand it came in on my husband phone but it also came in my house phone to when he call the cell how can that be when my house phone did not ringsomeone is breaking in canada communications service i have had service people out to my place so many times in the last 2 and a half years and the problem is not solve some one is using the services to run businesses and they have taken over and the goverment is not doing nothing about this there was times i had people sent to my place that was suppose to be tec and he did not even know how to turn on my computer they even go as far as shuting of my phone and go with out days with no service same for the tv and we pay a lot for the service my husband has a bad heart and is a diabetic and has surgery on his heart but if something happens then what i would like a response to this from the crtc or who ever is responsible for this service should look into this mary

  19. They are terrorists! Said you will be burned.
    I thought they were collection agency…creepy

  20. ASDE SURVEY – Return their call – enter your phone #. It will be added to their internal DNC. Report and block via Samsung phones.

  21. Just called me… not a number I hand out so must be a time waster of some type.

  22. I think they are trying to find out whether the number is active (they ask you to press ‘1’ if you have a cell phone etc.), and then scam you some way using that information.

  23. survey asking if household has land line or cell phone only.asks to press 1 for land line or 2 for cell phone only. i responded but felt i should not have. it went against my better judgement.

  24. Recorded message asking if your household has land line or only cell phones. Message asks to press (1) for land line; (2) for cell phone only. Deleted message without pressing any option. Annoyance call.

  25. They asked me do you have a phone but not cell phone like home ohone

  26. Receiving persistent cell calls in Ontario from this number. Even “urgent” voice mails. Obviously they are to be ignored. However, since there appears to be no method offered to block them, and therefore the the number of offensive calls will mount, the phone industry will do nothing unless their profits are affected. Suggest next time you consider a cell service provider for updating your iPhone, Android whatever, demand from them a method to prevent this intrusion….or walk away. You have the $ power. Use it!

  27. They called 2 times second time I answered and said stop I’m playjng fortnite

  28. They called me twice. They called me once and I declined them called me again within seconds of me declining

  29. Called and said they were recruiting for ISIS, and kept saying BOMB

  30. I just received a call from this telephone number and I don’t know who it is .

  31. It’s ISIS…don’t answer
    They may be looking for recruits as they are getting shot up pretty good

  32. Called at 10:49PST. Did not answer as showed as an 800 number.

  33. It’s a dummy number userd by PIGS as a locator, phony survey is info grab. Suck my d…

  34. Didn’t answer. No message left. I changed my cell number. Same number called on November 26, 2017 and I changed my number after that call also so someone has the technology to find my new numbers. Rogers is my cell provider so maybe they have a mole.

  35. Robocall. Scam. I hung up before they said much. The call was in French.

  36. did not answer based on comment. Search on internet shows the number as survey.

  37. Picked up and waited to hear a voice. Just heard a click and they hung up.

  38. This number started a call by automated voice with press button request. It is used to make survey about quality of marketing products and satisfaction of the customers.

  39. When the hell are the jerks behind these calls going to be caught and jailed?

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-19
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:39
E164 Format:+8006722893
Formato Nacional:800 67 22 89 3
National Format:800 67 22 89 3
International Format:+800 67 22 89 3
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-67-22-89-3

If you are getting calls from the number 8006722893, you are most likely going to receive a recorded message saying that they are an official group from Canada doing a ”nationwide survey” of sorts.

They will ask you for your phone number and address as part of this survey. However, we urge you not to share any personal information that the group may ask for during the call. This should keep you safe from potential hackers that may end up stealing your money.

How should you deal with this?

Aside from blocking the number on your landline, it would be best for you not to pay attention to the caller at all. They should stop eventually. If they still bother you, reporting the number to the authorities can be an effective option too.

The most important thing to remember is just to ignore the number as best you can. As they say, “less talk less mistake.” Right?  

who is calling me 8006722893

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