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35 reports for the number 8007332767

  1. Red Cross blood donor reminder

  2. red cross reminder call for blood donation

  3. Red cross confirming blood donation appt

  4. Red Cross… They call way too much.

  5. It’s the Red Cross looking for blood doaners

  6. American Redcross blood drive reminder

  7. I think they are really vampires

  8. Called me twice in 30 minutes

  9. Red cross calling me several times a week

  10. this call is from Red Cross

  11. Called and didnt leave a message.

  12. red Cross. won’t remove me from call list

  13. Red Cross blood donation request

  14. Keep calling late at night.

  15. Red Cross probably soliciting donations.

  16. Red Cross looking for blood donors

  17. calling to remind me of blood donation appointment

  18. American Redcross continues to call

  19. Its REDCROSS asking for a donation;)

  20. They’re totally vampires. =D

  21. This organization helps many people glad I can help by giving blood on a regular basis!

  22. They call in the morning, they call during dinnertime, they call during the day, sometimes daily. It really sucks. I’ve requested they take our phone number off the calling list, but they keep calling. It is really unreal how often they call. It is spam calling at it’s worse since it is so constant. I may be concentrating on getting something done, and get interrupted by the phone, only to find it is the Red Cross Blood Bank calling–I’ve started not answering the phone. With the Do Not Call registration much of the spam calling had subsided, but the spam calls (other than Red Cross Blood Bank) are starting to increase again. Spam emails & calls are a real pain, and there doesn’t seem to be an effective way to stop them.

  23. Keep getting a call from 800-733-2767. They call at least once a day but never leave a message,

  24. It is the Red Cross, but the automated process is terrible. There is such a long pause when you answer that it seems like they have hung up. I give blood regularly, so the number is legit. But annoying.

  25. Called and didn’t answer when I picked up. Time was 6:05pm Wednesday 6-2-2010.

  26. It was the Red Cross.  I got a real person, not a machine, so maybe it is for real.  I didn’t give the woman a chance but told her I can’t donate–blood, that is.  She asked if it was temporary and I said it was not. (all true)  She said she would take me off their call list.

  27. 800-733-2767 in Oregon is the American Red Cross…they are looking for donations and cold calling potential donors.

  28. red cross left message about upcoming blood donation opportunity

  29. This number belongs to Red cross and they call to make a survey among people to find out if anybody wants to contribute to their thing.

  30. Same call!! After almost 4 years… any idea who this is?

  31. It isn’t bad enough that they call so frequently, but they also call 8am on Saturday mornings!!! It is impossible to get them to stop calling you. I’ve asked them to stop calling and we’ll call them for an appointment when it is time for us to give blood, actually, they want plasma, but they keep calling. I wonder if they’re on commission

  32. red cross , blood donation , they arrange blood donation times

  33. They are desperate for blood as their previous means of getting blood has been cut off by our glorious president. Friggin blood drinkers!

  34. Was called this morning with a recorded message from the ACLU to vote against AZ prop 116.

  35. Red Cross, trying to get me to go to a blood drive….

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:35
E164 Format:+8007332767
Formato Nacional:800 73 32 76 7
National Format:800 73 32 76 7
International Format:+800 73 32 76 7
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-73-32-76-7

Really the Red Cross?

You are likely here because 8007332767 called you more than a few times over the past few days. However, the available data suggests that 8007332767 is most likely a telemarketing campaign for the Red Cross (or the American Red Cross). Certainly the possibility exists that some scammer is “spoofing” the number to seem like the Red Cross. But unless you’re inclined to donate to them, you should be good.

Possible Things to Do

No one likes to get unrelenting unsolicited calls. So here’s what you can do to prevent 8007332767 from harassing you further. The first and easiest course of action would be to engage call-blocking features on your phone. The next thing you could do is reach out to the Red Cross and verify whether or not it really is a number they use, and also learn about alternate ways you could donate should you be so inclined.

who is calling me 8004332767

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