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40 reports for the number 8007774681

  1. Sprint , Cell Phone provider., Call center located in India.

  2. Called claiming to be a representative from sprint but number doesn’t register with any known sprint sites.

  3. Said I was one of Sprint’s "best customers" and because I had been with Sprint so long (about two years) I qualified for upgrades. Then asked for my security info. I told them I was busy with work and asked where to look online for my upgrades, she disregarded my request and went on with a sales pitch. So I hung up. If this isn’t a scam, they should really make it feel less scammy.

  4. I answered the call and said Hello, 3 time’s and they hung up??? What the heck are they doing? Honestly it’s ridiculous! If you don’t pickup they’re harassing you all day calling, but if you take the call, they hang up? BLOCKING

  5. telemarketer named sprint.

  6. sprint. they call with adds. this is also customer service number

  7. Sprint rep. spam, could barely speak English

  8. sprint trying to upsell their customers

  9. Answered call and was dead silence. Hung up after 10 seconds.

  10. Sprint Customet Service but when they call usually sales attempt

  11. Sprint. I didn’t answer because I’m about to switch since Sprint sucks.

  12. this is not Sprint. they have called several times I pick up and someone hangs up

  13. I’m a Sprint customer, silent call, annoying

  14. No one answered my greeting

  15. Didnt leave a message but did say its sprint

  16. me too, I didn’t answer no message was left.

  17. This is a Sprint customer service sales call.

  18. Called on cell – didn’t leave message

  19. Just called me! Scammers!!!

  20. Didn’t answer. No message. Have called twice

  21. Called, did not leave message

  22. sprint nuisance sales call

  23. Called, but left no message, prior to this I received a call from 650-830-9675. I believe them to be linked. Didn’t answer either call and blocked both.

  24. Asked me to answer some questions then hung up when I told them they had to tell me what they were offering first.

  25. Has called twice in a week. did not leave message. Must not want any infomation.

  26. Called about boost mobile exclusive offer. Foreign accent.

  27. I contacted Sprint and they told me it’s their actual tele sales number so i’m wondering why everybody here is lying saying that it’s a scam. that’s crazy.

  28. So far this number has only called once. No message left.

  29. QUICK! STAY IN CONTRACT! Wait, you want a DEAL? Oh, no. Nononononononononono.

  30. They offered products and deals that were excellent. I was skeptical so i called Sprint and they said thats the product spec*****t number

  31. Called and when I answered they immediately hung up. Has done this multiple times in the past 2 weeks.

  32. This call is NOT from Sprint. This call is an attempt to get your account PIN or security WORD. The caller already has your account #, account name and address, and cell #. If they get either of your security codes above they WILL enter your Sprint Zone page on another cellphone, lock you out of your account, and order as many phones as they can shipped all over the country. SPRINT is aware of this issue.

  33. Called at 750 pm MST.  Let go to voicemail, no voicemail left.

  34. Robo calls from Sprint cell service that call and leave messages every time… 15-30 calls a day for months! I have never had them, nor do I want to have them now or EVER! I do not know how they got my phone number. I have been on the national do not call list since 2007. I have contacted their customer service, spoken to managers/supervisors multiple times and even gone into their stores and every time am told it will be fixed and it never is. I am going crazy because of them and am now considering the excessive calls harassment! i need it to stop!!!

  35. sprint trying to get you to add device and new line

  36. Got two calls at around 10pm, from a scammer with an Indian accent who wanted my credit card number to pay off a fictitious $75.00 dept.

  37. Answered and was told it was Sprint with promotional offers. Don’t believe it was Sprint and ended the call.

  38. They called to claim they were Sprint, so at first I talked to them and told them my bill is way too high and I am getting ready to go to T-Mobile… then the guy said “oh, let me put you to another department so maybe they can remedy it and asked me for my “password/security word”, at some point he said something about my iPohne 6s, and that made a light go off in my head… I do not have an iPone 6s?!?!… thank God the password I started to give him was wrong (LOL)… I never finished giving him the word and I asked him “btw, what phone do you think I have?” and he started to supposedly to “look up” the info in his system… and started to tell me “oh I see here, that you have 3G…” blah blah blah… he was stalling, and he was stuttering, at this point I was pretty sure he was a scammer, so I told him that and I hung up… Since everybody on here said they called from all kinds of places (not just Sprint), it’s obviously a scam.

  39. Called me two days in row and did not leave a message.  I called back and it was Sprint so I just hung up and a fee minutes later they texted me a survey.

  40. I also got a call from this number stating they were from Sprint and asked if I wanted to change my plans or upgrade to get password etc. Foreign accent and I heard lots of background noise that I don’t usually hear when I do talk to Sprint. SCAMMERS!

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:40
E164 Format:+8007774681
Formato Nacional:800 77 74 68 1
National Format:800 77 74 68 1
International Format:+800 77 74 68 1
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-77-74-68-1

Is it Sprint, or NOT?

Whether or not you’re a Sprint customer, you have probably gotten calls from 8007774681. Congratulations, you are not alone. Reports on this number have been a bit mixed, with some tagging it as a “scam” right out the bat, while others insisting it was a telemarketing call from Sprint. There does not seem to be enough data to categorically determine whether or not 8007774681 is being used by a would-be charlatan. More than likely the number is more “spam” than “scam”. Nevertheless, erring on caution is probably best.

All right, now what?

Truth be told, getting unsolicited calls is never fun regardless of whether or not they are done by robocallers or scam artists looking to press their luck. As such, in order to cover your bases, aside from employing call-blocking methods on 8007774681, you might also opt to contact Sprint directly and have tag your number as “Do NOT Call”.

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