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28 reports for the number 8008165569

  1. UNKNOWN DNA. I didn’t answer.

  2. This number called while I was working.  They did not leave a message.  No idea who they are.

  3. This phone number seems to be used by a company that manages collecting money from people who owe to somebody and are late on payments and offer to renew the repayment plan.

  4. I got a call from the same number 800-816-5569 and did not pick up.  No voicemail was left.  I have  no issues with any payments that were pending.  This is a total spam.

  5. Frequently receiving calls from 800-816-5569, received one yesterday woman answered, said hold on, male came on with foreign sounding voice, ask for Terry Moore, I told him no one here by that name and never has been. He said, sorry and hung up.

  6. They have been calling once every day since the beginning of January.  It goes to voice mail but they never say anything, I can hear papers being shuffled and what sounds like office noises.  Most annoying

  7. called several times today.  I did not answer.  They must be bill collectors.  I blocked them.

  8. Received a call, no response when I answered

  9. They called my number today, left no message.

  10. they call but never leaves messages on why they are calling and for who.

  11. They call constantly do not answer this call

  12. Transworld Systems are fake as hell. They try to con you into believing you have a debt. You will not find these clowns on your credit history, because there is no debt, and they certainly don’t own it.

  13. They are blocked, but continue to attempt getting through anyway.  Called yesterday at 2:48PM and now today at 10:56AM.  Get a life!

  14. Fake Scam collection for debt

  15. 800-816-5569 I believe they are affiliated with NCO Financial. They also call using 800-823-2318

  16. Transworld aka TSI. bill collectors

  17. when I picked up, no one answered

  18. Annoyance, while trying to get work done.

  19. Called twice, last time today. Caller ID says Transworld Systems. They don’t leave any message.

  20. heard someone typing on the voicemail but nothing else, until they hung up after 22 seconds both times

  21. Have called 6 0r 7 times over the last month. Never leave a message. Caller ID Transworld Systems

  22. debt collector debt collector marketing scam

  23. Debt Collector and it is a wrong number!

  24. Called me today. They didn’t leave a message.

  25. This number claims they are reps of dhl. They stated somebody with my name trying to send a package from Beijing to Los Angeles, CA with a prohibited by law package. They do not know my name or address, only have my phone. They asked a case be established with Beijing Public Security. I am Chinese but have been in US for 23 years. Have not gone back to China during this time. Anyway sounds like spam but I am interested in other people’s experience. Also what is their end game?

  26. calls often. never leaves a message.

  27. The are a bill collector for medical bills. They call for my disabled 36 year old son, who is on State funded insurance and all bills have been paid. They refuse to talk to me without me providing Power of Attorney, He can’t speak and is mentally challenged and I  will not do. They refuse to send said bill in writing. So i told them good luck.. They call 3 to 5 times a day.

  28. I keep receiving calls from this number, and fortunately they are getting auto-rejected by my phone carrier. Since I do not have payments issues, I strongly suspect that these are spam or robot calls.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:28
E164 Format:+8008165569
Formato Nacional:800 81 65 56 9
National Format:800 81 65 56 9
International Format:+800 81 65 56 9
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-81-65-56-9

The number 8008165569 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Bangalore, India. To this day, we have received 28 complaints and the tel:+800-81-65-56-9 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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