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35 reports for the number 8008755164

  1. no one answered no replied

  2. I just put them on the block list, whoever keeps calling will get fired because they can reach me. And it’s good for them, no one should take a good as a debt collector

  3. someone keeps calling me from this number multiple times throughout the day, when i asnwer it they hang up, when i called them back the automated voicemessage answers it with giving me options to pay for i dont know what…. this is frustrating, annoying and not professional

  4. this “ERC”  800 875 5164   also calls from 443 602 9484  2-4x a day never leaves a message… BLOCK list they go too….

  5. Calls all day long from 8am- 9pm. Can not understand a word they are saying, sound threatening. Who is this person

  6. Calls Everyday & when I answer they Say call is being recorded mumble a name then hang up. This happens numerous times a day. When I try to call back I get error message saying phone isn’t in service. I blocked the numbers Daily but they just call back next time on a different number. I have blocked more than a Dozen numbers all with the same man calling me. #NUISANCE #HARASSMENT

  7. Actually answered and no one was there.  this number has called me three times within the past week.  I have no outstanding debt so I am assuming it is some type of scam artist.

  8. calls several times leaves no message   i do not answer unknown callers

  9. calls repeatedly will not remove

  10. I actually had someone talk to me. They were looking for the person that has this number over a year ago. They said they would remove this number from their list.

  11. The same as every one else, many calls a day but I never answer, and they never leave a massage, and now I never will .

  12. Calls daily, but not on weekends. I have blocked this number .

  13. They call twice a week. Never say anything. They just hang up.

  14. not sure why they are calling me.

  15. Called every day for a week. Wouldn’t leave message. I finally answered and woman asked for Mike or Mark. I have had this number for 15 years so have no idea why she would call me unless she is misdialing. On do not call list so I reported it.

  16. Rings cell phone twice  and hangs up. Called back received voice message saying ERC make a payment.

  17. They call every morning at 8:15 I’m sick and tired of this BS.

  18. This number seems to be from ERT Debt collection who probably found your phone number on some financial register and call to offer managing optimisation of your debts.

  19. I did not pick up the call because my phone alerted me to possible spam.

  20. Number calls frequently but I don’t answer and no msg is left. So feel like it’s debt collection agency just like above comment by “Flora.”

  21. This number called me but I could not understand  them so I hung up.8  They said this conversation  will be recorded. I’m not talking to anyone that records me and I don’t know the who they are. What is ERC?

  22. The lady called and kept asking me to confirm my information. When I said I would confirm no further info than my name or address and asked what it was about she said a "personal matter" then asked me to confirm my social. If you think I’m confirming that without knowing a basic reason for your call youre out of your gourd! I hung up.

  23. I got the exact same thing. I’m registered on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. I reported them.

  24. This number calls cellphone and leaves no message. Called the number back and a recording says “you have reached ERC,” with a message on how to pay. Sounds like a creditor. However, I have no outstanding bills so I do not trust these calls.

  25. Constantly calling and never leaves a message.

  26. they keep calling my 12 year olds cell phone….

  27. Has been calling everyday saying I owe money which is not the case at all.

  28. there calling day and night

  29. Calls every day, leaves garbled vm

  30. Supposedly a debt collection agency. They don’t leave a message.

  31. I get a call from this number every other day, when I finally decide to answer I get an automated voice saying I owe money. Which isn’t the case.

  32. This # has been calling me every morning for the last 2 weeks and I never answer. I wish they would stop.

  33. I do not answer this as it is my cell phone and it is a pay as you go model.  I just continually get calls from this number and do not answer.

  34. Keep getting calls from an ERC, I have no debt.  I called back several times, was connected, and promptly hung up.  Maybe they’ll get the hint.

  35. i get a call from this number all day, every day!!!! Its just a recording.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Bangalore, India
Number of complaints:35
E164 Format:+8008755164
Formato Nacional:800 87 55 16 4
National Format:800 87 55 16 4
International Format:+800 87 55 16 4
RFC3966 Format:tel:+800-87-55-16-4

The number 8008755164 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Bangalore, India. To this day, we have received 35 complaints and the tel:+800-87-55-16-4 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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