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67 reports for the number 8056377243

  1. very very annoying they dont stop calling

  2. i couldn’t understand one word. It was like it was all statice.

  3. …for an iPhone 11 to be charged to my account." I checked my account, no current or open orders. I am assuming this is another SCAM call.

  4. Goes on about a non-existent car’s extended warrantee running out.

  5. scams from irs to auto warranty

  6. Unrecognizable number no I.D.! let ring did not answer.

  7. pain management, braces, etc.

  8. allows access to your voicemail

  9. 1 805-637-7243 is the number for my voicemail provider. It is the number that I CALL to get my voicemail messages. – It seems obvious; due to the many complaints and harassment coming "from" this number, that people are hiding their own numbers by masking it with a legitimate phone number so they can scam, harass, and defraud and abuse others without being traced. This number has been hijacked to be used as a "mask" the actual number calling. – Just as an FYI.

  10. I keep getting voicemails from this #? I dont have the PW to this #, it says to hang up and dail #793# and that still doesn’t work. Getting irritated.

  11. great company listen to it

  12. Unknown number and I don’t care!!!

  13. t mobile voice mail coustomer service, ok

  14. From the "warranty department", no ID, nothing.

  15. voter registration call 10:20 PM on Saturday?

  16. stop giving bad ratings it it’s just a voicemail for T-Mobile

  17. Tmobile , Outgoing call to my voicemail

  18. I got a voice mail from a Jessica leaving me another number to call back about a college loan. I never went to college and have no loans. She did not ask for anyone by name.

  19. fraudulent activity on social security card

  20. student loan stuff which I do not have

  21. I recieve to many calls from this number, early in the morning 4 to 5 am.  who called left a message whit insoults and her voice and accent is of the person who  English is no her first language

  22. Says it will send me a pledge card or something if it just confirms my adress, everyday around noon.

  23. Doesn’t ring. Leaves a 0.5 second voicemail of nothing multiple times a week.

  24. unwanted caller, repeats his calls.

  25. the guy is just reaching out to me

  26. using to track and identity theft

  27. something about student loans

  28. This my metro voicemail service

  29. Your vehicle warranty has expired

  30. Keeps calling. Annoying spam…

  31. U keep calling n calling n calling

  32. This says it’s my voicemail on my phone. Metro PCS. I talked with T-Mobile. They are not associated with a metro PCS. They are associated with a hacker group from Appalachian state college and other major colleges, UNC etc. They hack into your phones access your bank accounts and atm card numbers. They work from Apache servers and can control text messages, redirect emails, redirect phone calls. Unlink all of your contacts through Google on your android phones and be ready to write down linked emails and numbers that you don’t know. This probably won’t go through.

  33. said they were from from processing Dept. for a student loan. I don’t have a Student Loan. they called me twice by Robocall.

  34. T-Mobile Voice Mail Service

  35. This number keeps calling my phone and is a nuisance. Is there any way to stop them from calling me?

  36. My father is getting harassing calls from this number and I am VERY upset. He is getting older and does not need this kind of annoyance in his life. His cell phone company is T-Mobile and they claim they cannot block this number unless he incurs a monthly charge. He is leaving T-Mobile for this reason. Why can’t something be done about this?

  37. claim to pertain to car warranty its fraud beware!!

  38. I am receiving these calls at 4AM … I would love to know who it is because I have a message for them …

  39. Hang up and caller blocked

  40. this number opens up my voicemail

  41. Oh that’s so silly! 807-637-7243 is the voicemail number to check your messages on T-mobile!!!  You probably didn’t hang up right or accidentally put it no hold or your “pocket” dialed back the last number called (when you checked your voice messages last); anyway, that’s all it is.

  42. Recieved voice mail on my mobile without any sound, when I ca;;ed back no response

  43. 805-637-7243 also known as 805-message is the way to check voicemail for T-mobile from a land line while in the USA if calling from another country it is possible this may be a number for something else

  44. U do false advertising 1st lok on fone no . Free then you come out with 4.99 y lie n say free

  45. they never leave a message, I get on a average of 2 calls aday

  46. I received a voicemail from this number. The caller said that my social security benefits will be terminated if u do not respond. I just applied for a new SS Card a week ago. Please let me know if this call is indeed connected with my Social Security Application and Benefits.

  47. this number keep calling me constantly, it required my password when I dial this number, I don’t have either the password or how to set up a password, want to block this number, it didn’t give me that option. very annoying. hope someone can help me out. thank you..

  48. If 805-637-7243 is a voicemail number to check messages on T-Mobile than how come when I dial the number it’s a recording from some Insurance company.   Att all hours of the day and night?

  49. Hey I just called this number from my phone (with Alltel service) and it brought me to the T-Mobile message center:-) However i do know that there is a way you can call people through the voicemail service!

  50. 8056377243 is an old Alphanumeri Paging Gateway phone number run by one of the phone companies (AT&T?) but shut down in 2003.

  51. i have 2 instances in my call log where it says i called this number at a time that i know i wasn’t using my cell phone.  i only noticed it because i received a call from an irate person saying they got a prank call from my number. i’m confused.

  52. Pete calling from National Disability offering help if you are applying for disability. Call back at this number 617-996-8876.

  53. I’m thinking people are confused and thinking this was the number that left a voicemail. It is actually the number I called to get my voicemail. This is the US Mobile (and TMobile?) voicemail number!

  54. Several missed calls on caller ID. I called the number back and a machine answers. The message makes no sense. I really hope someone can figure this out and put a STOP to it.

  55. i got a voice message that sounded like statick electricity but then a woman started talking to a man but i couldnt realy hear what they said and then the man said i try to get you out of here now. who are these people?!?!?!

  56. this “person” calls my cell phone 5 or 6 times a week. there is garbled sounds like someone accidentally hit “send” but this last time, he said MY actual first name in a truncated sentence. later in the message he said “iphone” as if it was a command.

  57. I was unable to get to my phone in time but no message was left.

  58. By reading other post, i see this # may be the voice mail # for
    t-mobile? i’ve reported my problems to the fcc, but i still receiving them? what can i do ???
    ??? help ???

  59. why this number if when I called back there was a machien who picked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. This number represents a useful service – it’s a voice mail from the operator T-mobile.

  61. dr – he was saying that 807 (not 805) 637 7243 was for tmobile vm and it funny how close it is to this number.

  62. The message left was for an offer to consolidate my credit card loans. It sounds like the same voice that keeps warning me that my car warranty is about to expire.

  63. This is the number T-Mobile customers use to access their voice mailbox. Any incoming call using this number is spam.

  64. this number keeps calling my phone.i have reported it.can you please do something about it.its very annoying repeately getting calls from this number

  65. This call is a scam, message indicates that SSN needs to be verified to prevent identity theft. Not even the Social security office will call anyone to verify Information on your SSN.

  66. got a mexican voice, which wouldn’t be that unusual, except that this message preceded a flurry of calls, all from strange (i.e., displayed, but untraceable) numbers or ‘unknown’ (i.e., no number displayed).

  67. This happens again i will take to the attorney general.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:California, United States
Number of complaints:67
E164 Format:+8056377243
Formato Nacional:805 63 77 24 3
National Format:805 63 77 24 3
International Format:+805 63 77 24 3
RFC3966 Format:tel:+805-63-77-24-3

What do we know?

Who is behind 8056377243 is unclear, however, the nature of its call it’s clear. All of the calls which recipients receive revolve around IRS or SCC tax returns, and all other elements surrounding money. There have also been recipients who have made statements saying that it was someone claiming to be the US treasury calling them about money owed by themselves.

8056377243 has been classed as ‘medium risk’ meaning that if you should ever receive a call from them, the best thing to do is to give them zero information about yourself and follow it up on your own to verify whether the nature of the call was true or not.

Most likely a scam…

Just like every other business, the ones mentioned above are no exception to companies never asking for information over the phone. Anything as sensitive as that would always be done in person, thus proving that any attempt to take your information over the phone is more than likely a scam.

who is calling me 8056377243

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