8080996746 Whose phone number is this?

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23 reports for the number 8080996746

  1. Called twice by this number today. Didn’t pick up.

  2. Two calls today now blocked them !!!

  3. Phoned 17:23 on 22nd july 2015

  4. They said they was Vodafone

  5. 808 phone #’s are from  Hawii

  6. this number is calling me daily, as far as I know no one other than family has my mobile number so never answer it but driving me so mad.

  7. calling 3/4 times a day i just do not answer ,will not answer numbers i dont know

  8. i got a call from them thanking me for being a loyal customer, then he said hes got some offers and i asked what they are, he said that i need to confirm my date of birth and address, i replied back saying “well, you phoned me, can you confirm it” he said ” if your going to be awkward, then no point wasting my time and hung up” great custmer service

  9. Received a call from 00 8080996746 yesterday. Didn’t answer it as looked like a weird international number and cos I’m such a sad bas**rd I don’t know anyone who lives abroad!

  10. This is definitely Vodafone.  I got a text off them this morning saying I’d used all my data (this is true) so someone would ring me from +44 808 099 6746 within the next week. Sure enough less than 2 hours later they called from that exact number.  The text message also gave a link to Vodafone website which is legit.

  11. Got the call today, didn’t pick up as it was identified as spam.

  12. Call me all the time saying its Vodafone and it’s getting on my tits

  13. I just picked this up. Someone claiming to be vodaphone calling (With an asian accent). I doubt the story.

  14. so ts legitimately Vodafone, why dont they leave a message

  15. After a week of two calls a day from this number I answered the phone. They said they were Vodafone and asked me for info ie. my address, I said I’d call them at a more convenient time and they said I wouldn’t be able to contact them that way. I then called Vodafone to see if it was them and they said it was a scam and to not pick up the phone (they knew his because their calls end in 191 and I’m not due for an upgrade for another year). Don’t give them your info!!!!!

  16. Called today, ignored and read the posts here to check. Safest option ignore/block and check my Vodafone account online.

  17. Clearly not Vodafone and merely fishing for info on you. Don’t let these scammers take advantage of you.

  18. Its is defo not a scam and it is vodafone as I 100% know this because I work for them. You are being rang for a reason.. Possibly an early upgrade or loyality discount. Your loss really when you can take advantage of the great offers for you. Vodafone is a large company and one of the best networks in the world! Not just the UK, thats why we deal with a wide range of customers out side of stores!!

  19. This number has called me before claiming to be Vodafone telling me I was due an early upgrade. I knew straight away it was a scam and contacted Vodafone my self who advised me it was a scam and no one from Vodafone had tried to contact me! Do not give these people any details.

  20. This number is ringing me daily. Normally I am at work when it rings, so i genuinely can’t answer. I am with Vodafone… do you think it is a scam?

  21. It is Vodafone, they’ve not stopped for weeks trying to get family and friends to get discount sims…

  22. Vodafone annoying the hell out of me everyday ?

  23. yeah looks like it is vodafone, they phoned me and i tried to be crafty and get them to contact me another way to see if they really were vodafone. they phoned to talk to the account holder (which isn’t me) but im getting them to send me an email to see if they really are legit.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-20
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Hawaii, United States
Number of complaints:23
E164 Format:+8080996746
Formato Nacional:808 09 96 74 6
National Format:808 09 96 74 6
International Format:+808 09 96 74 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+808-09-96-74-6

Relax! It’s just Vodafone…

Let me guess? You got contacted by 8080996746 several times already, and you probably thought it belonged to a very persistent tech-savvy criminal type that is just itching to defraud you of your hard-earned money, right? Well, keep in mind that life is rarely quite so melodramatic. You will be relieved to know that a closer look into 8080996746 revealed that it does in fact belong to Vodafone. The company is most likely making a courtesy call to either tell you about a new product, service or promo of some sort. Other people contacted by this number said as much after disclosing they had taken the call.

Here’s what you gotta do…

“Courtesy calls” can be quite tedious, and altogether bothersome. That said, be proactive. Instead of waiting for another call from 8080996746, add the number to your blocked calls list, or employ a similar block feature.

who is calling me 8080996746

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