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54 reports for the number 8456021111

  1. Dodgy number has rang 15 times today Several series ago same number 20 times. Ringing at silly times of day and night.

  2. Asked me to dial 1 for a SMS message. Suspect a scam so just blocked the caller.

  3. Have rang several times . Blocked number but still keeps ringing !!

  4. How do i block phone number 8456021111

  5. How do i block this number on my landline constantly ringing all hours

  6. Hope it stops now, woke me twice in the night, knowing now where it comes from explains that.

  7. Rang numerous times bellends

  8. Received 12 calls. I didn’t answer them. Hopefully now blocked.

  9. Constantly ringing landline. Calls only about 5 to 10 minutes apart. Really annoying. Says it is from BT messaging. I have got Virgin landline so don’t know how BT can leave a message. Obviously a SCAM!!!!

  10. Phoned at least a dozen times today didn’t answer but v annoying

  11. Rang at 10 after midnight with a text message apologising for not returning our call – which we never made! Not the first time they have rung.

  12. Parcelforce SMS text service advising about a delivery

  13. Bt text messaging service letting me know my cab was waiting outside

  14. Called me 8 times today !!!

  15. Was genuine, took the advice on here and dialed 08456021111. SMS service with a legitimate message about an order I had waiting for pickup.

  16. Repeat calls, very annoying. Blocked this number but still rings.

  17. Had 2 calls so far when i was at home will check to see how many missed ones, I don’t know anyone in New York.

  18. I got two calls from this number this morning, I did not answer them but checked the number afterwards,.I have now blocked the number

  19. Silent phone call love them

  20. Been ringing frequently all day, but cuts off fairly quickly. Haven’t answered it. Blocked the number on my landline, but it still rings. will have to unplug the ‘phones tonight – which will probably make them bleep in protest.

  21. Been ringing since 9pm Thursday 18th of October and all the following day at least a dozen times.
    How do you block this on your landline?

  22. Called for the last 3 weeks every day 8-10 times a day

  23. Rang several times today. Eventually picked up…….something to do with BT text message……hhave I been charged for this?

  24. Had a call from this number just a moment ago

  25. Called at just after 11pm. not answered. c***s …

  26. Rang 4 times after 9 PM at night and twice this morning so far after 8am

  27. 8456021111 is unobtainable from my UK line, but adding a 0 to make it 08456021111 got me through to the ‘SMS Text Store from BT’ it was a text voicemail.

  28. this number has been ringing me all day at least 20 times. Haven’t answered any of them as I didn’t recognise the number

  29. recieved this as text message which comes on my home phone to be translated into speech.  Living alone and being disabled I find these things disturbing because I dont know what other info they have about me.  I want them to stop

  30. we had a call on the phone couldnt answer it…
    Dialled back the 1471 number 8456021111…no good..

    Took advice from others about adding a 0.  Did 0845 602 1111.

    Turns out we too had recieved a text message from BT.  A friend of the family typed out a text message and this is how we retrieved it by putting an 0 at the front and redialling it back unlocking the text message….

    Investigation complete on this thread!  This number is a Bt service text sent to you from a friend or family……Col

  31. i have ust had a phonecall from 08456021111. i missed the call but i googled it and its a company called  Broadwing Communications. They are based in New York so im baffled as to how they got my number..i am ex directory!

  32. it is bt text service tried prefix 0 as advised and got a text message. thanks to previous comments as wondered who would phone our business number on new years day 8.22 am

  33. rang 3 times but seeing this number made me think it was a scam

  34. Been ringing since 8 a.m. Six calls so far, now 9.15 a.m. Checked it as did not recognise it so have not answered it. So annoying.

  35. It’s not a scam!
    Just add a “0” to make 0845 602 1111
    If someone sends you a text message from their mobile phone to your landline, BT very kindly convert it into voice, and forward it to you from this number.
    After all, your landline can’t show text messages!.As long as you are in the UK, Calls are charged at standard network rate for a local call, not premium rate. (BT operate the “Lo-Call” 0845 number, which only charges you a local call rate from wherever you are in the UK)If you have any doubt about this number, pick up your mobile & text “Hello” to your landline number!


  37. Received a call from this number just after 11pm. A message was left – something about a parcel being on its way. Nothing I know about. It’s stressful receiving a call at that time of night.

  38. Hi I have received these calls a few times over the past month or so usually about 02:00am in the morning, if you put an 0 in front 08456021111 you get the BT text messaging service  you can then listen to the message again the message did not make any sense when I did this, you can also stop these messages altogether by dialling free 08005875252

  39. Hi ive gotten 3 calls from this number between 9am and 9:30am. I wish they would **** off. Im ex directory too and also on talk talk. Has anyone answered them to find out what they want?

  40. If you are in the UK, then it’s just the BT SMS TEXT messaging service. Even those on Talk Talk receive it from BT. Talk Talk phone lines when dialling 1471 will give the number 845 602 1111. To ring the number dial 0845 602 1111.

    We got in, and dialled 1471 on our TalkTalk (ex-directory) line, it revealed 845 602 1111 as having caled whilst we were out. After Googling this page, i decided to call it, to see who had sent a message to our home phone! (nobody would). Turns out it was my Mum who had accidently activated my Dad’s mobile whilst we were in the car.

    No panic then.

    Turns out to be a Genuine number and not a rip off or scam.

  41. Received call that went dead as soon as I answered. Called back and it made fax sound. Can these people be stopped?

  42. i just receieved a call from BT SMS Messaging Service and want to listen to the message again as i hung up thinking it was a scam call. now when i call back 0845 602 1111 it says i have no new voice messages. anyone have any ideas how i can get to listen to it again?

  43. We have been receiving calls from 8456021111 for a almost a week now, twice a day, or more. We have identified the mysterious package exchanger as LLoyds Bank, Cromer. Post Code NR27 9HZ, which seems to be exclusively theirs.However, please note that the text message mentions 15 West Street, and LLoyds Bank is at 51. It looks like a scam, I must say.
              The message is about the exchange of a package.

  44. Hi Guys

    This number is the BT voicemail number as read by Talktalk and some other networks.  Talktalk knocks off the ‘0’ at the begining when you do a ‘1471’ caller ID request.  I called it and the Voicemail told me that a message could not be viewed etc..

    Basically, my brother had tried to send a text message from his mobile phone to my landline.  Voicemail recomended I contact the caller (ie my brother) which I did.

    He wanted to know if I’d lend him a tenner – typical!

  45. B********************* nuisance!!! i had the same resullts about this number. some times it is with an additional 0 at the front.

  46. Have so far recieved three calls to my landline from this number over a two day period. Talktalk are unable to stop itand have suggested I register it here to get it stopped.

  47. my phone was just ringing and i have had that number befor i dont think it is a prank but i dont want to call it back because i dont think it is a english number and it might make my bill alot of money

  48. Just had this ringing consecutively for the last week two calls right after each other I hang up before they deliver the said text message .
    Is it to relay a message from a third party if so I’m sure it from a third party I don’t want to be pestered by and they have no right to pester – but not illegal I’m told to harass people all day. Like to meet thses folk in a dark alley.

  49. You only get these messages/calls after 8am as all phone lines have a curfew(unless you change it) So any txt msg sent to a landline between 11pm and 8am wont be received, but will send you a notification after 8am.

    To change your curfew times call 0800 587 52 52


    October 27th 2005

    Updated December 19th 2005
    Blank Message Curfew and User Definable Curfew: Launch December 2005

    Text-to-Speech customers will no longer be disturbed late at night by the delivery of text messages to their home phone.

    From December there will be a curfew from 11pm to 7am when no attempt will be made to deliver general or blank Text-to-Speech messages. The messages will be held until 7am when the service will resume and attempts will be made to deliver the messages.

    This will affect all UK lines with the exception of customers who have previously chosen not to receive Text-To-Speech messages from BT. It applies only to text messages delivered by the BT Wholesale Fixed Line Text service.

    BT voice messaging customers are also included in the curfew for text alert messages.

    The Text-to-Speech curfew will run independently and in addition to any other customer selected Text-to-Speech curfew settings they may have.

    General and blank messages sent to SMS capable fixed line phones are not affected by the curfew.

    The Text-to-Speech curfew setting will also prevent retries for Text-To-Speech calls between the hours of 11pm to 7am. Anyone wanting to retrieve messages not listened to on the first delivery attempt can do so by calling the text store on 0845 602 1111 from their home phone, where the messages will be stored for up to 24 hours.

    Customers wanting to select their own curfew settings can do so by calling 0800 587 52 52.

    If the default curfew setting does not meet an individual’s needs, the fixed line user will be able to
    select an alternative Text-To-Speech curfew setting by dialling the automated Freephone number
    0800 587 52 52. The options available are:

    · Allow Text-To-Speech to be delivered at any time, (excluding blank Text-To-Speech
    · Text-To-Speech Curfew between the hours of midnight and 6am
    · Text-To-Speech Curfew between the hours of 11pm and 7am (default curfew)
    · Text-To-Speech Curfew between the hours of 9pm and 9am
    · Bar all Text-To-Speech messages
    Only Text-To-Speech calls are affected by the curfew. Text messages sent to SMS capable fixed
    line phones are not affected.

  50. Just got a call from 8456021111 @ 12.20am! Im a talk talk customer,x directory! was asked to press 1 on my phone,did so and it went onto some kind of story about a bird? I then hung up straight away incase it was one of those scam things where you get charged a bomb!

  51. Left a text message on my landline. Said to press 1 to hear message. This is how they make their money.

  52. Didn’t pick up, left a voice male saying something about them (we) visiting ‘the city’, ‘beautiful weather’ and as if that wasn’t random enough it ended the message by just saying ‘monkey’

  53. since last week ive had 20 calls from this number its upsetting me im a penshienor

  54. Have called nine times since last night, did not answer.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-03-18
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:New York, United States
Number of complaints:54
E164 Format:+8456021111
Formato Nacional:845 60 21 11 1
National Format:845 60 21 11 1
International Format:+845 60 21 11 1
RFC3966 Format:tel:+845-60-21-11-1

Is this BT?

This particular number stems from a department within the company BT. The reason behind the call is to alert the recipient of the call about a service which allows you to receive the text messages people have sent to your landline, through a voice message from BT. The messages will usually start a little bit like this;

“Welcome to the SMS text store form BT.”

Then it will give you a couple of options to either read the message (listen over the phone) or to delete the text message from your landline. Since the messages are only held for 24 hours, it can be difficult for the recipient of the message to contact BT about it because once it’s gone, it can no longer be heard.

Here’s what you can do…

If you don’t want to receive any voice repeats of your text messages from BT, then you can call the automated text options service on 0800 587 5252. You can also control the time at which you can be called making it fit around you available time options a little easier.

who is calling me 8456021111

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