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Location:Perth, Australia
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38 reports for the number 8559092274

  1. One of 3 numbers ID’d as Quicken Loans, one caller looking for “Julie”, told he had wrong number, but continues to call from other numbers. We did not request any info related to a mortgage either.

  2. I  wish these people would stop calling me..  they use different phone numbers did Valley several times a day.  I wanted information online only. I do not answer to phone numbers I do not recognize.

  3. quicken loans. never heard from them before. never contacted them. has called me # 10 times since 9am yesterday morning…..

  4. Person who had my phone # before me two years ago fraudulently used my # to get loan quotes last week (when the calls started coming) and now I’m getting harassed by this company using different numbers 10-15 times daily

  5. quicken loans quiken loans

  6. Call from Quicken Loans about a mortgage inquiry. I had expected an email reply,but I guess that is not how Quicken works.

  7. They need to take the hint after being blocked a gazillion times

  8. Quicken loans customer care

  9. many calls about refinancing

  10. Was going to inquire about mortgage loan but backed out of app and did not send. Before I could put phone away, Quicken Loans called, I did not answer. They have called 3 times within last 4 hours. Do not want their calls. DID NOT SEND request.

  11. debt service Quicken loans

  12. QuickenLoan for H.A.R.P. loan request

  13. Repeatedly asked them to stop calls

  14. Got a call from Quicken loans – I think from an inquiry I made on Lending Tree.  I was trying to get a rate quote on a HELOC.  After telling them I was busy I was connected to an agent for only one minute.  After she asked a few questions I learned she was trying to sell me on a term loan.  She said they do not even offer HELOCs

  15. Block them. All phone providers must have a way for you to block a number

  16. Call from Quicken Loans about an inquiry I made on line. However, did not list my cell number, which is what they called. That part scares me a little. Explained to them that I do not conduct business over the phone and they could email me info that I could review at my convenience and will get back to them. I did however also get an email from them, to the address that I provided online.

  17. this company spams your phone, Quicken Loans

  18. call from this number …… left no message ……we do not pick up calls with no name showing that we recognize !

  19. Quicken loans – won’t stop calling. No one answers the call back number left in message.

  20. Checked online about that number first, but didn’t answer and left it to go to voicemail. I had figured it was a solicitation from one of the companies that were involved in the sweepstakes, as they mention HGTV.

  21. I entered an HGTV sweepstakes and listed my phone number there.  I noticed Quicken loans is a sponser on there. No way did I agree to receiving calls from them. They have been calling non stop since my entry. Ugh!!!

  22. Constant calls from Quicken loans.  Seven calls in two days.

  23. A phone call that claims this company could help you with your loans, debts, credit cards or give another financial aid. However, many people referred it rather as a telemarketing than a hopeful financial service. In any case be careful about giving out your credit card information.

  24. Calls at least twice a day. Hangs up when I answer. I have been ignoring this call for weeks. I have had problems with Quicken loans since I made an inquiry.

  25. Says they are following up on a HGTV sweepstakes

  26. I didn’t recognize number so I didn’t answer it.

  27. Started receiving calls today ( have received 3 form 3 different numbers) all from Quicken like the other post in response to an inquiry I made online. However, they called my cell phone number and I gave them my old land line number from 6 years ago so they wouldn’t bug me! Guess what, like the other person said they called my cell and that bothers me that they got my cell #..

  28. Keep calling sometimes several times in 1 afternoon. Leaves a voicemail but theres no message.

  29. Yes this is quicken loans. They keep calling me when I do not like phone calls, I prefer email so I can see all the information. Not happy with this situation


  31. Called about financing for home improvement

  32. They call all day I’m on do not call list


  34. Left ans. machine message addressing my first name, as if she knew me. Stated she was from Quicken Loans responding to my online inquiry. I didn’t inquire online, ever. Blocked number.

  35. Made an inquiry. Figured they would call. But 30 seconds after I closed the email? And now calls are coming at least 3 times per day…

  36. used online quicken application but never finished, changed my mind. Also used my land line but got a call 15 minutes on my cell! They know everything.

  37. I will never do business with Quicken Loans!  After inquiring about refi info online, I received 64 calls in a 5 hour period.  Yes, you read that right!  64 telephone calls!!!!! Not once did they leave a voice mail- they just call and hang up.  This is insanity!

  38. Calls me even though I asked for an email response to I could digest the info without harrassment.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Perth, Australia
Number of complaints:38
E164 Format:+8559092274
Formato Nacional:855 90 92 27 4
National Format:855 90 92 27 4
International Format:+855 90 92 27 4
RFC3966 Format:tel:+855-90-92-27-4

The number 8559092274 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Perth, Australia. To this day, we have received 38 complaints and the tel:+855-90-92-27-4 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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