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  1. Same. Call about Amazon order saying they have questions about my address. Definitely seems bogus to me.

  2. It’s amazon delivery, I got the number direct from Amazon support.  Amusingly amazon seems to pretend they are a mysterious 3rd party shipping company.  It’s actually just amazon deliver.

  3. I had the same thing happen. 2 calls, no email. But I did call them back and it appears to be legitimate. Amazon has a new contract carrier and they are having trouble finding my address. They are probably using the iPhone maps because that mapping app has difficulty finding my address. I am expecting a package from amazon, so it didn’t seem suspicious. Plus I’ve had other Amazon carriers have problems finding our house.

  4. I received a call from this number today….same message as others report. Saying they were calling from Amazon and needed more information to deliver a package. Please call or respond to email.  #1. I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon #2. I haven’t received an email #3. How come they don”t mention my name nor do they leave the name of the caller. I certainly won’t be returning that call!

  5. Got same message no email.

  6. Same as nia and TRO.  I receives two voicemails from this number. The first was a male voice.  The second came 30 minutes later and was a female voice. Both said almost exactly the same.  “Hello this is Amazon calling to let you know we also have sent you an email to the address on file about a pending delivery. We need some more information about this delivery so please respond to the email or call us at 877-252-2701.”  I received no email, feeling like this is a scam.  Blocked! 🙂

  7. I received a call and Emma left the same message as above. However, a  couple of minutes earlier I had another call from 206-922-0193 but no message was left. I think these two call are somehow connected.

  8. This is an Amazon Logistic number.  I was reluctant to call, but I saw one review that called the number, so I braved it.  The person on the other line, knew all the information about my package, and the problem the driver was encountering.  It was all resolved and I successfully received my merchandise.  Their customer service person was very courteous and helpful

  9. This very thing just happened to me but it was legitimate. I live in a pretty new neighborhood and I think the driver just didn’t have it show up on their GPS. I did receive a package right after that and I did call the number as well and she verified that was what happened.

  10. I got the same call from this number but I got it AFTER the package had been delivered.  And the From email address does not make sense.  Plus there are typos in the message.

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Monday, July 3, 2017 9:31:07 AM
    Subject: Parcel XXXXX delivery problems, please review

    Dear Customer,

    Your parcel was successfully delivered July 02 to UPS Station, but our courier cound not contact you.

    Please check the attachment for complete details!

    Many thanks,
    UPS Delivery Clerk.

  11. I didn’t receive the email, because I wasn’t the one who sent me the package … but they did. It was not correctly addressed. Seems amazon calls the number of the recipient of the package, but emails the sender. Can cause some confusion. I think the number is legitimate, just not properly configured.

  12. Same as Nia. Repeated messages saying they were from Amazon and also sent me an email. Never received an email. I’m not calling back.

  13. This is a scam calling number, don’t answer it!

  14. It’s Amazon Logistics. Within minutes, they had a driver at my door with the package.

  15. I received a call from this number and I didn’t answer and a one minute later a call from 206-922-0193. Exactly same story as JC (Nov.17 2016) described . In previous reviews some people were saying that this is from Amazon,but I don’t have any undelivered orders.

  16. I received the same phone message as the other recipients.  I am not going to call back.  I order from Amazon frequently and have never had someone contact me like this.  If they need to reach me, they can send that email that they claim was already sent to me (not in my inbox).

  17. Says they calling about my amazon order and that they sent an email to my address but I have no email from them. I’m not calling them back.

  18. It is Amazon. Just called and verified as i have a pending order for delivery (Sunday) They were great! Didn’t ask for anything out of the ordinary!

  19. If you call back, the system says it’s Amazon Logistics. Since you said it was from Amazon and the name of the caller is Amazon, I don’t know what you mean by saying they didn’t leave the name of the caller.

  20. This is “Amazon Logistics.”

  21. I used to work at a call center for a banking institution. The number one thing we would tell our members is not to give out their personal info over the phone. If a legitimate business is calling you, they already have your information. If anything, they should be proving their legitimacy to YOU—especially if you are not expecting their call.

  22. Inform you of your package delivery from Amazon

  23. Amazon delivery scheduling

  24. Amazon logistics calling to deliver a package.

  25. Got a call from a delivery driver on my cell phone saying he couldn’t find my address. The address he was looking for was for my company. (why did i get the call on my cell, yet he knew the company i worked for). Anyway, i asked where he was delivering to and he rattled off some weird address no where near my company. I told him our address and he quickly hung up. Today, got another call from someone about a pending delivery. wanted to record the conversation and started asking me my name. I said NO. She said "oh, you didn’t order a package?" i said no again. She apologized, said she would send an email of the account holder and that she would take me off her list. Some kind of scam is going on.

  26. It’s Amazon calling about your delivery. Answer it.

  27. wants your information so they can deliver a package. is BS

  28. fake amazon delivery number

  29. it was Amazon calling wanting to know where to leave my package in my yard. very sweet girl.

  30. Amazon delivery scheduling

  31. Amazon logistics calling about package delivery. Answer call or they won’t deliver.

  32. Amazon representative calling about my delivery

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-10
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Tirumala, India
Number of complaints:32
E164 Format:+8772522701
Formato Nacional:877 25 22 70 1
National Format:877 25 22 70 1
International Format:+877 25 22 70 1
RFC3966 Format:tel:+877-25-22-70-1

The number 8772522701 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Tirumala, India. To this day, we have received 32 complaints and the tel:+877-25-22-70-1 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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